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"I only recently found out that the most successful people I know in a particular industry use his methods too."

"David is a "bad a##" innovator. I was introduced to him through a common business partner, and his way of cutting through B.S. like a Jedi was inspiring, so I hung around and learned his methods.

Fast forward a few years to now: I own and operate 2 businesses, a third in the start up. The biggest one does 1.5 mill. USD per year. When we started to use his methods, we were at 250k.

Also: Looking back and knowing the numbers and with the 2008 downturn that hit our industry like an h-bomb, I can firmly say that if I would not have met David back then, I would be out of business today.

Only by applying what I learned from him were we able to grow our CR, thus our profit, thus our re-investment capital, und thus buy the time it took to turn a weak start-up into a player in our industry, within the top 5 in our country. And all that during the worst downturn the industry has ever known in 150 years.

So, on behalf of my 21 employees, their families that depend on them, several ten thousand customers whose lives we touched and myself, I would like to first off thank David for creating and sharing his know-how, for connecting dots and innovating, where no one boldly went before him.

And to you, potential future client of David: If you even only have half a brain and are drooling while you are reading this- if he says you could profit from what he has to offer, then it for certain is so. It might be your company that is saved by it next, it might be what you needed to put you on the path you want to be on for your future.

My name is Patrick Leypold, I am for real as is this testimonial, and you can reach me at pl (**at**)leypoldpartner.com I will be happy to confirm what I have written here, and answer any questions you might have from CEO to CEO regarding David Bullock."  - Patrick Leypold

"The line of work I am in has given me the opportunity to work with some the most successful and talented marketers in the world, some of whom are responsible for the making of billions of dollars." 

"David is unquestionably up there with the best of the best.

His advice and knowledge are second to none.

David is not about 1 trick ponies. . .

His advice on positioning, traffic and business has helped me and thousands of his students achieve sustainable long term business assets that pay off for years.

When this man speaks grab a paper and pen, when he advises listen and take serious action…

He is one of a kind and THE best in the world at what he does." - Robert Grant, Destiny Design Ltd