How the most powerful testing method on the planet helps you create targeted marketing that turns lookers into buyers...

Uncover Your Prospects' Hidden Buying Motivations and Increase Website Conversions by 182% Using This Proven Scientific System


  • Discover a little-known system called "Taguchi" that scientifically increases the conversion rates of your marketing and advertising
  • Test all elements in your sales message (headline, teaser, graphic, etc.) at the same time to increase conversions by 182% (and more!)--this method is quick, reliable, and effective for increasing landing page conversion rates in a crunch
  • Learn how Taguchi testing reveals your prospects' buying motivations--even when they can't or won't tell you what they are themselves
  • Understand the Taguchi roadblock--why having the tools to do Taguchi DOES NOT guarantee success, and what secret weapons will skyrocket your response rates
  • Learn two powerful tricks--the "Matrix" and the Forced Survey--I was forced to share in this letter to give you the full story on why I want you to know Taguchi
  • Plus much more...

The Package:

  • Advanced Testing and Tracking - 5 hours of audio
  • Advanced Testing and Tracking - PDF Transcript - 135 pages
  • Advanced Testing and Tracking - PowerPoint Presentation (Goes with Audio)
  • Excel sheet calculator
  • Bob Bly Taguchi Testing Handbook (PDF)


  • 48 Ways to Get Traffic To Your Website

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From the desk of David Bullock:

David_BullockDear friend and fellow Internet Marketer,

I hope you can get as excited about this as I did. For me, it was the day my world changed.

Imagine this for a moment... You're reading a business magazine, looking for helpful articles. A headline catches your eye -

"What's Next: Better Methods"

And the subhead -

"Suppose you could really figure out why advertising works."

Interesting. If you're like me, you get excited when you discover proven methods to make your marketing and advertising work better. This article claims to have that. So you read on...

You read the story of an engineer who got into advertising with a simple idea:

Make advertisements work better using engineering systems.

Makes sense. Engineers have to get it right the first time, or else bridges fall down, cars crash, and cruise ships sink. That's a world away from most advertising, where an ad that doesn't work is just a "bad day."

The "Get it right or else..." system

Specifically the guy in the article--Dr. James Kowalick--uses something called "Taguchi." (Pronounced: "Tah-GOO-chee")

When you apply Taguchi to advertising, it lets you scientifically test every little piece and part of your advertisement, website, e-mail, or other marketing effort. Quickly.

It's like doing an A/B split test on every little piece of your advertisement - at the same time.

And here's what you learn from the test -

The Taguchi system tells you what motivates your prospect to buy, and what doesn't. Which parts of your advertisement trigger the buying motivation and increase sales? Is anything driving customers away?

There's no guessing. You just know.

The test results even tell you the best combination of elements to maximize response. This optimized advertisement can increase sales by tens, hundreds, and--as I learned--even thousands of percent, beating the daylights out of what you had before.

Dr. Kowalick claimed some big results. On one e-mail campaign, he said he increased response rate by 2,233% while cutting costs by 83%.

My rational mind screams "Outrageous!" when I hear claims like this--but deep down, I was hooked. I had see this work.

So (despite my skepticism) I called Dr. Kowalick...

First, I asked if 2,233% was a misprint by the magazine. His response? It was not--that number is real.

Next, I had to know, "Can an average guy like me get results like that?"

He reassured me that yes, using Taguchi is simple enough for the average marketer

And 2,233% improvements may not happen every day, but they are possible.

He told me he expects an increase of up to 200% on a typical test. He counts his lucky stars when he sees 500 to 1,000% increases. And he was dancing on the ceiling when he saw that increase of 2,233%!

I don't know about you, but...

My spine tingles with excitement when I hear that 200% increases in conversions are "typical"

So I picked his brain. I did everything I could to get involved and to start getting results like his.

Turns out Dr. Kowalick had created Taguchi software for marketers. This software, called MR2--for "Maximum Response Rate"--makes it easy to run your own Taguchi tests. I started using it.

I studied as his apprentice. I learned his techniques. I discovered tweaks he used on the Taguchi approach to make it even more effective for marketers. And I used my own experience to build on what I was learning from Dr. Kowalick.

