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About V. Lynn Hawkins

V. Lynn Hawkins, “The Money Girl!” is Owner and Principal Business Strategist of Skyhawk Enterprises. A former 6-figure senior executive for Fortune 1000 and cutting edge mortgage banking firms throughout the US, like Fannie Mae, Lynn has garnered a stellar reputation during her extensive 30+ year background in commercial real estate and business lending.

Lynn’s expertise in business and organizational development, team building, career coaching, process development, grant writing, training, and strategic planning as a corporate executive, and for small business clients, have proven she has the ability to develop transformational business strategies with ease. It’s her gift. Utilizing her gifts, Lynn is helping small biz owners to understand and bring social entrepreneurship into their business, and moving through the challenges of business development and growth by teaching and coaching them through writing or revising their business plan to
  • clearly see their expanded business vision,
  • strategize and design the plan for doing business bigger and more efficiently,
  • implement that strategy, and
  • develop more business revenue through utilizing amazing client and money attraction methods.

Lynn is also adamant that business owners learn the strategies and actively apply for grant and sponsorship money, business credit, or a business loan when it meets their business needs and goals. Having written her first grant at age 17, and participating as a board member for several non-profit organizations over the years, Lynn has helped NPOs not only obtain funding, but build the strategies to make fundraising more effective and successful. Lynn is a speaker, presenter, teacher, author, and business coach sharing the message of empowerment and success in business through creating Purposeful Profits and manifesting absolutely everything you desire in business and life.

She’s an NLP, EFT and visualization/hypnosis expert who helps others to break through the barriers of belief in their worthiness and success to manifest and attract their highest good. Lynn is a parent of 2 amazing adult children, and 2 precious grandsons who are her heart! Having recently lost her only son to an accident in 2012, she has taken the journey through grief to gifting, sharing with others the message of Passion, Purpose, Planning and Prosperity!
Co-Author of WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR Extraordinaire – Top Experts Share Their Secrets for More Business Success, Lynn is currently working on her second book, a testament to persevering through adversity and challenging times to see your business thrive, called: STAY THE COURSE: A Legacy of Leadership and Love and a book series supporting her message of giving yourself permission to be, do and have more in life through the Permission Guide Books.

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