Since the ripe young age of 13, selling candy in the eighth grade, Antonio has been a serial entrepreneur and run several successful businesses including a magazine, music production studio, and IT firm. He openly admits that of all the businesses he’s run, he was never the best at what he did.  Like Microsoft, he was the best at marketing.

Through his books/products, coaching and speaking, Antonio has helped over 2,500 companies achieve massive success.  Antonio’s unique and highly effective approach to marketing comes from his background in Psychology and the study of Human Behavior.

Antonio was written three books on marketing and currently runs Money Mouth Marketing, a marketing consulting firm based in Atlanta Georgia , that boasts a guaranteed 3X return on investment for their clients.

Antonio is an instrumental part of the entire Motivation to Profit training, specifically in the Mindset Modules of Motivation to Profit.  Check out his training along with the 45 other lessons in Motivation to Profit today!