In the three years since I first read the "Better Methods" article and spoke with Dr. Kowalick, I have learned Taguchi marketing inside and out.

In fact, as a way to recognize my skills and dedication, in 2005 Dr. Kowalick awarded me a BLACK BELT in Taguchi marketing and advertising optimization.

In short, I've learned Taguchi so well I could teach it.

But the most important part -

I saw Taguchi tests in action...

I saw them work. I invested my own money in running tests. Plus I helped others get huge improvements:

  • Increased landing page conversion rate from 5% to 14.1% (182% increase) during a 3-week test for a client selling information products.
  • Used Taguchi testing to increase sales by 300% within 90 days for a nutritional supplements seller.
  • Boosted a software company's landing page opt-in rate, increasing the number of qualified leads they were giving their sales team by 425%.
  • Created a 5X bump in sales on a telemarketing campaign.
  • Used continual testing on an affiliate site to create a $15,000 and growing annual income stream for my daughters' college funds.

All using Taguchi testing.

That's just a few of my success stories, but this is really about YOU

The Taguchi system is not that difficult. Especially when you have the tools that are available today. Get the right tools, and you hardly even have to think about the statistics behind Taguchi that make it work. All you have to do to be successful is plan what you are going to test--and that's something I can show you how to do successfully. (More about Taguchi testing tools below.)

What I want to get across is:

You can chalk up success stories like this too.

Now 2,233% may be uncommon, even lucky. Start doing Taguchi tests on your marketing though, and the results you'll see right away will be worth it.

On your first Taguchi test, you'll probably see an improvement similar to A/B split testing--5 to 25%. Within a couple tests, you'll understand the system better and your increases will hit the 50 to 100% range.

And the rates I listed above for the tests I was doing--182%, 300%, or even 425%--are well within your reach with the right knowledge of Taguchi marketing.

But you have to understand one thing:

Having the tools to do Taguchi DOES NOT GUARANTEE SUCCESS, ... but... Understanding what to test DOES, and it's something you can learn.

Understanding this one point gives you a huge advantage over your peers and competitors who have discovered Taguchi.

There's a story behind this lesson, and it involves me looking like a fool.

I'll share that story below, but to do so effectively, I'm forced to reveal insiders' tricks I normally only share with my high-paying clients.

WARNING: This story contains tricks that will drastically increase conversions using Taguchi...

As you apply these tricks and watch sales multiply, you may feel so indebted to me that you'll want to share your profits! Okay, the warning is a bit of a joke, but I'm only partly kidding. You'll understand better as you read on...

Here's the story--just over two years ago, I started selling Dr. Kowalick's MR2 ad optimization software. 12 people bought right away, and I was pretty happy with myself.

But within a week the complaints started rolling in. Customers were not getting the results they had expected. I took the software off the market immediately, until I could figure out what was going on.

You see, when I was selling the software, I'd made big promises based on what I'd seen Taguchi testing do. I knew it could increase advertising response by hundreds or thousands of percent, literally.

I thought that if people had the tools, they would automatically be successful.

My mistake--when these customers were using it on their own, they were only getting 5 to 15% bumps in response. They had the software. They had the instructions. But they couldn't do anything with it. Something was wrong.

How would I deliver on my promise of skyrocketing response rates?

I had to do something--so I set up a forum to talk about their tests. I sponsored a weekly conference call to go over their tactics.

I kicked my problem-solving skills into high gear.

I would start with the basics, and work my way up. I was determined not to stop teaching until every one of my customers could reliably run a Taguchi test to increase sales.

First--I made sure they knew how to set up their Taguchi tests.

I thought their poor results were probably because they were unfamiliar with the "how to"--how to set up the test and how to interpret the results.

But as I spoke with them I got a different story.

Every single customer I talked to was doing their Taguchi testing by the book--the MR2 software made it so simple to run a Taguchi test that nobody was having a problem with it. I was floored.

I looked like a fool for underestimating them -

And even more important, I was completely wrong about why their tests had been failing.

But this wouldn't stop me--so I grabbed my mental shovel and dug in to find the real problem.

If they knew the "how to" and were still coming up short, I'd have to open up my bag of tricks--and give each one up, one by one, until my customers found success.

