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without ever spending a single cent for any of the traffic, opt ins, product creation, or sales!   (Have you ever heard of anyone just getting started in their business putting 10,000+ subscribers (or MORE!) in their very first month? Have you ever heard of anyone launching their first product and bringing in more than $350,000+ -- in under a week? You'll see it for yourself, first hand, when you use the Joint Venture Systems Workshop Webinar strategies in YOUR Business!)


From The Desk Of:  Gina Gaudio-Graves ("The JV Queen")

Dear Soon-To-Be JV Pro :

For years, I've been known online as "The JV Queen" because of the huge, profitable joint ventures that I built for my clients.  

In my career as a JV Broker to the Internet Superstars, my efforts brought in as much as $4.2 million in a single week for big names like Shawn Casey & Jeff Paul.  

Even for people just getting started, like John Reel, my system for putting together Joint Ventures pulled in more than $350,000+ in only 6 days, 17 hours, and 52 minutes. As a JV Broker, I worked for dozens of clients, many of them names you'll recognize like Willie Crawford, David Garfinkel, Henry Gold, Tom Bell, Russell Brunson, and many, MANY more! I regularly got calls from dozens of people each week who were trying to build businesses online.  Each one of these people fell  into one of three categories:

  • Those just starting out who were overwhelmed trying to figure it all out and going broke in the process.


  • Those who'd been at it awhile but still weren't making money consistently every day or even every week. 


  • Those who'd already seen success, who were already making 6 or 7 figures per year.

Each and every person had one thing in common...

They all wanted a drop dead SIMPLE way of making money that was predictable!  

People just getting started sought me out only AFTER they had spent months (or sometimes even years) working hard to create their first product.  They wanted a sure-fire strategy to not only recoup their costs, but to profit big time!

People who were already seeing success contacted me because they knew my system not only meant that they'd see a higher return on their investment of time and money (in other words, more profit!) but they also wanted the easiest way of getting that return.

There's one thing that all of these groups of people did wrong, though ... 

They only called me when they wanted a product launched!  They never thought to call me for anything else!

After I retired from brokering Joint Ventures for other people, I went on to create Joint Ventures for myself.   And I found out what I had known all along ...

When you use Joint Ventures for things OTHER than product launches -- things like: List Building, Traffic Generation, and even Product Creation -- Joint Ventures are even MORE POWERFUL!  (WAAYYYY more profitable too!)

This is something that practically no one talks about!

This is something that is considered SOOO POWERFUL, that practically no coach even shares with his or her students!  (I say "practically none" because I share it with mine!)

How profitable is it?  How powerful is it?

Let's put it this way ... using Joint Ventures for things other than product launches is what built my 7-figure business in only 12 months after I retired from organizing Joint Ventures  and went on to instead use my "Joint Venture Miracle System" for myself!

How would you like to get results like these for yourself? ...

  • One specific kind of Joint Venture created a list of more than 52,000 subscribers in under 30 days!  (That's what got my business kick started actually.  Let me tell you -- the money really IS in the list!) 

  • Another type of Joint Venture created a product that brought in more than $40k in the first month it was out -- even though it sold for only $27.  (I'll bet you wouldn't mind that happening in your business.  Right?) 

  • Still another type of Joint Venture was responsible for one site getting more than 1 million visitors per month -- in less than 6 months!  (That "little" site is, a site I first heard about on television.  This same strategy got me a Google Page Rank of 3 in only 22 days, on a site that I simply put up and forgot about!  How much traffic will you bring in to your site when this happens for you?

  • One small tweak to the  "Joint Venture Miracle System" brought in more than 12,000 unique visitors per month to one site(It's the same part of the system that put some of my client's sites into the top 5 busiest sites on the internet!)

What does all this mean to you?

Simple, it means that when you use my "Joint Venture Miracle System", you'll have a way to ... 

... Create a new product of your own in under a week any time you want(Even if you've never written a word before and even if you don't have a specific area of expertise right now.)  

... Add 1,000 or more subscribers to your list every single month(Heck, I've helped people just starting out add more than 10,000+ new subscribers in a single month, but I want to be ultra-realistic here so I don't give you false hopes!)

... Have as much traffic as you need without ever doing any of the hard work (like writing blog posts, articles, etc. or social bookmarking) yourself(You won't need to outsource it either!  I'm talking about having a way to get this done FOR YOU ... free!)...

