Something special is happening on Tuesday, 7/21, and we can’t wait to see you there…

What If You Could Ask Paypal Anything?

paypallogoGreg Harris from Paypal is going to answer all your questions about using Paypal to grow your business.

greg harris

Greg Harris, Paypal Rep

To date, Paypal hasn’t allowed their reps to do this sort of thing – This Is A Directions University EXCLUSIVE!

On Tuesday you will learn:

  • What “PayFlowPro” is and how to use it
  • Working capital loans for cash infusion to your business
  • How a Paypal regular account can be used to boost your business
  • How to potentially get Greg as YOUR Paypal rep!  (Doing business without a rep from Paypal is not recommended – even Gurus don’t have reps (or know they can even HAVE one) and this causes them massive headaches on launches, etc.)
  • And much more!

Paypal has a lot to offer that most people know nothing about.  Things that help businesses make more money, convert more sales, and help you manage your money flow better.  Most of our clients come to us with only a very basic use for Paypal.  They have no idea all the things it can do for them.  But YOU will on Tuesday!

Greg will be answering questions live on the webinar, so bring your burning Paypal questions and have them answered by an actual Paypal rep!