The first trick I revealed was the "Matrix" trick -

Remember the computers in the movie The Matrix? Yep, the ones with all the green numbers and letters. Remember how some of the people could look at those screens and see a complete world instead of what we saw? It took a shift in thinking to see it the way they did.

Taguchi marketing requires a similar shift in thinking--although quite a bit simpler. This trick helps you look at advertisements in a new way...

Traditionally, people "inside the matrix" look at an entire advertisement as either good or bad, a success or failure. Either the advertisement makes people buy or it doesn't. When it doesn't work they toss it out and start from scratch on the next advertisement.

I can't scream loud enough that this way of thinking is COMPLETELY UNPRODUCTIVE!

With Taguchi, you must break out of these thought patterns and get much more granular.

You need to be looking at each little part of your advertisement separately. Color. Font. Words. Images. Headline. Subheads. Call to action. Order buttons. That's just the beginning of the list.

Each part leaves an impression on everyone who sees it. That impression either helps your business, hurts your business, or has no effect. You want each part of your advertisement to help your business. You want each part to work together to give a complete message to your customer.

When you break down each part of your advertisement and include it in your Taguchi test, you see the results and understand when something helps, and when it hurts. Then you either keep it, improve it, or remove it to make your advertisement work better.

This is a vital part of Taguchi testing. When I taught this to my customers, it was a revelation. They saw Taguchi in a fresh way. They reworked the tests and ran them again.

To their pleasant surprise, the "Matrix" trick helped my customers get thrilling results!

Tests worked. Customers started getting conversion increases of 50% and more. Plus they knew what to do with their next test to get bigger increases. I was out of the doghouse.

But I knew we were JUST GETTING STARTED...

What I taught them next has become one of my best-kept secrets for success with Taguchi marketing

It makes my stomach churn that I have to reveal it here to tell this story effectively (maybe I'm out of my mind and this story shouldn't even be included in this letter!)...

How Taguchi lets you "Force Survey" your marketplace while still making sales:

Every item you test is a question you ask your customers. The question is, "When I show you this _______, will it bring you closer to buying my product?" By asking these questions, your Taguchi tests are doing a forced survey of your market. This shows you exactly what motivates your prospect to buy. For example - when you test a specific headline, you are asking your customers, "When I show you this headline, will you read the rest of what I have to say?" When you test two Add to Cart buttons against each other, you ask your prospects "Which of these Add to Cart buttons are you more likely to click on to make a purchase?" Some of these questions seem trivial on the surface. I thought so too. But when I ran the tests I saw that something as small as an Add to Cart button can change conversion rate by 20% or more. Everything in your sales message matters, so you should be asking the questions. When you ask your customers very specific questions about their buying motivations, you can easily interpret their answers. Understanding which questions you need to ask your customers gets you 90% of the way to understanding what motivates them to buy.

Oops... is that revealing too much? Maybe! When you take this one teaching and apply it to doing Taguchi tests, you'll get big results. My customers saw 50 to 100% increases in conversions, at least.

But there's a lot more to learn. In fact...

I went on to teach these customers everything I knew about Taguchi testing.

I wanted to know what worked to increase their conversions, and what didn't.

We went over different approaches for creating effective tests. We learned to ask the right questions to our prospects so we could discover what motivated them to buy.

With everyone operating in different niches, we couldn't all ask the same questions. But we figured out what was universal between our markets, and how we could start from there to get the most out of our tests.

We also covered TRIZ -

TRIZ is a method for inventive problem solving. When you get stuck in a rut, TRIZ is a guaranteed way to get out.

The TRIZ method gives you more than 40 different ways to look at your problem--each pointing to a possible solution. These 40 ways come from research done on over 400,000 patents. They represent the different ways that innovation happens.

I showed my customers how to use TRIZ to brainstorm test conditions, plus showed them a free tool called IdeaEngine that makes TRIZ extremely simple.

And so it went. I was giving away practically everything short of the deed to my house.

Why was I giving away all my Taguchi secrets to these lucky customers?

Because this was no longer about improving my customers' conversions.

In fact, I was giving away all my secrets to this small group of customers because I was being selfish. I know it sounds strange, but read on and I'll explain--plus tell you how my selfishness benefits you.

