Are you lost trying to build a successful online business? Then drop everything you are doing and...

"Discover the Magic Secret of Using Problem-Solving

Information Products to Instantly Become the

'Go-To Expert' in Your Niche AND Sell More of

All Your Other Products to Laser-Targeted

Customers... Again and Again and Again!"


"Becoming an Info Product Publisher Lets You EXPLODE Sales of ALL Your Other Products (or Even Affiliate Offers) to HORDES of PAYING, Highly Targeted Customers Who Buy Your Other Products as a Solution to Their Problems ...

Taking You From Making Pennies Per Customer to Making THOUSANDS Per Customer Almost Overnight!"

No matter what it is that you are trying to sell online ... from network marketing products to software, from physical products and digital items ... Info Products will help you to sell more of them, with less effort!

And if you sell high priced products that bring in huge sums of money with every sale, Info Products are absolutely essential to your sales (and your business)..

You are about to learn how to maximize your income by using Info Products in this unique and powerful way!


From The Rolling Desk of Full Time RVer: Gina Gaudio-Graves "JV Queen" Dean & Founder, Creator,


Dear Internet Marketing Friend:

So you want to make money on the internet?

Good for you! I admire your ambition!

Have you tried selling anything yet? If you have, I'm sure you already know that there's a LOT of hard work that goes into making even $10 online.

And if you want to make a reasonable sum on a consistent basis -- in other words, you want a full time income online -- you'd better be prepared to really put some major sweat into it or you're going to be left empty handed.

For the last 5 1/2 years, I've lived my life on the road, in my 43 foot bus, traveling from one beautiful city to the next.

No, I'm not independently wealthy (even though my husband was able to retire at the ripe old age of 42).

I'm able to live this fantastic lifestyle because of my online business.

Since 1996, I've been a full time internet marketer. I've been around for awhile, so I've had the time to try different things and see what works and what doesn't.

For over 5 years, I made a career out of brokering Joint Ventures for big named internet marketers. As a JV Broker, I learned a VERY important lesson ...

If you want to make any serious money online, you have GOT to have a solid profit funnel in place, one that allows your products themselves to sell all of your other products for you.

How do you do set up a profitable Profit Funnel?

Simple, really! You just use Info Products to outline the problems that your customers have, and then go on to show them the SOLUTIONS to those problems. Those solutions are of course, all of your other products!

You see, when you use Info Products in your Profit Funnel, they become THE KEY to selling more of ANYTHING online!

Let me show you how this works ...

Let's say you wanted to sell wedding dresses from a website online. Where would you start?

The first thing you'd want to do is go out and research your market. You'll want to make sure that people are not only looking for wedding dresses online, but that they are also BUYING wedding dresses online.

Don't worry about doing the research on wedding dresses. I already have.

What I learned from doing that research is that there are definitely people SEARCHING for the term "wedding dress" every single day. Lots of them in fact.

Now that's as far as most people usually get in researching their market. They see that people are searching for wedding dresses and immediately ASSUME that means they are also BUYING wedding dresses.

But you know what happens when you "assume" anything", right?

Ok, so if you only did this very basic research, what you'd learn is below. In fact, here's a screen shot of what you'd find doing a search in Word Tracker for "wedding dress".

If you were one of the people who made that unfortunate mistake, and after seeing that 3,502 people per day are searching online for wedding dresses, you jumped right into a business selling wedding dresses as an affiliate, you'd be sitting there waiting a LONG time to make any sales!

On the other hand, if you did things the RIGHT way and you had taken your research to the next level, you'd realize that what people are actually BUYING is information about wedding dresses. In other words, they want Info Products that tell them how to buy the perfect wedding dress.

Take a look at these statistics from the Bridal Association of America. They show you that 55% of the people looking for wedding dresses online are looking for Info Products that they are willing to spend money on. In fact, they spend millions each year on those Info Products. While on the other hand, less than 19% of the people searching for wedding dresses are actually buying wedding dresses.



Once you have this information about what YOU want to sell, you'll be able to do something else that's going to add PILES of money to your bank account every month.

Now that you know your market is buying information, you can create or find a suitable Info Product to sell and, inside of that Info Product, you can offer the reader all of the other products that she is buying.

From the statistics above, you'd want to offer things like Bridal Accessories, Bridal Veils, and maybe even Groom Accessories in an ad somewhere as well.

What you're doing is leading with the Info Product and using it to sell more of LOTS of other products. That's what the big guys mean when say "The real money is made on the back end."

On the front end of their business, it LOOKS like they're in the Info Product Business. But, in reality, the money these guys make on Info Products is peanuts compared to the money they make from everything else as a result of first selling an Info Product.

In other words, when you use Info Products in a Profit Funnel, you'll be able to sell more of ANYTHING else that you want to sell! I mean ANYTHING!


Introducing ...

Abundant Info Products: How To Make Big Bucks On Info Products ... FAST!

As "The JV Queen", I've organized wildly successful Joint Ventures for some of the biggest info products on the internet. Through that experience, I learned a thing or two about what it takes to build a profitable business online today. And let me tell you ... most people online are doing it the WRONG way! In other words, rather than building a true Profit Funnel -- one that starts with an Info Product and leads into everything else the business sells -- most people are simply selling Product A, then selling Product B, etc., having to send new traffic streams to each product they release.

That's a whole HECK of a lot of work! And, it doesn't always result in big profits either.

