"$4,200,0000 Sales in 7 days" -- Shawn Casey
"$365,000 Sales in 7 days" -- John Reel
"$161,751 Sales in 16 days" -- David Garfinkel

  For The First Time Ever...


"How to 'HACK' Into The Brain

of 'The JV Queen' to Earn

$365,897 in Sales in 7 Days"

FACT: Following "The JV Queen's" Insider Secret, You Will Lean The EXACT Step-by-Step System, She Uses to RAKE-IN Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars or Even MILLIONS of Dollars Online. Best of All, You Can Use It Too in YOUR Business!

From the Mobile Office of Gina Gaudio-Graves (aka "The JV Queen")

As I flew back from Los Angeles, I did not even want to think about the real "WAR" that was ahead of me. Frustration and all the negative possibilities were all within me at that time. I was tired and defeated. I did not know where to seek guidance and help. When I arrived in Boston, I quickly picked up the Benz and drove back as fast as I could to my home. I closed the door, took a hot shower, and went to sleep. The nightmare --still haunted me, but I did not care. I just wanted a quick rest from the long trip.

The next day... When I turned on my computer, I was even more defeated. I had received a couple dozen angry emails from affiliates, who were promoting one of my product launches. Those swearing words, such as: A&S^&D, F&^&, and B*&* were not foreign to me anymore. All of sudden, I received three of the same emails with the subject line: Give Me All Your Burdens, Henry! I thought they were just more spam email I almost wanted to delete them. However, as I read the message, she explained the situation happening in my product launch, she knew the exact way how to fix it. As I am one of the top marketers in the world, there was no way I would trust her words at all. So, I picked up the phone and called her up. After the 13 minute conversation, I decided to let her help me out with my product launch.

Within 72 hours... The deal was off the ground. The campaign had more than 3,000 Joint Venture partners. The traffic ranking took off, and quickly skyrocketed to 425 on Alexa.com. The sales were well over $150,000 in profit. Who is this "JV Queen"? Where on earth did she come from?

"Why Are People NOT Talking About

'The JV Queen' All The Time?"

I was in the dark.

That's a real letter that I got from one of my clients, Henry Gold, about 18 months, after I organized a successful product launch for him.

Let me introduce myself properly ... My name is Gina Gaudio-Graves and online, I'm known as "The JV Queen". This is a title that I very much EARNED as a result of organizing some of the most profitable product launches online.

The truth is... I am the "secret weapon" of many top-notch marketers. I've helped many marketers including: Shawn Casey & Jeff Paul, Holly Cotter, Henry Gold, John Reel, Tim Erway, Tom Bell, Glenn Dietzel, David Garfinkel, Russell Brunson, Willie Crawford, Ben Mack, Liz Tomey, Carl Galletti, Drew Miles, and too many more to list. They have all brought in 6 and 7 figures from deals with their launches. I helped Mike Filsaime to set-up the Butterly Marketing Dinner where he awarded a Rolex to Gary Ambrose in front of John Reese. I've helped Jeff Paul and Shawn Casey by cutting a $4.2 Million dollar product launch. I've helped an average "Joe", John Reel, to bring in a cool $350,000+ on his FIRST product launch. I coached another average "Joe", Louis Burleson, to earn more than $50,000+ from his FIRST product launch for his own product, allowing him to go on to quit all 3 of his full-time jobs! I've helped David Garfinkel, Top Copywriter, to close 30% of the listeners from his teleconferences on sales of his "big box" course. I've helped Holly Cotter to close 12 students on a $10,000 coaching program.


Who is "The JV Queen"?

Why MUST you get to know her right now? Seriously, if you do NOT know who I am, you SHOULD. I don't care whether you're a newbie or an advanced marketer, if you've never heard of me, SHAME ON YOU! Now, I am NOT trying to brag here at all! I'm really just stating a fact, plain and simple. If you've never heard of me, then your business is probably suffering as a result! Let me have Henry Gold tell you something more about me ...