Here's how I was being selfish -

Somewhere along the way I realized that these customers were getting tons of value for their money. Every customer I taught was getting big increases in conversion rate. (And profit!) I realized that others could benefit from this instruction too.

I was determined to learn which teachings were the most effective in helping students improve conversions with Taguchi. I was taking tons of notes.

I was crafting a system I could teach over and over again. A system to teach you how to use Taguchi to ramp up the performance of your marketing and advertising.

It took time, but...

I created a Taguchi-TRIZ training course filled to the brim with response-boosting techniques

This material is potent, and I'd like to teach it to you personally. But the unfortunate truth is that after 3 years perfecting my Taguchi skills, I'm too busy consulting to teach one-on-one.

So I've come up with the next best way of delivering all this information to you.

On May 10, 2006, I got together with 12 dedicated entrepreneurs, marketing consultants, and internet marketers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I came equipped with a set of PowerPoint slides outlining the best-of-the-best Taguchi and TRIZ techniques for improving conversions.

I set up the recording equipment... and I taught everything!

The seminar was a smashing success--and I caught it all on tape!

Now you can learn everything I taught by studying the recordings of this amazing event.

As you study the recordings, here's what you'll learn:

  • First the primer:
    1. What exactly is Taguchi?
    2. Where did it come from?
    3. Why does it work?
    4. And how does it help make advertising work better?
  • How Taguchi testing simulates the results of thousands of advertisements by running just 18 test advertisements.
  • Get detailed instruction on the Matrix and Forced Survey tricks for designing your Taguchi tests.
  • Learn the "7 Steps to an Optimized Ad" to use every time you want to improve conversions.
  • Understand how to segment your ad effectively so you know exactly what to test.
  • Discover which 4 things each part of your advertisement should be trying to do--when you notice any part of your ad not doing one of these 4 things, you might as well remove it because it's just wasting space.
  • Write headlines that are more effective by tailoring them to where your product is at in its lifecycle (this proprietary technique is called "S-Curve Headline Writing")--learn how different types of headlines become more or less effective as the marketplace becomes familiar with products like yours.
  • Recognize which statistics are the most important to track for direct marketing success and especially for Taguchi testing--plus how to track and calculate everything you need to know to determine how successful your advertising is.
  • Learn which elements of your website are the most important to test--and how to test them.
  • Understand how "noise" interferes with the results of your test--and how to recognize, control for, and even eliminate the noise that affects response rate.
  • Continue to gather testing data until you have enough to "lock down" your online sales process--then watch it continue to produce profits month after month.
  • Learn why you should "throttle" your traffic when you start your online tests (sending most traffic through your original marketing path, and only some through your test).
  • Discover why you should not always use Taguchi when you have something to test--including why in some situations I prefer A/B split testing.
  • Learn how placing AdSense ads on your site helps you discover when you're giving your prospects the information they're looking for--and alerts you when prospects are abandoning your site to seek out other sources of what they're looking for (I've been told this is a completely revolutionary way of using AdSense).
  • Know which Taguchi-testing tools I recommend for both budget-conscious marketers and for marketers that demand more features and are willing to pay for them.

You can see how the list goes on. We spent more than 5 hours going over all kinds of advanced testing, tracking, and optimization techniques. I covered more than 136 slides packed full of information.

I answered questions from marketers like you.

Most importantly: I held nothing back.

In fact, after the seminar I sent the recordings to my mentor, Dr. Kowalick. After watching them, he was amazed by all I covered.

He even told me that...

There is no other documentation on the planet that spells out so completely how to use Taguchi and TRIZ to increase marketing response rates and profits


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The terms of My No Hassle Personal Guarantee:

At any time within 90 days if you don't think the tools and teachings included in this package will pay for themselves many times over, I want to know. We'll do a 30-minute quick consultation to see what we can do to change that and increase your profits. If that doesn't work, or if you'd rather not bother, I will promptly refund your full purchase price.Remember: Your only risk is that you'll learn a scientific system that reliably improves profits, year after year.

The decision is yours. This information is transformational. You will never look at your sales process the same way again. And because I'm guaranteeing your purchase and taking on all the risk, you have nothing to lose.