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When you Download the "Directions University's Motivation to Profit Workshop," you'll get ...

  • Access to the mp3 video recordings AND the mp3 audio recordings from the 2 Day WEBINAR so you'll get to both SEE and HEAR How To Create Your Info Product Systems, Create Info Products of Your Own, and Work With Resale Rights/PLR/Public Domain Products without ever writing a word of your own info products -- step by step!

  • Access to the mp3 video recordings AND the mp3 audio recordings from the 2+ hour Group Q & A Call where you'll get to see exactly how to tweak your Info Product Systems for maximum results.

  • Worksheets, mindmaps, flowcharts, and checklists to make it easier and faster to implement everything you learn!

  • Access to the Members Area that contains recordings to all the calls and all the other materials that go with each lesson.  It also contains an area that allows you to communicate in the Customers Area of the Forum, to get feedback from me every step of your journey. 

  • BONUSES - You'll also get a copy of my "Abundant Info Products: How To Make Big Bucks With Info Products ... FAST!" and the 30+ info product creation tools that are included with it.  (See Bonuses Below...)


MODULE 1 - Marketing 101 (2 hours)Researching Your Market What Are Your Prospects Buying Now? What Do Your Prospects Already KNOW (Levels of Awareness)? What Problems Do Your Prospects Have? Amazon, Communities, Associations and YOUR Business

MODULE 2 - Designing Your Traffic Vortex (1 1/2 hours) Information as a Lead Generator Identifying Your Goals and Outcomes Why Do You Want to Create a Traffic Vortex? The ROWS of Your Traffic Vortex The PILLARS of Your Traffic Vortex Crafting Your Vortex Story to Attract the RIGHT Audience & Get them to Buy AND Tell All Their Friends!

MODULE 3 - Creating Your Profit Funnel (1 1/2 hours)What is your High End Product? What is your Mid-Range Product? What are your Low End Products? Your Info Product SYSTEM For Passive Sales

MODULE 4 - Creating a Low End Membership Site to Generate Leads For EVERYTHING Else You Offer! (1 1/2 hours)Creating VALUE For the Member Creating Content Weekly Using Podcasts & Webinars Delivering the Content -- Membership Site Systems for WordPress Customer Appreciation Programs with Membership Sites

MODULE 5 - Working With Other People's Products to Monetize Each Pillar of Your Vortex (1 1/2 hours) Selling Products as an Affiliate Interviewing the Product Creator to Create a Bonus for People Purchasing Through Your Affiliate Link Using Content Marketing to Promote Affiliate Products You Sell Locating Public Domain, Private Label Rights, and Resale Rights Products to Add Even More Value

MODULE 6  - Creating Your Own Products in a LEVERAGED Way (2 hours)Using LIVE Workshops to Create a Low End, Mid-Range, and High End Product Effortlessly! The Benefit of Selling Your Products BEFORE You Create Them (in other words, Getting Paid to Create Your Own Products) The "Webinar To Do" Checklist for Maximum LEVERAGE

MODULE 7 - The Nuts & Bolts of Your Systems (1 1/2 hours) Using a Shopping Cart & Affiliate Program to Get More Sales Your Autoresponder and/or CRM and It's Role in Getting the Next Sale to Happen Using PayGoBank to Tap into a Network of Affiliates Instantly & Pay Them Out of EVERY Transaction!

MODULE 8  - Putting It All Together (1 1/2 hours) Putting the System Together Creating Your Sales Pages (Copywriting 101) Creating Your Upsell Pages Using Downsells and Exit Pops Your "Resources" Page and Its Role in Producing More Sales

MODULE 9 - Driving Traffic to Your New Funnel (1 1/2 hours) Initiating Traffic With FREE Webinars Initiating Traffic With Social Media Initiating Traffic With Blogging

*(NOTE:  You can truly implement the ENTIRE system for absolutely NO COST whatsoever with the tools that we'll tell you about!   However, there are paid tools that will help you to either save time or get bigger results which we will share with you at a negotiated discount -- some of them are even free!)

Here Are Your Bonuses . . .

"Abundant Info Products"

"How to Make Big Bucks On Info Products ... FAST!"

Do your visitors download a free report or opt into your list, but then never consider opening your wallet to buy your other products?

Regardless of what products you currently sell ... digital products, physical products, even network marketing products ... your solution is to first show your visitors what problems they have, and then lead them to a solution by buying your other products.

How can you do this?  Easy!

The answer is ... Use Info Products to lead your prospects down the path you want them to take!

Not only does this increase your income from sales of the info products themselves, it also results in exponentially greater sales of EVERYTHING else you sell!

When you follow this simple course, you'll be able to find a hot market to sell to -- one where buyers are waiting to hand their credit cards to someone just like you -- and you'll be able to make money not once but TWICE -- once from the information you offer and again from all the other products your info product helps you to sell effortlessly.

You'll have step-by-step guidance for getting your info product put together without ever writing a word, getting your website put up in record time (even if you've never before put up a single page), and getting loads of targeted traffic day after day.  (And that's on top of the more than 30+ tools that are included to help you get everything put together in record time!)

Sales Letter Located at: "Abundant Info Products" 

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Gina Gaudio-Graves Dean & Founder, Directions University

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