“To-Do Today!

The Creative Genius Guide to Getting Stuff Done”

Time. It’s our most important resource. Each day, you have 86,400 seconds to “get stuff done”. Now imagine for a moment that each of those seconds is a $1 bill, and each second, your $1 bill goes on one of two piles – the Productive pile and the Unproductive pile.

Now ask yourself “Which pile is bigger?”

At the end of the day, a big truck comes and takes the piles away, leaving you with another 86,400 seconds for the next day. Money and people come and go, but time only goes. You cannot go into the past. You cannot reclaim lost time.

But you CAN do things differently – starting now. If you’re like most creative people, you’ve tried planners and daytimers, the sticky note and notebook method, whiteboard, mindmaps and gadgets galore.

The truth is, all of those things work, but only when you have a consistent SYSTEM for mastering your time.

To-Do Today is the system that Stephanie has personally used for over 20 years. It is the system that has allowed her to write over 20 books, create valuable performance and productivity courses, build several companies and enjoy a life full of love and balance.

Here’s what you will learn:

    • Powerful, practical systems for creative Time mastery
    • How to end the cycle of being late and frantic all the time
    • The secret to never forgetting your appointments again
    • Why we compulsively over-promise and over-commit–and how to stop
    • How to “bend time” to get more done and make more money
    • How to get to the bottom of your to-do list… every day
    • What to do when “daily planners” don’t work for you
    • The single thing that ALL successful people do (change this one thing for massive results)
    • And more…much more …

When you put the To-Do Today system to work for you – even if you’ve never been successful in mastering time – you will find things moving forward like never before. By mastering time:

    • You automatically become 100% more productive
    • Your to-do list becomes your friend
    • You create time to do the fun things in life
    • You are free from the drudgery of “have to”
    • You can put your energy into tasks and projects you love
    • You can finally FINISH those projects that you haven’t had time for
    • You will be laser focused on achieving your goals

Get ready to create a surge of momentum, put projects on hyper speed and finally have a workable system for your time management success.

“Within 3 short weeks of implementing Stephanie’s fun and easy time mastery system, I doubled my income and tripled my client base.”
-Sage Lewis, DancingPorcupine.com
“I finished a project in 17 minutes that I’d been trying to finish for 6 months. The next day, it launched and we had a 6 figure day.”
– Russell Brunson, Dot Com Secrets


“I went from working 7 days and week and almost killing myself to having 4 day weekends every week. Oh, and my income doubled too!” – Gina Gaudio-Graves, Directions University

Now is the time for you to kick your life into high gear by mastering the single most important resource you have – time. Sign up today for To-Do Today! The Creative Genius Guide to Getting Stuff Done. You Get:

  • Step by Step To-Do Today System
  • Step 1 – Get Out of Overwhelm
  • Step 2 – Reclaim Your Calendar
  • Step 3 – Organize and Prioritize
  • Step 4 – Put It All Together
  • 3.5 hours of Self Paced Video Training
  • Organizing Tools in downloadable format (so you can use them often)
  • The secret “get it done” decision making flowchart that works every time

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“Using just one of the principles in this system, we tripled our income and were able to take on a lot more projects” – Ron Davies, ProfitMart

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Gina Gaudio-Graves
Dean & Founder, Directions University.