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Dear Entrepreneur:

Have you ever heard of anyone just getting started in their business putting 10,000+ subscribers (or MORE!) in their very first month?

Have you ever heard of anyone launching their first product and bringing in more than $350,000+ -- in under a week?

You'll see it for yourself, first hand, when you use the Joint Venture Systems Workshop II strategies in YOUR Business!

For years, I've been known online as "The JV Queen" because of the huge, profitable joint ventures that I built for my clients.

In my career as a JV Broker to the Internet Superstars, my efforts brought in as much as $4.2 million in a single week for big names like Shawn Casey & Jeff Paul.

Even for people just getting started, like John Reel, my system for putting together Joint Ventures pulled in more than $350,000+ in only 6 days, 17 hours, and 52 minutes.

As a JV Broker, I worked for dozens of clients, many of them names you'll recognize like Willie Crawford, David Garfinkel, Henry Gold, Tom Bell, Russell Brunson, and many, MANY more!

I regularly got calls from dozens of people each week who were trying to build businesses online.

Each one of these people fell  into one of three categories:

  • Those just starting out who were overwhelmed trying to figure it all out and going broke in the process.

  • Those who'd been at it awhile but still weren't making money consistently every day or even every week.

  • Those who'd already seen success, who were already making 6 or 7 figures per year.

Each and every person had one thing in common ...

They all wanted a drop dead SIMPLE way of making money that was predictable!  

When you use Joint Ventures for things OTHER than product launches -- things like:  List Building, Traffic Generation, and even Product Creation -- Joint Ventures are even MORE POWERFUL!  (WAAYYYY more profitable too!)

This is something that practically no one talks about!

This is something that is considered SO POWERFUL, that practically no coach even shares it with their students!  (I say "practically none" because we share it with ours!)

How profitable is it?  How powerful is it?

Let's put it this way ... using Joint Ventures for things other than product launches is what built my 7-figure business in only 12 months after I retired from organizing Joint Ventures  and went on to instead use my "Joint Venture Miracle System" for myself!

How would you like to get results like these for yourself? ...

  • One specific kind of Joint Venture created a list of more than 52,000 subscribers in under 30 days!  (That's what got my business kick started actually.  Let me tell you -- the money really IS in the list!)

  • Another type of Joint Venture created a product that brought in more than $40k in the first month it was out -- even though it sold for only $27.  (I'll bet you wouldn't mind that happening in your business.  Right?)

  • Still another type of Joint Venture was responsible for one site getting more than 1 million visitors per month -- in less than 6 months!  (That "little" site is a site I first heard about on television.  This same strategy got me a Google Page Rank of 3 in only 22 days, on a site that I simply put up and forgot about!  How much traffic will you bring in to your site when this happens for you?)

  • One small tweak to the  "Joint Venture System" brought in more than 12,000 unique visitors per month to one site(It's the same part of the system that put some of my client's sites into the top 5 busiest sites on the internet!)

What does all this mean to you?

Simple, it means that when you use my "Joint Venture System", you'll have a way to ...

... Create a new product of your own in under a week any time you want!  (Even if you've never written a word before and even if you don't have a specific area of expertise right now.)  

... Add 1,000 or more subscribers to your list every single month(Heck, I've helped people just starting out add more than 10,000+ new subscribers in a single month, but I want to be ultra-realistic here so I don't give you false hopes!)

... Have as much traffic as you need without ever doing any of the hard work (like writing blog posts, articles, etc. or social media marketing) yourself.  (You won't need to outsource it either!  I'm talking about having a way to get this done FOR YOU ... free!)

... Make twice as much money since you won't need to pay commissions to affiliates for sales you generate yourself(Since most infopreneurs pay 50% commissions or even more, you can actually make exponentially greater money than your competition -- with less effort too!)

What can YOU do to get results in YOUR business NOW?

The answer to these questions is simple ...


The "Joint Venture System" you learn in the "JV Systems Master Class II" will help you solve all these problems for yourself...

... Joint Ventures allow you to create a product of your very own.  One that has YOUR name on it as the expert.  (Even if you've never created a product before, and even if you don't really have a specific area of expertise, you can still use Joint Ventures to get your own product!)

... Joint Ventures are an amazing way to build a list, too!  I've helped people just getting started in their business add more than 10,000+ subscribers in under 30 days!  (For those with experience, I've helped them add more than 100,000+ subscribers in the same time!)