At the end of my product launch, which profited me about $150,000 in 72 hours, I asked her to reveal her exact step-by-step system to the public.

She firmly said "NO" to my request.

She told me that she wanted to remain nameless. Besides, there was no need to tell others about the secret, when she could keep it underground forever. She banned me from even talking about this topic in the future.


After I offered the JV Queen much business advice, including a full partnernship in our multi-million dollar venture, where we will reach U$1,000,000,000 (U$1 BILLION) by the end of Dec 2012, she finally agreed to let her "$365,000 in 7 days secret" out to the public for the first time ever ---Henry Gold 117Network.com

Why Is The "JV Queen's" Secret Extremely Important For You?

Let me tell you a little more about myself... I've been in business online since 1996. Before that, I was a practicing attorney with a very promising career. But my plans were abruptly halted when I was in a devastating car accident. I turned to the internet as a way to merely survive and keep up with my more than $9.9 million in medical bills over the next 10 years.

My career online took off back in the year 2005, when I helped more than 120+ average "John Does" to become EXTREMELY successful entrepreneurs online. When I helped Henry Gold on one of his biggest launches ever, back in 2006, I immediately took his failing campaign to more than $365,897 in revenue in less than 7 days, netting him more than $150,000.00 in profit. But, the more I worked with these entrepreneurs -- both the experienced ones and the new ones alike -- I realized that continuing to organize JV's for others was really not helping anyone. I could only help so many people. I only had so much time.

No matter how much I wanted to help the dozens of people who called me every day asking for my help, there just weren't enough hours in a day. And I was turning away DOZENS of people -- sometimes several dozen people -- literally begging me to find some way to help them! Finally, I just couldn't take it any more... I was doing everything I could, working 20 hours per day, 7 days per week, and yet I just couldn't help another soul! I had to find a way to make it happen or face having a nervous breakdown!

By January 2007, I just couldn't go any longer. It happened really suddenly -- sort of like the straw that broke the camel's back. I got a phone call from a prospect one day and simply made a snap decision ... I was never again going to organize another Joint Venture! I just could NOT even think about spending all my time working on other people's businesses, knowing that they would not be able to do this for themselves once I was gone.

You know the old adage of "Give a man a fish, feed him for day. Teach a man to fish, feed him forever." Well, I knew that I must find a way to teach all of these online entrepreneurs to fish. That's why I decided to ... Completely let go of my hundreds of thousands of dollars of secret strategies to you! WHY? Well, as a retired JV Broker, I NO LONGER need these secrets anymore!

Now, let me ask you this.... What is so important about "The JV Queen's" secrets? How can you these secrets to answer your online pains? "Secrets of The JV Queen" is NOT just regular "How-To" information. In fact, it's NOT even close to that. This information is highly crucial. I even have all my apprentices use "Secrets of The JV Queen" in Module III of our Apprenticeship program, as momentum for them to build a network of alliances and Joint Venture Partners.

In fact, all of them have told me that this material is a bargain compared to the $5,964 they paid to join my apprenticeship program. (Yes! Not $1,000, but $5,964!) Think about this.

  • Why is it every single launch that I personally helped in always turned out to be a successful campaign?
  • How is that possible for me to get 3,000+ joint venture partners in less than 10 days?
  • What formula do I use to have marketers begging to promote a campaign?
  • What technique do I use to get 99% of the top-notch marketers to say "YES" to promoting the campaign, every single time I ask them?
  • How is that possible for me to TURN Henry Gold's failing campaign into $365,897 in sales in literally 72 hours?

Do you think any of these are by coincidence?

This is NO accident! In fact, when I showed Henry the "blueprint" of my JV secrets, I laid it out into a step-by-step formula. Henry was even NERVOUS thinking about whether I should really release "Secrets of The JV Queen" containing my secret formula, where all his competitors could easily exploit his market. He wanted to keep this stuff for himself alone!

