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Make a Solid 5-Figure Per Month Income

With Your Own Lifestyle, JV Manager Business

Without Any Products of Your Own, Without a List, and Without Even Needing a Website!

Find Out...

  • How, step by step, to design a profitable, fulfilling business built around your ideal life...
  • How you can do everything you want in life with a business that supports you, not the other way around...
  • Systematically go from where you are now to a 5-figure PLUS business!

Our Faculty Will Help You Every Step Of The Way To Plan, Build, and Implement a Profitable "Laptop Lifestyle" and Start Getting the Results You've Always Dreamed of!


Is This You?

  • Are you struggling to make sense of all of the overwhelming ebooks, info products, and courses out on the internet?
  • Are you stumped about what to do in order to start making money regularly in your business?
  • Do you want a business, but have no idea what you're really an "expert" at?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, unsure of who's strategy to follow and not sure of what really works?


Take a HUGE step toward your future success and get out of the overwhelm immediately when you Enroll in Directions University's JV Manager Program!

The brand NEW 2015 JV Manager Program is designed to help you learn how to live the life of your dreams, by building a business that leverages the power of the internet  and the assets that exist in other people's businesses to grow YOUR business!

Read on to see if our program isn't just what you've been searching for all along...

Directions University Has Shown Thousands of Students The Way To

Turn Their Dreams Into

Abundant Reality!


Feedback from a recent hug seat session...

Build something special. A Lifestyle JV Manager Business that delivers not just financial freedom, but one that enables you to live your ideal life while helping you to leave a legacy of service too!

Directions University is different.

In the JV Manager Program, we start with training in JV mindset, beliefs and philosophies,  Then we move on to get you:

  • Seeing opportunity where nobody else does.

  • Seizing opportunity where nobody else can.

  • Producing far greater results for each and every effort and asset than anybody else.

  • Focusing on JV Marketing and Mindset as strategic obsessions.

  • Getting far more profitability out of everything you do.

Joint Ventures are a completely different way of looking at life, at business... in fact, at everything!

With our training sharpening your every business perspective, you'll know exactly...

... What JV strategy to use

... What opportunities to avail yourself of

... How to build credibility (for yourself, your clients, and their products and services)

... How to ethically exploit every resource, every relationship and every deal that crosses your path.

Being a JV Consultant is the ultimate feeling of power, freedom, and security, knowing the world is constantly generating possibilities for you to profit from.

Most people start the other way around: They plan the business first, then life gets the scraps. The leftovers. And that leads to an unhappy, unfulfilled YOU!

""You'll Gain An Almost 'Unfair' Advantage Over Other JV Managers"


different kind of entrepreneur

Service Builds Strong, Healthy Businesses

By helping yourself design your ideal life and business, you are also helping Directions University with our mission to touch the lives of every person on the planet. We do this through alliances with a variety of organizations who do work we care about.

We'll show you how to bake Service right into your business so that your customers can do much more through you than buy your products. Which makes for a more stable and profitable business because your customers become loyal to you for MORE than just your great products and service.



Here's how the Directions University

JV Manager Program



Every week you get access to the Deans and Faculty of Directions University.

In addition to 16 lessons delivered one each week, we also have 1 live call per week that include Dean & Founder Gina Gaudio-Graves ("The JV Queen") and Associate Dean of the School of Business & Marketing, Antonio Thornton ("The Money Mouth") to Get YOUR Questions Answered!"

AND -- You'll get access to Directions University's "Motivation to Profit" Membership for an ENTIRE YEAR so that you can learn from ALL the DU Faculty Members!

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JV Manager Program Course Materials

Transform Your Earning Potential When You Enroll in the JV Manager Program...

As a Student in the JV Manager Program,  you'll focus your learning on: ...