... Joint Ventures are the single MOST POWERFUL way of promoting a product!  The power of the endorsed email just can't be surpassed!  (In other words, having people who are already known, liked, and trusted by their subscribers talk about YOUR product makes sales like nothing else!)

... Joint Ventures are one of the absolute BIGGEST ways of driving traffic to your site -- even if you don't have a list of your own!  Joint Ventures have put my clients in the top 5 on Alexa on many different occasions!  (In other words, my clients' sites have been in the top 5 busiest sites on the entire internet -- just with the traffic generated by a single Joint Venture!)

I'll bet you didn't even realize that Joint Ventures can help you in so many ways!

What this means is this ...

If you truly want to make the MOST money with the LEAST effort in the FASTEST time, you NEED this system for building Joint Ventures of your own!

When you attend the "JV Systems Workshop II", you'll get over 16+ hours LIVE Training, including tons of Resource Materials (such as Action Checklists, Cash Map Flowcharts, etc.) and you'll learn about each of the 4 types of Joint Ventures -- list building JV's, traffic generation JV's, product creation JV's, and product launch JV's. You'll also learn every step of the system for creating each one!

What you're really learning is a "Leveraging System".  Leverage means getting bigger results with less effort in a shorter amount of time.

In your business, "Leverage" comes from using Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances to get EVERY asset your business needs including products to sell, people to sell them to, traffic to a website, a list of buyers and subscribers.

The modules include:

 Joint Venture Systems Master Class II Modules

Knowing Your Audience

Doing The Market Research to KNOW What Your Audience is Buying Knowing Your Audience's Problems Knowing Your Audience's "Levels of Awareness" and Asking What They Know NOW Knowing What Your Audience is Buying NOW! Q & A

Introduction to Joint Ventures

What is a Joint Venture? Creating the WIN-WIN-WIN Scenario Who Are the RIGHT Joint Venture Partners? The Right Mindset for Joint Venture Success The Biggest Mistakes in JV's Your Profit Funnel and the Role JV's Play in Building It Q & A

Using Social Media to Find Joint Venture Partners - Part 1

Using Google+ to Connect to the Influencers in Your Niche Using Facebook to Connect to Prospective Joint Venture Partners What Makes for a GOOD JV Partner in Social Media? Becoming the Influencer In Your Niche Q & A

LinkedIn and Finding Joint Venture Partners (Social Media & JV's Part 2)

With Ira Rosen & Cory Michael Sanchez, Award Winning Mojo Video Marketing Founders Why LinkedIn is the #1 Tool for Joint Ventures How to Find the BEST JV Partners Using LinkedIn Becoming the Top Influencer in LinkedIn Groups How to Craft Your Profile so that JV Partners Find YOU!

Traffic Joint Ventures

Affiliate Marketing vs. Joint Ventures Content Marketing & Joint Ventures Tracking JV Partners and Their Referrals Copywriting for JV Success Q & A

Product Creation Joint Ventures

Becoming the BIGGEST Expert in Your Niche Getting Other Experts to do YOUR Work For You Finding The RIGHT Partners Creating the Plan Tools of the Trade Q & A

Product Launch Joint Ventures

The Difference Between Affiliates & JV Partners The Role of the Broker "The Big 3" (Killer Product or Service, Even Better USP & the "Package" to Tie 1 & 2 Together) The JV Miracle Checklist The Pareto Principle Traffic for the Product Launch "Moving the Free Line" & "Social Proof" JV Partner Tools Q & A

JV's for Online and Offline Business

With Mark Harris of JV Summit and Thought Leadership Mastermind What is the Difference Between Online JV's, Offline JV's, and Hybrid JV's and Why It Matters to YOUR Business Tracking Offline & Hybrid JV's and How it Differs from Online JV's Where to Find JV's Just Waiting for You!

Relationship Building 101

Serving vs. Selling The RIGHT Way and the WRONG Way to Approach Prospective JV Partners Stealth Tactics for Getting Noticed by JV Partners Strategic Relationship Building Q & A MODULE 10 - Creating a Low End Membership Site to Generate Leads For Your Business Using Other People to Create Your Content Creating VALUE For the Member Creating Content Weekly Using Podcasts & Webinars Using Joint Venture Partners to Create the Content of Your Podcast and Membership Site

Working With Other People's Products to Monetize Each Pillar of Your Vortex

Selling Products as an Affiliate to Land JV Partners Getting Other Product Creators to Bring You ALL Their JV Partners Using Content Marketing to Promote Affiliate Products You Sell

Joint Venture Case Studies -- Tying It All Together

Dissecting a $350,000+ Product Launch Examining and Planning YOUR Joint Venture The Joint Venture Flowchart Q & A

*(NOTE:  You can truly implement the ENTIRE system for absolutely NO COST whatsoever with the tools that we'll tell you about!   However, there are paid tools that will help you to either save time or get bigger results which we will share with you at a negotiated discount -- some of them are even free!)

