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  • How to drive the most highly-targeted traffic possible to your website and offers!
  • Learn the Vortex model of doing business for high-traffic and high conversions (more sales!)
  • How Testing and Tracking like a Pro will triple your sales with the same amount of traffic you're getting now.
  • Discover this and so very much more at the next Traffic and Lead Generation Master Class!

Listen in as Gina, Jack and Traffic Testing and Tracking David Bullock explain why this Master Class is SO important to literally EVERY entrepreneur and small business owner...


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BONUS #2 – 90 Day Trial of the “Motivation to Profit Membership”

This Membership includes a 100-Day Action Plan that contains more than 40+ Lessons in mp4 video and mp3 audio format, plus “Action Step Checklists” for each Lesson, and a complete PDF list of Resources for each Lesson. The 40+ Lessons not only include training from ALL of the DU Faculty Members, they’ll also help you:

  • Put together your Goals & Strategic Plan,
  • Create Your Success Mindset,
  • Choose Your Target Market,
  • Build Your Traffic Vortex & Profit Funnel so you can easily MONETIZE your Business,
  • Create or Locate Products to Sell,
  • Set Up Your Web Presence Using of a WordPress Blog (including a Membership Site, Sales Pages with high-converting copy on them, and more),
  • Setup Your Social Media Profiles & Pages so You Can Drive Traffic that Converts,
  • Build Relationships with Your Prospects Strategically so that they buy over and over again,
  • Create HIGHLY Leveraged Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances so you can make more money with less effort and get to where you want to faster than you ever thought possible!
  • and much more!

As a Motivation to Profit Member you’ll also get access to LIVE Weekly Calls (as well as mp3 recordings from each one!) to help you implement all that you learn!

Every week, one Student volunteers to be on the “Hug Seat” and has the entire call focus on them and THEIR business! We look at who they are, what they’re business is about, and where they want to be in 1 to 3 years. The balance of the call is spent on building the Strategic Plan for how to go from where they’re at to where they want to be!

Whether you’re on the “Hug Seat” or listening in as a peer is on the “Hug Seat”, you’ll walk away from each week’s webinar with ideas that you can implement in your business to improve profits, reach, impact, and influence easily!

Details at www.askggg.com/mtp

BONUS #3 – Complimentary 1 on 1 Strategy Session


BONUS #4 – Complimentary 10 Hours of Virtual Assistant Services from 123 Employee to Help You With Your "Content Marketing"


Here's Your Invitation to Attend the "Traffic & Lead Generation Master Class"...

Our Mission here at Directions University is pretty simple…

The DU Mission is to touch the life of EVERY person on this planet! We truly want to help EVERY person to live the life of their dreams.

It’s a mission that just can’t be reached by any one of us individually. With more than 7.2 BILLION people on this planet, it would be completely and totally impossible for any one person (or even a small group of people) to touch the live of every one of them.

However, if DU touches the lives of 100,000 entrepreneurs and teaches each one of them to have a deep and profound impact on the lives of their prospects and customers, and if each entrepreneur reaches just 72,000 people, then together, we truly CAN touch the life of everyone on this planet!

Will You Be the Next Entrepreneur That We Help?

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If so, then simply click the button below and “Download the "Traffic & Lead Generation Master Class" today! We welcome you into the DU Family and we look forward to helping you become an Influencer, Authority, and THE "Go To" Expert in Your Niche so that you can make a bigger impact, attract JV Partners like a seasoned Pro, and make the kind of money you truly deserve!

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