Make twice as much money since you won't need to pay commissions to affiliates for sales you generate yourself(Since most infopreneurs pay 50% commissions or even more, you can actually make exponentially greater money than your competition -- with less effort too!)

Not only does all this mean that you'll make MUCH MORE money.  It also means that you'll put in LESS EFFORT!  And, it also means that you'll see these results VERY FAST!

The thing is, all of these things are possible because of my "Joint Venture Miracle System"

This is the same system that I used for my clients when I launched their products for them.  But since they always waited until after their products were created and ready to get out to the marketplace before they contacted me, they missed out on all these other side benefits of the system!

Here's your chance to skip making this same mistake!  Instead, set yourself up to get the biggest possible profits, in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of effort!

But how the heck do you do that?  

You're probably still sitting there trying to figure out which thing you should start on first -- driving traffic, building a list, setting up a website ... The list goes on and on.

You know you have to do SOMETHING, but what is the "secret" to actually making money online?  Let alone making the MOST money with the LEAST effort in the FASTEST time? What can YOU do to get results in YOUR business NOW? The answer to these questions is simple ...

Joint Venture!

In other words, all you need is my "Joint Venture Miracle System" and you'll solve all these problems for yourself...

... Joint Ventures allow you to create a product of your very own.  One that has YOUR name on it as the expert.  (Even if you've never created a product before, and even if you don't really have a specific area of expertise, you can still use Joint Ventures to get your own product!)

... Joint Ventures are an amazing way to build a list, too!  I've helped people just getting started in their business add more than 10,000+ subscribers in under 30 days(For those with experience, I've helped them add more than 100,000+ subscribers in the same time!) ... Joint Ventures are the single MOST POWERFUL way of promoting a product!  The power of the endorsed email just can't be surpassed!  (In other words, having people who are already known, liked, and trusted by their subscribers talk about YOUR product makes sales like nothing else!) ... Joint Ventures are one of the absolute BIGGEST ways of driving traffic to your site -- even if you don't have a list of your own!  Joint Ventures have put my clients in the top 5 on Alexa on many different occasions!  (In other words, my clients' sites have been in the top 5 busiest sites on the entire internet -- just with the traffic generated by a single Joint Venture!)

I'll bet you didn't even realize that Joint Ventures can help you in so many ways!  

Most ebooks teach you that Joint Ventures simply help you to launch a product and make sales.  They give you even more MIS-guided information when they tell you that all you need for a Joint Venture to succeed is tons of relationships.   Let me set the record straight right here, right know ...  

Relationships are only a teeny tiny reason for the success of most Joint Ventures!

I can give you dozens of examples of people who had the right relationships whose Joint Ventures flopped anyway(You'd probably even recognize almost all of their names, too, so I'll save them the embarrassment.) 

In fact, as "The JV Queen", my relationships accounted for less than 10% of the results that I got for my clients.  

The real success came from having a SYSTEM!

And here's the best part ... even the SYSTEM itself doesn't require you to have existing relationships!  (The system requires only having relationships with only 3 or 4 people at most in order to bring in six or seven figures and the system even gives you a way to create those relationships!)

You see, the "Joint Venture Miracle System"  involves 2 main ingredients ... INGREDIENT #1:  Knowing what your prospects really want (NOT what you think they need!)

INGREDIENT #2:  Establishing your reputation and credibility as an expert (NOT just selling any old product, created by someone you don't even know!)

When you combine these two ingredients, even your prospective Joint Venture  partners will see you as "the expert" and they'll want to be a part of whatever you're doing willingly (even if you don't know them right now at all!)

Here's how it works ...

In order to get people to perceive you as "THE expert" in your market, you have GOT to have a product with your name on it!  And, you've got to have that product showing up high in the search engines under keywords that people are really searching for.  

Having your product get a #1 search engine listing for your name, when no one knows who you are, just isn't going to help you at all!

On the other hand, when you've got a product that solves a problem for your prospects and your prospects go to the search engines and type in "How do you get rid of blah-blah-blah?" and your product shows up not just in the first 5 results, but in 60% to 80% of all of the results on the first 3 to 5 pages of the search engines, that makes you an "instant expert"!

That's exactly what this system will help you to do, easily!

Right now you're probably thinking something like, "Gina, are you nuts?  I can't write a product of my own!"  Or maybe you're thinking, "Creating my own product is just too much work!"

But this is where the "Joint Venture Miracle SYSTEM" comes to your rescue!

