Directions University helps small business owners and entrepreneurs in 4 areas:

  • Get Direction for Your Life
  • Get Direction for Your Business
  • Learn to Give Direction to Your Prospects and Customers
  • Impact the Direction of the World!

DU Students are people who would not be happy just making a bunch of money.

Yes, they want money.  But more importantly, they want to make a difference.  They want to make a bigger impact.  They want to have a bigger reach.

And, as a result of these things, they want to have a better lifestyle AND make a bigger living as well! At DU, you will learn a system for SERVING — your prospects, your customers, your JV Partners, yourself — while STRATEGICALLY MONETIZING at the same time.

In other words, through DU’s courses, you’ll first plan your approach (meaning that you will identify your ideal customer, plan how you will serve them and make money at the same time), then sell whatever it is that you offer (membership sites, information products, coaching, done for you services, other people’s products, etc.), and then create those products or services.

AFTER your strategic plan is implemented, you’ll be able to go out and have conversations, do the work you are here to do, and trust that the money really will follow!  When you plan it, sell it, THEN create it, the money always follows because it happens on purpose and not by accident! If this sounds like the way that you would like to do business, then “Welcome to DirectionsU”!

How is Directions University Organized?

DU is organized into two schools:  the DU “School of Personal Success” (headed up by Deans Chief Robert & Terri TallTree) and the DU “School of Business & Marketing” (headed up  by Deans David Bullock and Antonio Thornton).  The administration of the overall DU is Dean & Founder, Gina Gaudio-Graves (“The JV Queen”) and Associate Dean, Jack Humphrey (Author, “Bending the Web”).

DU’s courses are organized into the 5 key systems that every business needs to succeed.  These are:

  • The Mindset System This system includes topics such as the entrepreneurial mindset, the money mindset, goal setting, discovering your Heart Virtue, how your personality style and values affect your productivity and efficiency.
  • The Monetization System We call the model the “vortex model of doing business”.  The process for creating the Vortex Model of Doing Business not only helps you reach more people and make more money, it makes EVERY decision you make for your business easier to answer!
  • The Relationship Building System  This training focuses on starting and continuing conversations, rather than talking AT people as you would with an older style website.  Conversations are the key to both engaging your audience and improving your search engine rankings so that you can attract more people.
  • The Leveraging System Leverage means getting the biggest possible results with the least amount of effort in the shortest amount of time.  DU’s courses will help you to think strategically using leverage so that you can always be getting the biggest possible outcomes in every aspect of your business.
  • The Lead Generation System Lead Generation includes many components such as:  driving traffic, search engine optimization, list building, social media, and more.  DU’s courses include training on many different ways of driving traffic including using Social Media (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube), Podcasting, Digital Magazines, Mobile Apps, Retargeting Campaigns, Webinars, and much more!

The best way to get started at DU is to join our entry level program, “Motivation to Profit

Getting Started at Directions University

The best way to get started in Directions University is to take our FREE course, Motivation to Profit that gives small business owners a chance to get results for long term success — through building a list, driving traffic, and making sales — starting in only 1 short month! Once you’ve learned the basics through the Challenge, you can continue your education in Directions University’s Associate’s Program — a 12 month long course that helps you:

* Learn to focus,

* Create a success oriented/abundant mindset,

* Build a strategic plan and profit funnel for your business,

* Use a blog at the heart of your business systems,

* Use a WordPress blog to drive as much traffic as you could ever need

* Build a targeted lsit of highly responsive subscribers,

* Find or create products that sell like hot-cakes,

* Establish Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances that allow you to use leverage to grow your business so you can work smarter instead of harder,

* Use more than 12 different types of traffic generation in grow your business in record time,

* and much, MUCH more!

The goal of Motivation to Profit is to help you make just $1 in your business, and to show you what it takes to bring in $1 a day for 7 days straight. The goal of the Associates Program is to help you build a 4-figure monthly income in record time. For those who are really serious and are looking for a solid 5- or 6-figure monthly income, Directions University also offers 2 advanced mentoring programs — the Bachelor’s Program and an “Invitation Only” Graduate Apprenticeship Program. These 12-month long, group mentoring programs offer more interaction with a coach and with Gina herself.

These courses give you the guidance that you need in applying this unique business building system to YOUR business, so that you can build a 5-figure or higher monthly income in less than 1 year.

Want to learn more?  Download

“The Amazing Traffic Vortex!”

The DU Classroom (Our Google+ Community)

One of the most important places on the “Community & Training Site” is the DU Classroom. That’s what we call our Google+ Community where you’ll find other students at DU, Graduates of the DU Bachelor’s Program (our Mentoring Program) who all use the same system that we teach to get results in their own businesses, and DU Faculty. The DU Classroom (the G+ Community) is the place where you can…

  • Interact with other entrepreneurs who are using the power of the internet to grow their business
  • Find great educational courses that will help you get the best results in the shortest time growing your business online
  • Get tools, services, and resources that will let you grow your business without having to learn how to do it all yourself
  • Volunteer for a “Hug Seat”!  If you’re a member of Motivation to Profit, you can Volunteer to have one of the Wednesday afternoon Gold Calls focus entirely on YOU and YOUR business! 

Hug Seats fill up fast so ask for yours in the special section of the G+ Community asap!

If you need advice, support, or you want to Volunteer for a Hug Seat, visit the DU Classroom and ask!