  1. Find out what prospects really want (Not just what your clients think they need.  This will help you to better target audiences, and in the end, to increase conversions substantially.  The end result is a LOT more sales with a LOT less effort -- putting a LOT more money into your pocket in the end!)
  2. Creating WIN-WIN-WIN scenarios (This will have prospective Joint Venture Partners looking for YOU instead of the other way around!)
  3. Building relationships strategically -- both with prospective clients and with prospective Joint Venture Partners  who become part of the joint ventures you organize.  (This is what leverage is all about!)
  4. Strategically planning out the Joint Venture and the traffic plan (including the keywords) so that you'll know in advance how much traffic you will get. (This will allow you to know EXACTLY how much traffic you need to reach your goals. It will then allow you to put a plan together that guarantees you get the necessary traffic to reach your goals every time.)
  5. Finding prospective Joint Venture Partners to take part in every Joint Venture you organize. (This part is easy when you know how to create WIN-WIN-WIN scenarios!) 
  6. Finding 'high-level' JV deals to explode your income.  (This takes the elements of uncertainty and disappointment out of your game plan and ensures that you can create deals -- and PROFITS -- out of thin air!)
  7. Using methods of successful JV Consulting hardly used by other JV Consultants. (This means your JV's will be more successful than ever! And, it will keep your clients coming back to you over and over again!)
  8. Ways of driving traffic instantly -- the minute the sales letter is put onto the website.  (All you have to do is borrow the subscribers and traffic that your JV Partner has and you've got traffic instantly!)
  9. Ways of getting subscribers to any list immediately!  (Again, your JV Partners will do this for you when you use  this magic formula!)
  10. Strategies for bringing offline businesses together with online businesses that can generate more revenue than any online-only Joint Venture.  (This is a strategy that practically NONE of the other JV Consultants are tapping into!  Yet it's so simple, they're all likely to slap themselves in the head for not thinking of doing so when they realize how much money you'll be making from this one single strategy alone!)
  11. The 6 different types of Joint Ventures and how to use them correctly (The 6 types of Joint Ventures include list building JV's, traffic generation JV's, product creation JV's, offline JV's, hybrid offline/online JV's, and the one most people talk about - product launch or sales JV's)
  12. Setting up and using WordPress blogs.  You'll use a blog in a number of ways... You can use a blog to build your credibility as a JV Consultant and to get prospective clients to opt in to your list.  You can also use a blog to drive traffic for your clients as well. (In other words, you'll know ALL the ins and outs of blogging.  This will give you an edge over your competition who focuses on nothing more than connecting  people.  It will also bring you more clients than you can ever handle easily, without ever having to pay for advertising!  And, it will bring in MORE traffic and MORE sales for your clients, too -- putting a LOT more money in your pocket in the end!)
  13. Promoting ANY product or service using Joint Ventures!  (The power of the endorsed email just can't be surpassed!  In other words, having people who are already known, liked, and trusted by their subscribers talk about your clients' product makes sales soar like nothing else!  And you'll get paid on EVERY SINGLE SALE!)
  14. Creating new products in under a week any time you want!  (Imagine having dozens of clients who sell products you've had created for them -- each one of them paying YOU every time a sale occurs!  Even though you never do anything other than arrange for the product to be created!  This is PASSIVE income at its best!)
  15. Adding 1,000 or more subscribers any subscriber list in under a month.  (In some businesses, a new subscriber can be worth more than $10 per month.  Imagine taking a cut of every new subscriber you add to your clients' opt in lists -- every single month from here on out!  This is a strategy you can use to get paid over and over again -- even though you only do the work once!)
  16. Driving as much traffic as you'd like without ever doing any of the work.  (Sure, your clients could outsource the work involved with driving traffic.  But that would cost them tens of thousands of dollars!  They'll gladly pay YOU instead to drive even MORE traffic for them.  And you'll do it FREE!  You won't need to outsource ANY work at all!  I'm talking about having a way to get this done FOR YOU and then get your clients to pay you for every sale resulting from all that traffic!  That's some SERIOUS PASSIVE INCOME!)
  17. Using "secret strategies" that let your client drive as much traffic as they want to build their list or sell their products -- without ever having to pay commissions to affiliates for any sales!  (This is one POWERFUL strategy and it's WAY too profitable for me to explain here!  What I can tell you is this ... Since most infopreneurs pay 50% commissions or even more, your clients will make twice as much money when you help them using this Joint Venture strategy!  You can then either pocket those commissions for yourself - plus your fee for organizing the Joint Venture -- or save your client all that money and ensure that they'll come back to you over and over again to organize deals for them!)


Linda Noel



“...a wealth of solid background theory and practical, hands-on experience.”

I have bought other instructional programs for JV brokering. This is the first that combined both a wealth of solid background theory and practical, hands-on experience.