You see the system allows you to tap into other experts to create your product.  And, when you do, you'll also have access both to their subscribers and to their traffic.  This means 3 things to you:

  1. A product of your own with practically no effort at all(Heck, you can even create it in an afternoon if you want!  At  most, it'll take you maybe a week if you take a lot of breaks!) 

  2. Instant traffic the minute you put your sales letter up on your website(All you have to do is borrow the subscribers and traffic that your JV Partner has and you've got traffic instantly!) 

  3. Immediate subscribers to your own opt in list!  (Again, your JV Partner will do this for you when you use  this magic formula!)

Once you've got your own product, your own traffic, and your own list, you'll already have relationships with these prospects!  Then all you need to do is work on building relationships with your visitors and your new subscribers and as you do, your sales will continually increase. Since these people already see you as "THE expert", and since you're going to give them a way to ask you questions and get your answers, they buy more frequentlyThey subscribe more frequently too.

Let me tell you something else, too...

The SYSTEM that you're going to use isn't going to just get you exposure in front of your prospects either.  This system is, by design, going to get you noticed BIG TIME by your prospective Joint Venture Partners too!

Even if you don't know a soul in your industry and even if you don't have a single contact in your business rolodex right now, you'll be able to easily and effortlessly go out and get some of the biggest names in your market to sell your product for you!  (They'll probably even come to you begging to sell your product!)

What this means is this ...

If you truly want to make the MOST money with the LEAST effort in the FASTEST time, you NEED this system for building Joint Ventures of your own!

Let me share a little secret with you ... What made me "The JV Queen" has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the size of my rolodex or the number of powerful contacts that I have in this business.  (In fact, my rolodex had at most a hundred or two people on it!  And it had less than 25 people when I got started!)

What made me "The JV Queen" has everything to do with my  "Joint Venture Miracle System" -- the same system that's responsible for building million-dollar Joint Ventures for my clients!

Here's the real secret behind my success (and my system!) ...

The reason that my joint ventures were always successful was because I focused on bringing in 80% of the traffic myself, using my client's affiliate link for their own products.

When other affiliates would see all that "buzz" created by all of the traffic, they would assume (incorrectly, of course) that there were hundreds of affiliates out there making money on this promotion.  They couldn't stand to be left out of the picture, so they'd come begging me to let them promote too! You see, the system generates some serious traffic. You might even say that's what this system is all about.  The system allows you to reliably predict exactly how much traffic you need to reach your sales goals AND it helps you to then get anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 unique visitors per day to your site.  (That's 30,000 to 150,000 visitors per month. That's enough traffic to bring in 7 figures easily with the right product!) As "The JV Queen" that was what I really did for my clients -- I reliably predicted exactly how much traffic I needed in order for my clients to reach their goals, and then I used my Traffic Sources Worksheet to lay out a plan for driving that traffic.  (You can check out the worksheet by Right Clicking Here and selecting "Save Target As".) But just having this Excel Spreadsheet won't be enough for you to duplicate my efforts.  You need to understand how to use the full "Joint Venture Miracle System". This means you've got to know:

  • How to find out what your prospects really want (not just what you think they need)
  • How to find prospective Joint Venture Partners to help you create your product (this one's easy when you know how to create WIN-WIN-WIN scenarios!)

  • How to create WIN-WIN-WIN scenarios (This will have prospective Joint Venture Partners looking for YOU instead of the other way around!)

  • How to set up and use a blog to both build your credibility as an expert and to get opt ins to your list (This one is a critical component of the overall system and is a big part of what makes it all work!)

  • How to build relationships strategically -- both with your prospects and with your prospective Joint Venture Partners (This is what leverage is all about!)

You also need to understand:

  • How to use a WordPress blog at the heart of your "Joint Venture Miracle System",
  • The 4 types of Joint Ventures and how to use them correctly (list building JV's, traffic generation JV's, product creation JV's, and the one most people talk about - product launch or sales JV's)

  • How to plan out your keywords so that you know in advance how much traffic you will get so that you can meet your goals every time, and
  • How to find prospective Joint Venture partners and get them to notice you.

It takes me almost 2 months to teach this in my 1 year long Apprenticeship Program where my students pay me $6,000 in tuition. 

But I know that you're in a hurry -- that you want (and need) a list, a product of your own, traffic, and sales NOW! 

That you can't wait even another month to get started created "Million Dollar Miracles" for your own business and that you need a list of 1,000+ subscribers, you need at least 1,000+ visitors per day, and you need your very own product with your name on it as the expert -- RIGHT NOW! You can't wait the many months that my students take to learn and implement this system into their businesses.