For every single step of the process, you not only get a series of lessons through the mp3 recordings of the webinar, you also get separate mp3 recordings of the audios, checklists & flowcharts and access the DU Google+ Community -- a forum where you can get answers to all of your questions!

Additional materials that will make it even easier to implement the lessons include flowcharts, mindmaps, checklists, and worksheets!

In fact, there is SO MUCH included in your tuition you're likely to spend hours just downloading it all!

But... you'll also get some fantastic bonuses as well!  These include:

BONUS #1 - LIFETIME Motivation to Profit Membership

This Motivation to Profit  Action Plan contains more than 17+ Lessons, more than 750+ pages, to help you:

  • Put together your Goals & Strategic Plan
  • Create Your Success Mindset

  • Choose Your Target Market

  • Build  Your Profit Funnel

  • Create or Locate Products to Sell

  • Set Up Your Web Presence in the Form of a WordPress Blog

  • Use a Simple 6-Step Process to Bring in 1,000 to 5,000 Unique Visitors Per Day

  • Build Relationships with Your Prospects Strategically

  • and much more!

As a Gold Member you'll not only have access to all of the Lessons to read in the Member's Area, you'll also get all of the Lessons in downloadable PDF format, and you'll get access to 4 LIVE Weekly Calls (as well as mp3 recordings from each one!) to help you implement all that you learn!

BONUS #2 - Secret Confessions of The JV Queen: How To Leverage The Power of Joint Ventures & Affiliate Management to Make Your First Million Online

Joint Ventures help you

  • Sell more of your own products
  • Sell more of other people's products as an affiliate, and make more money than every before in the process!
  • Make money with no product whatsoever as a Joint Venture Broker, organizing joint ventures for other product creators and service providers.

JV's are all about relationships... The KEY is in creating a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition -- a win for each of the partners as well as for the customers.

When you know how to build relationships and how to establish this WIN-WIN-WIN situation for each of the parties, no matter how you use Joint Ventures, they will assuredly increase your bottom line!

Let the faculty at Directions University show you how to build Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, as well as manage a team of Affiliates who sell YOUR products, using the unique system Gina Gaudio-Graves (The JV Queen) devised while organizing million dollar deals for people like Shawn Casey, Willie Crawford, Russell Brunson, Henry Gold, David Garfinkel,and many more!

You'll be building JV's that will stuff your wallet to overflowing in no time!



BONUS #3 - Complimentary 1 on 1 Strategy Session


Just to recap, when you Download the "JV Systems Master Class II" right now, you'll get ...

  • Access to the 2 Day LIVE WEBINAR where you'll get to interact with me and the other Faculty Members (including Associate Dean, Jack Humphrey, Ira Rosen & Cory Michael Sanchez from Mojo Video Marketing and Mark Harris from Thought Leadership Mastermind) so that you can learn first hand exactly how to use Joint Ventures to get EVERY asset your business needs!

  • Access to the mp4 video recordings AND the mp3 audio recordings from the 2 Day WEBINAR so you'll not only hear how to build your Joint Venture system, you'll get to see exactly how each step is done!

  • Access to the Recordings from the Group Q & A Call where you'll get as much help as you'll ever need in tweaking your Joint Venture plans for maximum results.  We'll stay on this call as long as is necessary to get EVERY question from EVERY student answered.  (Be prepared!  We've held Q & A calls that have gone on for hours and hours! We're serious about staying until EVERY question is answered so as long as you have questions, we'll be on the line to answer them all!)

  • Worksheets, Cash Map Flowcharts, and Action Checklists to make it easier and faster to implement the lesson.

  • Access to the Podcast that contains recordings to all the calls and all the other materials that go with each Module.  You'll also get access to the DirectionsU Google+ Community that allows you to communicate with other DU Students and Faculty, to get feedback from me every step of your journey.

So, don't wait! Tuition will never be lower than it is right now! Download the Joint Venture Systems Master Class for just $247 by clicking the button below!

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Gina Gaudio-Graves
"The JV Queen"
Dean & Founder, Directions University
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