The interactive weekly coaching calls are much more effective than the usual lecture style. The support provided by Gina, Sohail and the JV University/ Directions University team is excellent. I was actively pursuing solid JV leads before the third week. I fully expect to recover my full investment before I've even finished the course.


Blakey Crowe


“ It has changed my life so much that I now look for joint ventures everywhere...”

My understanding of joint ventures has drastically improved and I am only a little over half way through the course. It has changed my life so much that I now look for joint ventures everywhere. When I see a billboard while driving down the road, I begin thinking about how I might do a joint venture with them. I even think of joint ventures when I hear a group of people talking.

Since joint ventures are a win-win-win situation, they can work even in a down recession. With no money up front and no risk, it is easy to set up a joint venture when the client realizes that they will make more money by being a partner in the JV.

To be successuful as a Joint Venture Consultant, you need the proper mentoring and training. I highly recommend the JV Manager Program.

Scroll down now and select 1 installment, 6 installments or PayPal Credit to enroll!

OR -- Click Here to watch a HOA Replay about JV Brokering and Apply by Setting up a 1 on 1 Strategy Session NOW!

In Your JV Manager Training, You'll Learn Topics Such As...

Week 1 - Introduction to Joint Ventures

  • What is a Joint Venture?
  • Creating the WIN-WIN-WIN Scenario
  • Finding Prospective Joint Venture Partners
  • The Right Mindset for Joint Venture Success
  • The Biggest Mistakes
  • Q & A

Week 2 - Relationship Building 101

  • Serving vs. Selling
  • The RIGHT Way and the WRONG Way to Approach Prospective JV Partners
  • Stealth Tactics for Getting Noticed by JV Partners
  • Strategic Relationship Building

Week 3 - Finding and Working With Your Clients

  • Finding Clients ONline
  • Finding Clients OFFline
  • Evaluating Opportunities to Locate Potential Clients (i.e. "The Million Dollar JV Formula")
  • Value Added Propositions and Easy to Set-Up JV's

Week 4 - What Kind of JV Should You Use?

  • Building the WIN-WIN-WIN Proposition
  • Examples of Successful Joint Ventures
  • LIVE Intake Assessment and Evaluation

Week 5 - Product Launch Joint Ventures

  • The Difference Between Affiliates & JV Partners 
  • The Role of the Consultant in a Product Launch
  • "The Big 3" (Killer Product or Service, Even Better USP & the "Package" to Tie 1 & 2 Together)
  • The JV Miracle Checklist
  • The Pareto Principle
  • Traffic for the Product Launch
  • "Moving the Free Line" & "Social Proof"
  • JV Partner Tools

Week 6 - Product Creation Joint Ventures

  • Choosing Your Topic
  • Finding The RIGHT Partner
  • Creating the Plan
  • Tools of the Trade

Week 7 - Traffic Joint Ventures

  • Affiliate Marketing vs. Joint Ventures
  • Using Blogs for Joint Ventures
  • Tracking for JV Partners
  • Copywriting for JV Success

Week 8 - List Building Joint Ventures

  • The JV Giveaway Model
  • Hosting a List Building Joint Venture For Your JV Partners
  • Participant in Other Peoples' List Building Joint Ventures
  • List Building for the Offline Business

Week 9 - Offline Joint Ventures

  • LIVE Intake Assessment and Evaluation
  • Examples of Offline JV's
  • Putting together Buyer Rewards Programs
  • Using Offline JV's for Social Purposes

Week 10 - Hybrid Offline/Online Joint Ventures

  • What To Look For in the Clients
  • Evaluating the Kind of JV to Use
  • LIVE Intake Assessment and Evaluation

Week 11 - "JV's on The Fly"

  • Real Life Examples of Building Successful Joint Ventures

Week 12 - Joint Venture Case Studies -- Tying It All Together

  • Dissecting a $350,000+ Product Launch
  • Dissecting a $1,000,000 Joint Venture
  • Examining and Planning YOUR First Joint Venture
  • The Joint Venture Flowchart

Week 13 through 16 - Group JV Broker Projects

The last 4 weeks of the Course are probably the MOST IMPORTANT 4 weeks of all!

We always have a TON of people asking us to broker joint ventures for them.  During this 4 week session, the group will be co-brokering several joint ventures for those clients!

We will supervise you, help plan the joint venture, provide you with the tools you need, and even open our rolodex for you to succeed!