That's why I decided to hold a 2 day LIVE webinar event and record EVERY second of it!  Each day, we got together for 8 hours in a webinar so that I could not only tell you how to do all this (and more!), but also show you the exact steps to take to harness all those targeted visitors and turn them into customers for your own business.

We recorded every second of this 2 day LIVE Webinar event so you wouldn't miss a single second of it either! When you download the more than 16+ hours of materials included and work through it all step-by-step, you'll know exactly how to:

  • Get 1,000 to 5,000 unique visitors per day to your blog or website (that's 150,000 visitors per month -- or 1,800,000 visitors per year)!  How much more could you make in your business with all those extra visitors?

  • Add 10,000+ (or MORE!) New subscribers to your opt in list, 

  • Create your very own info product effortlessly (even if you've got no experience with info products and no area of expertise either!), without ever writing a word yourself and have a system for selling HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of copies on autopilot! ...

  These are the kind of results that my students see in their business!  And they can be yours when you download ...


Joint Venture Miracle System

Workshop Webinar"

  Over the 16+ hours of materials, you'll learn about each of the 4 types of Joint Ventures -- list building JV, traffic generation JV, product creation JV, and product launch JV.  You'll also learn every step of my system for creating each one!

The modules include:

DAY 1:

MODULE 1 - Knowing Your Audience (10 am to Noon) Doing The Market Research to KNOW What Your Audience is Buying Knowing Your Audience's Problems Knowing What Your Audience is Buying NOW! Q & A

LUNCH BREAK (Noon to 1 pm)

MODULE 2 - Introduction to Joint Ventures (1 pm to 2:30 pm) What is a Joint Venture? Creating the WIN-WIN-WIN Scenario Finding Prospective Joint Venture Partners The Right Mindset for Joint Venture Success The Biggest Mistakes Q & A

BREAK (2:30 to 2:45)

MODULE 3 - List Building Joint Ventures (2:45 pm to 4:15 pm) The JV Giveaway Model Hosting a List Building Joint Venture For Your JV Partners Participant in Other Peoples' List Building Joint Ventures Becoming the Influencer In Your Niche Q & A BREAK 4:15 pm to 4:30 pm MODULE 4 -- Traffic Joint Ventures (4:30 pm to 6:00 pm) Affiliate Marketing vs. Joint Ventures Using Blogs for Joint Ventures Tracking for JV Partners Copywriting for JV Success Q & A

DAY 2:

MODULE 5 -- Product Creation Joint Ventures (10 am to Noon) Choosing Your Topic Finding The RIGHT Partner Creating the Plan Tools of the Trade Q & A

LUNCH BREAK (Noon to 1:00 pm)

MODULE 6 - Product Launch Joint Ventures (1:00 pm to 3:00 pm) The Difference Between Affiliates & JV Partners The Role of the Broker "The Big 3" (Killer Product or Service, Even Better USP & the "Package" to Tie 1 & 2 Together) The JV Miracle Checklist The Pareto Principle Traffic for the Product Launch "Moving the Free Line" & "Social Proof" JV Partner Tools Q & A

BREAK (3:00 pm to 3:15 pm)

MODULE 7 - Relationship Building 101 (3:15 pm to 4:30 pm) Serving vs. Selling The RIGHT Way and the WRONG Way to Approach Prospective JV Partners Stealth Tactics for Getting Noticed by JV Partners Strategic Relationship Building Q & A

BREAK (4:30 pm to 4:45 pm)

MODULE 8 -- Joint Venture Case Studies -- Tying It All Together (4:45 pm to 6:00 pm) Dissecting a $350,000+ Product Launch Examining and Planning YOUR Joint Venture The Joint Venture Flowchart Q & A

*(NOTE:  You can truly implement the ENTIRE system for absolutely NO COST whatsoever with the tools that we'll tell you about!   However, there are paid tools that will help you to either save time or get bigger results which we will share with you at a negotiated discount -- some of them are even free!)

For every single step of the process, you not only get a series of lessons through the mp3 recordings of the webinar, you also get separate mp3 recordings of the audios, checklists & flowcharts and access a Private Member's Area of The IM University Classroom -- a forum where you can get answers to all of your questions!

Additional materials that will make it even easier to implement the lessons include flowcharts, mindmapschecklists, and worksheets!