In fact, Henry isn't even talking to me any longer since I refused to keep this stuff quiet! But it's too important to YOUR success for me to keep these "secrets" to myself any longer!"Green Light". I can almost GUARANTEE that as soon as you see the strategies contained in "Secrets of The JV Queen", you will feel exactly what some of these people felt...

The challenge in writing this testimonial is not what to say, but how to shorten it enough so that I don’t end up composing a new sales letter of my own.

Gina is one of the most giving, knowledgeable people that I have ever come across. Her teachings have literally been invaluable to me.

Gina’s wealth of knowledge is immeasurable. She’ll casually mention a resource or an idea in passing, as almost a non-event, and it’ll completely revolutionize my business!

One $99 resource that she offhandedly referenced is going to save me countless hours as well as hundreds – if not thousands in the long term – of dollars. I mentioned this resource on the Warrior Forum and received multiple Private Messages from people who were profusely thanking me for sharing it!

Some traffic tactics that she shared with me are going to give me thousands of new unique visitors every single month, and for a very long time to come.

I have gained much more than the names of some resources from Gina, though. Even she doesn’t know this, but one goal-setting strategy that she shared with me is single-handedly re-structuring my life. Almost instantaneously after I sat down and applied what she taught me, I saw quantifiable results, and in a huge way. Her method has instilled in me a new sense of focus and passion, and it truly is transforming my life.

I could go on and on about the positive results that I have experienced as a result of knowing Gina, but I realize that this is already probably longer than it should be.

I’d implore anybody who is at all questioning Gina’s value to contact me personally at rachelrofe (at) gmail.com so that I can explain further the abundance of benefit that one would receive by working with her ---

Rachel Rofe

Gina's coaching program is one of the best! She has an incredible ability to create and explain online business systems in a logical way using flow charts and going into detail on how they work.

Gina's extensive experience in networking and creating joint ventures through building relationships has shown me many brilliant ways of doing things online that I've never encountered before. I highly recommend Gina's teachings if you want to get a comprehensive well-rounded education on developing a successful business system of your own and learn to generate traffic to your site ---

Jambhala Rinpo
WealthMoneyandPower.com BC, Canada

I am not giving you these examples to BRAG. In fact, if you have met me in person, you know that I am a very humble gal. In fact, some of my competitors, those who are still scrambling for their first hundred thousand dollar campaign, told me to pull this package OFF the market! They all feel THREATENED. They all fear that the DEATH of these powerful Joint Venture strategies.They all feel their own success is in jeopardy when I you get your hands on the JV strategies I show you that lets you make $365,897 in 7 days too! WARNING: "Secrets of The JV Queen" will even EXPOSE some of the sensitive techniques joint venture experts will NOT DARE to disclose to the public

"Why Am I Being Forced to Give Away My Inner Most Secret Now?"

My intention is very obvious. I would like to CHALLENGE those so-called Joint Venture Experts and expose them for what little they do, compared to what you'll learn in "Secrets of The JV Queen".

Many people have told you that Joint Ventures are "DEAD". Let me tell them something... They are the one's who are DEAD. They're going to lose their businesses. They're going to lose their shirts. They're going to lose their customers. They BLAME it on the joint venture strategies NOT working. CRAP!

Joint Ventures ARE WORKING, and they will always work! This is WHY... My receiving the title "The JV Queen" was NO accident. Those people who just know how to BLAME others for their FAILURES are the real losers. They don't know what they are talking about. They place the blame on other things, spread rumors, and make others believe their failures should be YOURS. SCREW THEM ALL! It is TIME for the truth. It is TIME for someone to stand up and make the right judgment. It is TIME to throw away all that garbage about joint venture strategies.

This is the REASON why I am being forced to stand up like a commander and give you the step-by-step system to run a successful joint venture campaign. You do not need to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). You do not need to pay $5,964 for my apprentice program. You do not need to pay me $1,000 per hour for a consultation just to learn how the JV secret works. All I need from you is a promise... "What kind of promise?"