The best part is that we will even split the commissions with the group 50/50!  So, if we make $20,000 from organizing the Joint Venture, the group gets $10,000 to be divided among all those who actively participated!

While we can't make any promises on how much you'll make during these 4 weeks, it could easily cover more than half your tuition for this course!

Although the JV Manager Program is extremely comprehensive, it is anything BUT overwhelming!

Our webinar calls are recorded not only in audio format but also in VIDEO format in order to make it super simple for you to SEE what you need to do in order to put that technique to use quickly.


So, What Else?

What else will you get when you participate in Directions University's JV Manager Program?

  • Each week, you'll have access to the recordings from our live webinars plus supplemental materials including Flowcharts, Checklists, Templates, and Reports.

  • You'll get access to the JV Systems Master Class I and II, each one containing more than 20+ hours of comprehensive, Joint Venture training.  (You can check out all the details at

  • You'll also get access to "Secrets of The JV Queen", an ebook containing guidance on managing affiliates, working with JV Brokers, and organizing Joint Ventures.  It includes audios and videos as well to supplement your learning!  (NOTE:  The main ebook is available for PC's only. Sorry!)

  • You'll get access to ALL of the Lessons in Motivation to Profit for the next 12 months! This Program sells separately for $997 per year you get it for a full year!  (You can check out the details at You'll even have a chance to be on the "Hug Seat" yourself and have an entire 2 hour call devoted to helping you build the Strategic Plan for YOUR life and business!  (You'll get to come to ALL the Hug Seats for the next year!  They're held on Wednesdays at 4pm eastern and always recorded in both Audio and Video formats!)

  • You get access to DUProject, a project management system that you and your staff or outsources can use to stay organized and efficient. DUProject comes with pre-loaded project templates that cover all the action steps in all the lessons so that you can track time, the order of each task set, and never miss a thing as you implement what you learn!

  • Access to DUvisio, an affiliate management and instant-pay shopping cart. Take payments and grow your affiliate base while gaining the ability pay your affiliate and joint venture partners INSTANTLY when they send you sales!  You'll even be able to get your clients access to DUvisio at your discounted rate so that you can get paid instantly on ALL the JV's you broker!

It Doesn't Matter What Niche or Profession You're In!  Becoming a JV Manager Will Surely Help YOUR Business!

No matter what industry or profession you are becoming a JV Manager will help you grow your OWN business as well!

Think about this... If you've ever tried to get a prospective JV Partner to promote your products and services, it's not always an easy task, right?

But when you go to those same people and offer to help THEM get JV Partners who will sell THEIR products, you get an immediate YES almost every time!

And once you've build those relationships and made those connections, it is a LOT easier to get them to say YES to promoting YOU as well!

students of directions university

directions university students

directions university students

Of course, being a JV Manager can be your SOLE business as well!  It certainly was for me when it earned me enough money to pay off $6.1 million in medical bills over about 7 years!

As your SOLE business, JV Brokering lets you get started faster (there's no products to create, no website needed, no list to build), and bigger money to make with less effort (especially when you know how to land the "right" clients!).

How much money will you put in your

Lifestyle Account

From what you learn in the JV Manager Program?


It all depends.

It depends in part on how much action you take. (Will you really apply all that you learn? Will you complete every one of the "Outcomes" and "Action Steps"?)

Let's assume that you really are here to take action. The answer still stands ...

It all depends.

It depends in part on how much profit you make per sale. Follow the lessons in the JV Manager Program and you'll be making 10% to 20% on every dollar you generate for your clients!

If you take part in the Group JV Broker Projects the last 4 weeks of the Course, you could easily put $2,500 to $5,000 in your pocket before you ever finish the course and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

My best JV ever was for Shawn Casey and Jeff Paul.  During a 7 day promotion, they made $4.2 million in Gross Revenues.  That meant I made $420,000!  It took me about 6 weeks to organize that launch.  So you could say that I averaged about $70,000 per week!

Now not all your JV's are going to hit it out of the park at that level, for sure.  But if you want to make $1,000,000 per year, that's only $20,000 per week (working just 50 weeks of the year).

That means you only need to sell $200,000 per week for your clients and you've got a 7-figure business!  And that is certainly EXTREMELY realistic when you apply all that you'll learn in the JV Manager Program!

your lifestyle business

make money lifestyle business

We Promise...