Two weeks after the 2-day LIVE webinar we got back together for a 2 hour Q & A call And we recorded every minute of it as well! In fact, there is SO MUCH included in your tuition you're likely to spend hours just downloading it all!

Let's recap everything that's included with your tuition...

When you Download Direction University's "Joint Venture Miracle System Workshop", you'll get ...

  • Access to the mp3 video recordings AND the mp3 audio recordings from the Day LIVE WEBINAR so you'll not only hear how to build your Joint Venture system, you'll get to see exactly how each step is done!  

  • Access to the Recordings from the Group Q & A Call where you'll get as much help as you'll ever need in tweaking your Joint Venture plans for maximum results.  I'll stay on this call as long as is necessary to get EVERY question from EVERY student answered.  (Be prepared! I've held Q & A calls that have gone on for hours and hours!  I'm serious about staying until EVERY question is answered so as long as you have questions, I'll be on the line to answer them all!)  

  • Worksheets, mindmaps, flowcharts, and checklists to make it easier and faster to implement the lesson. 

  • Access to the Members Area that contains recordings to all the calls and all the other materials that go with each lesson.  It also contains an area that allows you to communicate in the Private Area of the Forum, to get feedback from me every step of your journey.
  • While you'll learn how to use a blog as part of your Joint Ventures, we won't have time to go over setting your blog up.  That's why I've also arranged for a Special Discount on Blogging Set Up arranged just for students of the "Joint Venture Miracle System Workshop Webinar"! You'll receive special links during the webinar to get your "Gina Blog" setup on special hosting optimized for a blog, for just $29.95 per month! All you do is open a hosting account and your "Gina Blog" complete with over $500 worth of CUSTOM software, themes and plugins, is setup instantly! 

  • BONUSES - You'll also get a copy of my "Secret Confessions of The JV Queenmulti-media course as well as a copy of my "Abundant Info Products:  How To Make Big Bucks With Info Products ... FAST!" ...

Here Are Your Bonuses . . .

Secret Confessions of The JV Queen

"Secret Confessions of The JV Queen"

"How To Leverage The Power of Joint Ventures & Affiliate Management to Make Your First Million Online"

Joint Ventures help you ...

... Sell more of your own products.

... Sell more of other people's products as an affiliate, and make more money than every before in the process! ... Make money with no product whatsoever as a Joint Venture Broker, organizing joint ventures for other product creators and service providers. JV's are all about relationships... The KEY is in creating a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition -- a win for each of the partners as well as for the customers. When you know how to build relationships and how to establish this WIN-WIN-WIN situation for each of the parties, no matter how you use Joint Ventures, they will assuredly increase your bottom line!

Let "The JV Queen" show you how to build Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, as well as manage a team of Affiliates who sell YOUR products, using the unique system she devised while organizing million dollar deals for people like Shawn Casey, Willie Crawford, Russell Brunson, Henry Gold, David Garfinkel, Holly Cotter, and many more!

You'll be building JV's that will stuff your wallet to overflowing in no time!


Sales Letter Located at: "Secrets of The JV Queen" 


Abundant Info Products: How to Make Big Bucks on Info Products… FAST!

"Abundant Info Products"

"How to Make Big Bucks On Info Products ... FAST!"

Do your visitors download a free report or opt into your list, but then never consider opening your wallet to buy your other products?

Regardless of what products you currently sell ... digital products, physical products, even network marketing products ... your solution is to first show your visitors what problems they have, and then lead them to a solution by buying your other products.

How can you do this?  Easy!

The answer is ... Use Info Products to lead your prospects down the path you want them to take!

Not only does this increase your income from sales of the info products themselves, it also results in exponentially greater sales of EVERYTHING else you sell!

When you follow this simple course, you'll be able to find a hot market to sell to -- one where buyers are waiting to hand their credit cards to someone just like you -- and you'll be able to make money not once but TWICE -- once from the information you offer and again from all the other products your info product helps you to sell effortlessly.

 You'll have step-by-step guidance for getting your info product put together without ever writing a word, getting your website put up in record time (even if you've never before put up a single page), and getting loads of targeted traffic day after day.  (And that's on top of the more than 30+ tools that are included to help you get everything put together in record time!)


Sales Letter Located at: "Abundant Info Products" 



I've never seen a single course under $1,000 include so much!  And NEVER have I seen a program that gives you so much undivided attention ... not at ANY price!