You MUST utilize the underground secret strategies that I am giving to you to the fullest extent possible. Don't just simply learn them and put them aside. In other words... You MUST show those so-called "JV experts" that the information in "Secrets of the JV Queen" is TOP-NOTCH. In addition, I also REQUIRE you to give me your feedback after exploring the step-by-step secret strategies in "The JV Queen" Complete Package. Make your promise now? Okay, that's great!


"Secrets of The JV Queen Mastermind Package"

Secret Confessions Of The JV Queen


"Are You Kidding Me, Gina? You Are Going to RUIN All of Us Now! Keep It Underground" -- Steven Godlewski   What am I going to receive? As you can see above, this Mastermind package comes complete with a meaty course (including audios, videos, an ebook and written course, and checklists), flow charts, and the inside secrets I have been holding onto for the last two years. Here is a quick breakdown of everything you'll receive:


checkmark "The JV Queen's" Master Mind Package Vol. I - This multimedia Master Mind package outlines the SKELETON of joint venture strategies in detail and shows you EXACTLY HOW million dollars deals work. It is step-by-step. Just follow the system, and you are ready to cut your first hundred thousand dollars joint venture deal online.
checkmark "The JV Queen's" Master Mind Package Vol. II - This Master Mind package allows you to take your Joint Ventures to the next level, and AVOID chaotic experiences in this overly saturated market. NO EXCEPTIONS!
checkmark "The JV Queen's" Flowcharts & Worksheets - We call these flowcharts and worksheets the "Bible" of Joint Venture Secrets. They explain the exact step-by-step process from how to initiate JV proposals, follow-up, and how to establish long term strategic alliances. WARNING: 99.99% of the JV experts will always do this the wrong way. Use these powerful flowcharts and go BEYOND your competitors.
checkmark "The JV Queen's" Complete Work Guides - These work guides allow you to receive consistent results for orchestrating campaigns worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short period of time. Not ONLY are these checklists important, but they are also the system Henry Gold's company uses to cut millions of dollars of deals on the 'net.
checkmark "The JV Queen's" Web 2.0 Strategic Alliances - This is CRUCIAL. We are NO LONGER in the web 1.0 era like we used to be a couple of years ago. With the domination of web 2.0 through strategic alliances, the "JV" queen is able to CRUSH her competitors every single time. This is HOW you are able to dominate your competitors.
checkmark "The JV Queen's" Goal Setting for Joint Venture Success Package - In every aspect of your business, goal setting is crucial. Without goals, you're on a journey to nowhere. Joint Ventures are no exception! The strategic plans you orchestrate and execute using the 3-Step system in the Goal Setting for Joint Venture Success package, allow your Joint Ventures will run like well-oiled MACHINES, leaving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales every single time.
checkmark "The JV Queen's" Lifetime Upgrade Package - Within the next 30 days, this course is being completely revised to bring you new strategies, in a new format. Instead of being in a downloadable format, you'll access the material through a membership site where you'll be able to get each piece of the puzzle in a step-by-step fashion. You'll get this and all other upgrades FOR LIFE -- at no additional charge! The new format will have 16 total lessons -- 1 each week for almost 4 months! -- to get you on the road to JV Success FAST!

With "The JV Queen" Master Mind Package Vol. I, you will learn the basic fundamentals of joint venture strategies. This allows you to learn the step-by-step system from setting-up joint ventures, recruiting top-notch marketers, and taking campaigns to the next level. This is the reason why I would like to share with you...

Secret Confessions Of The JV Queen

No sugar coating. No holds-barred. It is this sensitive secret I have been consistently using to build Internet empires for internet gurus AND myself!

With the Master Mind Package Part One, you will learn the best fundamental techniques to build the right business. This will also include the step-by-step directions you should use to take your business to the next level.

This is the reason why I would like to share with you...

Secret Confessions Of The JV Queen

Add to that ... "Joint Ventures: What You Need To Know Before You Enter Into This Form of Strategic Alliance" where you'll learn all about the legal pitfalls of Joint Ventures, what to do, and what NOT to do to avoid problems down the road!