  • We promise to teach you a simple, step-by-step system that really works to build a lifestyle business as a JV Manager (whether it's in addition to your existing business or its your ONLY business!).
  • We also promise to give you the building blocks that you need to create your strategic plan so that you too can have a 6 or 7 figure business by the end of the year.
  • And, we can promise to help you with all the tools and resources you'll need to build your business.

What you do with everything you get, though, is completely up to you! This is your life. And we think that, since you're here, you are determined to improve it greatly.

If you really apply the Directions University JV Manager Program, you can easily make a 5-figure monthly income or more! So...

How much is worth to you to add $5,000, $10,000 or MORE to your bank account EVERY SINGLE MONTH?


1. Ultimate Done For You Project Management & Productivity Software

Imagine having a Project Management System that includes tasks for ALL that you need to do to build your business:

  • Setting up your social media profiles & pages
  • Posting Content that leads back to your money pages every day
  • Setting up your website
  • Creating higher priced products to fill in your product line
  • Doing joint ventures to sell your products
  • Doing product launches

Imagine having your Project Management System include training for whoever is responsible for doing things, on a task by task basis!

  • Setting up a page on Facebook
  • Setting up a page on Google+
  • Setting up WordPress
  • Adding Google Analytics to your site
  • Setting up a webinar

2. Your Own Instant Split Pay Account on DUVisio

Imagine having a platform that can pay your JV Partners and Affiliates INSTANTLY — whether you are using PayPal OR a Merchant Account. Nothing like this on the internet and our very own proprietary instant split pay system!

3. 40 Hours of Virtual Assistant Services from 123 Employee!

You read that right! All new Bachelors students get 40 full hours of virtual assistant time from our partner 123 Employee to use as you wish!

What is the highest and best use of your time? What tasks are you doing that you can outsource? 123 Employee is dedicated to helping Lifestyle Entreprenuers make more money, save valuable time, and spend more time with your loved ones.

This is a very special program that is not available to the general public. You are entitled to 40 full hours of service per month and your first month is absolutely FREE!

Your virtual assistant can help you with your Bachelors Program work, and also:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Video Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Backlinks
  • Customer Service
  • Research
  • Database Management and so much more!

Your Next Step Is

Up To You!


If you were already living the life of your dreams with a profitable business supporting it, you probably wouldn't still be reading...

Are you ready to change what you've experienced with your business so far into what you originally dreamed it would be like?

When you know how to make $500, then you also know how to make $5,000 or even $50,000 -- all you have to do is the exact same thing 10 times or 100 times! It's really that simple!

And when you make that money, knowing you're doing it with plenty of time left over for your ideal lifestyle while making a difference in the world, well, that's just the icing on the cake.

When you enroll in the Directions University JV Manager Program, you'll build a concrete set of systems that will allow your business to grow itself -- and bring you the profits you've always dreamed of!

The next step is yours!

All you have to do is click on one of the enrollment tuition choices below and then follow the simple "Instructions After Enrolling" below and you'll be on the road to living the life of your dreams!

Your Order Information

JV Manager Program

I look forward to helping you to make your business the success that you want it to be and to helping you live the life of your dreams during this next year and beyond!

To Your Abundant Online Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves ("The JV Queen") Dean & Founder, Directions University


*Here's the legal gobbly-gook that I am required to tell you pertaining to the guarantee and the terms of purchase...

Terms of Purchase and Refund Policy

By enrolling in Directions University's JV Manager Program, you agree to pay the discounted sum of $4,997 for your tuition to The Abundance Group, LLC if you pay in full today. If you choose the monthly payment plan, you are committing to pay the sum of $5,382 including a financing fee. You hereby agree to make all payments through PayPal in a timely manner. If you choose the payment option, you understand that this is NOT a monthly fee but rather, a commitment to pay the entire tuition of $5,382 including financing fee payable in monthly installments that are 30 days apart. If you choose the Paypal Credit option, the financing terms are between Paypal and you.

All sums paid are non-refundable! There is no guarantee that you will receive any specific results since your results are dependent upon your implementation of the strategies and techniques taught. If you elect to withdraw from the program, you will not be entitled to receive a refund of any tuition payment(s). If you should withdraw from the program for any reason, you are prohibited from enrolling in ANY program within Directions University (including its sister schools) in the future without written permission from the Dean & Founder which will be granted ONLY for good cause.