The great part about having this in a recording is that you won't ever have to leave home to attend!  Heck, you can even watch it in your PJs at 3:00 am if you want!

This also saves you TONS of money on travel costs too!  But you'll get the same great information -- in the same exact format -- as you would in a real live seminar in some fancy hotel!

Yet, downloading Directions University's "Joint Venture Miracle System Workshop Webinar" isn't even going to cost you 10% of what it would cost you to attend some fancy seminar in some far away city!  Think about it this way, if you were to attend a Live Event to learn all this "stuff", it would cost you...

Here's What Attending a Regular "Live Event" Would Cost You ...

Airline Ticket to the Event $900

3 to 4 Night Hotel Stay at $150 per night

Food for 3 to 4 Days at $20 per meal $240

Cost of Admission to the Event

TOTAL: $3,240


Even at 10% of what it would cost you to attend a seminar in a hotel, you'd be spending $324.  But with the "Joint Venture Miracle System Workshop"  you're not going to invest anywhere near that at all!

If you enroll right now in the ONLY comprehensive Joint Venture Solution that shares this ENTIRE system --- you can get ALL of this and MORE for only a one time tuition of $147!

Where else can you find a Course that teaches you so much and helps you get such great results, for so little?  Nowhere that I know of (and I've been around a long time!).

Right now, you have 2 choices really ... You can continue to do the same things that you are doing right now, and hope that you somehow get different results. Maybe you'll somehow have a small miracle and get a few hundred visitors to your site in a single day. Or, you can do something to change what you are doing in order to force your results to change too and  not only get 1,000 to 5,000 unique visitors in a day, add 10,000+ (OR MORE!) new subscribers to your opt in list, and create your very own info product effortlessly (even if you've got no experience with info products and no area of expertise either)!! That decision is really up to you.  But let me tell you this ... If you don't change what you're doing now, it's unlikely that you're ever going to make the MOST money with the LEAST effort in the FASTEST time -- and certainly not without spending a small fortune using pay per click traffic. If you're not already making the kind of money that you want, and if you don't already have a list of your own, and if you don't have a product of your own or the kind of traffic that you want and need to your website, then you're not going to get any more traffic or make any more money doing things the same way that you always have! How much longer are you willing to keep losing money every single day? So here's what you need to do ...

Download's "Joint Venture Miracle System Workshop Webinar"



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You'd be hard pressed to find a better value anywhere on the internet!

Competing programs provide you with recordings,  videos, or pdfs, no personal help or assistance, and cost five times more than the "Joint Venture Miracle System Workshop Webinar"! With everything that you get --

... the two full days of webinar recordings in mp3 audio format & videos as well (that's more than 16 hours of instruction!), ... the flowcharts, mindmaps, worksheets, and checklists to help you implement the lessons faster, ... recordings of ALL the modules from the webinars in both video and audio format, ... recordings of the 2+ hour Group Q & A Call  (including webinar recordings in mp3 audio format & videos as well ) two weeks after the 2 day LIVE event, ... the Private Member's Area in the forum, ... the special discount to get a "Gina Blog" completely installed and set up for only $50 (this would cost you more than $500 by itself!), ... access to "Secret Confessions of The JV Queen" in downloadable format (this would cost you $67 by itself!), and ... AND access to "Abundant Info Products: How To Make Big Bucks With Info Products ... FAST!"  (this would cost you $37 all by itself!)

--- you'd have to spend more than $604 just on the last 3 items alone!  The other items aren't even available separately!

The truth is, you just can't get all this anywhere else at all -- not at any price!

Even if you could find other products elsewhere that cover the subject of "Joint Ventures", none of them will show you how to use all 4 types of Joint Ventures -- list building JV's, traffic generation JV's, product creation JV's, and product launch JV's,.   Nor will they show you how to add 1,000+ or more subscribers to your opt in list so quickly and easily.   Nor will they show you how to create your very own product without ever writing a word yourself.   Nor will they show you a system that will help you make more money with less effort! With any of the other products you'd only get a fraction of the value for many times the price.

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Yet -- you get ALL OF THIS, including my personal help and critique of your blog and your blog posts (based on my years of experience as "The JV Queen"), as well as personalized instruction in driving 1,000 to 5,000 unique, targeted visitors to your site every day, add 10,000+ or more subscribers to your list in under a month, and create a product of your very own without ever writing a word (even if you've got no experience with info products and no area of expertise right now) --- all for only $147!

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Gina Gaudio-Graves Dean & Founder, Directions University