Secret Confessions Of The JV Queen

You'll even get access to the tools you need to create JV's for yourself. This includes access to the JVSuite Toolbar that will help you to find the perfect JV Partners instantly!


Secrets Confessions Of The JV Queen

You won't have to just sit there and read all of this -- you'll get to LISTEN and WATCH! You'll find more than 6+ hours of audios, plus 2+ hours of videos that show you the entire process!


Secret Confessions Of The JV Queen

You're not going to leave anything to chance! You're going to have complete step-by-step checklists, flowcharts, and worksheets for EVERY STEP of the process! This will allow you to EASILY build powerful, profitable joint ventures for YOUR business!

As you can see this multimedia package puts an ordinary ebook to shame! There are over 10+ detailed flowcharts, 6+ comprehensive checklists, 2 multimedia ebooks containing over 200+ pages, 6+ hours of audio (both from behind-the-scenes conversations and from interviews), and 2+ hours of video. All of this material will guide you through the process of setting up strategic alliances and joint ventures just like the pros do it. In fact, in one of the videos, you'll even learn to use the JVSuite Toolbar to locate the perfect partners for any promotion you ever organize! You'll no longer need to have a million dollar rolodex to be successful with your product launches. (There will be information on how to get it in the video.)

"Secrets of the JV Queen" is centered around building powerful alliances...

You’ll learn how to build alliances and JVs and how to make them work in your business, easily and quickly. It's not about just finding a few affiliates for one promo and it’s over.

Building joint ventures is about constructing a 'venture’ … an ongoing business relationship ... one that can take your business into the future.

This is, indeed, the wave of Internet Marketing’s future. And the future is NOW!

You’re probably thinking this kind of education, tutoring and knowledge will cost a fortune. And, you’re right … it could. (It will certainly be worth a fortune to you!)

But I want AS many people as possible to help me legitimize Internet Marketing and take it to the next level. And, in order for you to be around over the long haul and make it BIG again and again … this is the way to do it … hands down.

My good friend Dr. Joe Vitale taught me that...

"Money Likes People Who Act Fast... It's Attracted To Them!"

People who can't decide and act quickly often miss opportunities, and then they wonder how their competitors seem to "have all the luck." This is one of those opportunities.

This package is so comprehensive that you'll even learn how to use "The Law of Attraction" to build even bigger joint ventures and strategic alliances.

I've always believed that there are no coincidences in life. And, that everything happens for a reason.

Well, there's a reason you are on this page right now. You need this system. You need it now before you waste another minute of your time or money building your business the wrong way or using strategies that don't work.

This Package Could Easily Sell As A Physical Product For $997!

And even as a downloadable, digital product, with everything that is included in this package, it could easily sell it for $497 or more.

If it were in a physical format, it would take up at least 4 DVD's, at least 2 CD-ROM's, and well over 300 bound pages for all the text, checklists, worksheets, and flowcharts.

But I truly want to allow as many people as possible to learn how to use Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances to help blow the roof off their profits so we're intentionally keeping the price low.

That's why I've decided on very low introductory price of $197.

The only other way to get your hands on this system was to hire me at a price of $3,500 up front and 10% of your gross sales. With this package, you'll save a bundle!

If you're one of the Smart Marketers who take advantage of this immediately ...

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I highly suggest you order right now … and save $170! I’m not sure how long she’ll be selling it at this price, but I genuinely want you to have this information in your hands immediately, if not sooner. This is your opportunity to substantially increase your profits, using the power of Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances. Your business will never be the same again, once you begin to use these "Million Dollar Miracles” I promise.

To Your Abundant Online Success!

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Gina Gaudio-Graves

P.S. Remember ... This price is only Introductory Offer. After that, we will NEVER AGAIN offer this package at this price! Your business cannot afford for you to NOT get your hands on this system immediately!