Jack Humphrey, Associate Dean, Directions University

For the last 16 years, Jack has taught thousands of people from small business to Fortune 1000 companies how to get more traffic through search, link building, and blog marketing.

Books: Power Linking, the Authority Black Book, and Bending The Web, The Amazing Traffic Vortex (2014).

Co-founder of Blog Success, one of the first blogger training centers on the web, was started in 2006-2007 and has taught over 8000 members how to build high-traffic, profitable blog-based sites.

When he’s not teaching at DU, you can find Jack blogging at JackHumphrey.com and helping local businesses get more customers from the web with his firm, Brick Road Media.


Jack Humphrey, EST. 1998, same year as Google

thinkingInternet marketing consultant, author, and coach with 16 years experience in online marketing, web development, project management, coaching, SEO, Content Marketing, and membership site development.

Jack was one of the first 3 people in the world to ever “crack” the original Google algorithm preference for links which was outlined in his first bestselling book “Power Linking” in 2002. Since then, he founded Content Desk, Blog Success, and a litany of books, software, and education tools and courses, including BackTrack SEO, The Authority Black Book, Web2Submitter, CurationSoft, and Bending The Web.

Jack is responsible for a very conservative 1.7 billion targeted visitors to his own and his readers’, members’, and clients’ websites since he published Power Linking.

In 2012 Jack Co-founded Brick Road Media, a marketing firm which specializes in done-for-you marketing, seo, and web development work, pulling from Jack’s vast experience in digital marketing and insight gained from “growing up with Google.”

In 2013, Jack teamed up with Gina Gaudio-Graves to become the Associate Dean of Directions University, where he teaches members and bachelors students how to leverage the best attention and targeted traffic the web has to offer.

Now, in 2014, Jack has embarked on his biggest project to date with Cloud Income Properties. His primary function is to apply his attention-getting and SEO expertise to a large portfolio of web properties in order to increase their profitability and value for Cloud’s investors.

Timeline (Highlights)glass2

  • 1998 began exploring the web and internet marketing as one of the original Warrior Forum members, then moderator for a couple of years.
  • 2001 cracked Google’s algorithm and exposed its penchant for links as a core ranking factor, leading to…
  • 2002 wrote the most widely-downloaded and respected book on link building called “Power Linking.”
  • 2004 started ContentDesk.com – sold out 400 charter memberships in 24 hours at $133/month
  • 2005 started the first marketer-owned blog called The Friday Traffic Report – weekly podcast and major blog that proved blogging was ideal for business’ getting ranked in search
  • 2006 held our first major conference in Vegas after being “hurricaned” out of New Orleans, the original location
  • 2006 created BlogSuccess.com – the web’s first education center for bloggers and marketers to use content marketing effectively
  • 2008 authored Authority Black Book which was downloaded by over 50,000 marketers
  • 2008 did $750,000 in sales in 48 hours with one promotion
  • 2009 created “BackTrack SEO” my first full search engine optimization course
  • 2010 created CurationSoft – content curation software
  • 2012 released “Bending The Web” teaching marketers how leverage can be used to “bend the web to their will.”
  • 2013 sold BlogSuccess.com and CurationSoft.com
  • 2013 became Associate Dean at DirectionsUniversity.com
  • 2002-Present – well over 1.5 billion targeted visitors to my own and my clients/students’ sites
  • 2005-Present – Consultant, mentor and coach to thousands of students around the world

Drums, Wilderness, Family

217796_215607128466005_100000501589186_850981_4036577_n I’m a wilderness and wildlife enthusiast with a penchant for descending wild rivers in rubber boats. Professionally, I help businesses navigate the raging waters of the internet to get more attention without drowning in misinformation.

I’m a big time music fanatic. Below is a pic of my current band, the Blackthorn’s Bards, a Celtic/ Irish band.

Me on Djembe with my band, Blackthorn's Bards.

Me on Djembe with my band, Blackthorn’s Bards.