In fact, that's the whole reason I decided to retire from brokering joint ventures in the first place. I was literally sick to death of working with entrepreneurs who were leaving MILLIONS on the table by not having a Profit Funnel that was centered around an Info Product business.

Rather than continue having my income limited by stupid entrepreneurs (as a broker, your income is based on a percentage of sales so if these guys left millions on the table, I lost millions too!), I decided to help create SMART MARKETERS.

That's why I became a coach, mentor and info-preneur myself after retiring as a JV Broker.

This way I get to play a role in creating SMART MARKETERS who put millions in their pockets every single year, using Info Products strategically in their business.

To help show these SMART MARKETERS how it's done,I've put all my years of experience, knowledge and research together into a course that I call "Abundant Info Products: How To Make Big Bucks On Info Products ... FAST!"

In fact, the course is SO comprehensive, I even use it as the text book for my $5,000 mentoring clients.

In this course, you'll learn what my students have already found out ... Info Products are the absolute fastest, most effortless way to start a profitable online business of ANY type!

And, the best part is that by creating info products of your own, you're able to use them to sell more of ANYTHING else that you want ... from other digital products, to physical products, to membership sites, and even services!

No matter what it is that you sell, using Info Products as a part of your Profit Funnel is THE KEY to making the big bucks. Info Products when used in this way are about as close to a "magic bullet" as it gets!

"Abundant Info Products" is your University education in how to build your business using a strategic Profit Funnel based on Info Products in as short a time, with the least amount of effort, as possible.

Don't be scared off by the thought of "creating your own Info Product" either. It's not as hard as you think when you simply follow the step-by-step instructions in "Abundant Info Products".

I'll show you a variety of ways for getting your new Info Products put together easily, (without having to empty your bank account, rob a bank, or get a whole head of grey hair either).

Some of the strategies we'll cover include ..

Creating your own Info Products with my "secret strategy" for writing best sellers or hiring a ghostwriter to write something for you and you keep 100% of the profits. This is probably the best way to market your other products. But if you're just not a writer or you don't have the funds for a ghostwriter, you can still get your Info Product off the ground using other methods.

Purchasing Private Label Rights to someone else's product, modifying the product and include your own name, and then selling that product as your very own Info Product and keep 100% of the profits. This is one of the BEST ways of marketing all of your other products.

Locating works in the Public Domain, re-packaging the Info Product, and then selling it as your own and keep 100% of the profits. (This can even help you to instantly become the expert in your niche AND let you borrow the credibility of the original author to do so! It's what allowed Ted Ciuba to build a multi-million dollar business around Napolean Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" almost overnight!)

Purchasing Resale Rights or Master Resale Rights to someone else's product and then selling those product to keep 100% of the profits. When you include a small file with ads for your other products along with the download of the ebook, you're able to sell more of ANYTHING you want!

Creating packages for other marketers to use in their business for instant profits and increased branding. Of course, the package is going to contain ads to all of your other products at the same time. This is a great way of boosting your traffic and increasing your sales.


Starting and Running an Info Product Business Is

MUCH Easier Than Starting Many Other Types of

Businesses ...

and It's MUCH More Profitable Too!

Setting up your online business to incorporate a Profit Funnel that includes Info Products is easy, fast and requires so much less work than setting up most of the other internet business models:

  • With Info Products, starting an online business can take less than a day, even as little as a couple of hours!
  • It's very cheap to start an online business with many types of Info Products.
  • If you're using Private Label Rights, Resale Rights, or Master Resale Rights Info Products, there is usually no need to create the sales letter, graphics and other sales material when you buy the Resell Rights, Master Resale Rights, or Private Label Rights to someone's product because all the sales material you need is usually already included with powerful, attention-grabbing information that makes visitors buy!
  • With Info Products, you can set up many online businesses within a matter of hours, simply because you can obtain Info Products in just as many markets as you want and diversify your business with income streams in that in-demand, hot niche!

With the Power of Info Products in your Profit Funnel, you can set up as many online businesses as you want, all earning you a nice monthly income within a very short period of time ... and the best part is: you'll be maximizing your profits by using the Info Products to sell more of everything else you have to offer! But selling the Info Products themselves is just one of the ways you can make money with your Profit Funnel, and it may not even be the most profitable! You can also...

Make Even MORE Money By Selling MORE Of All

Your OTHER Products!

You'll be selling more of all your other products for several reasons ...

Having your own Info Products allows others to perceive you as the expert that you are. Having your name as the author of even a single Info Product can give your credibility the boost that it needs to convince others to buy from you.

Others will naturally begin looking to you as an influencer for recommendations for all their other purchases, helping you to make a LOT more sales of anything ... from bathing suits, to wedding favors, to dog grooming products.

And, when you have your own Info Products, you can easily get others to sell all of your other products for you without ever paying them a dime.

Check out this "sneaky" way of getting others to sell your products for you ...

No matter what niche you are in, you can set up a second division of your business to sell your Info Products to other entrepreneurs. When you do this, you'll want to sell resale rights to your Info Products. This does 2 things for you:

  1. When you sell Resale Rights to your Info Products you are actually giving people abusiness they can make money with and that's worth a lot to an entrepreneur. So they'll gladly pay you handsomely for those resale rights, putting more money in your pocket from sales of those resale licenses. But you'll be getting something MUCH more valuable than the money you'll make from selling resale rights to your products ...
  2. When you offer Resale Rights to your Info Products, you're really using a sneaky strategy for getting others to sell your other products for you. You see, as your resellers sell your Info Products, they'll be getting YOUR message out to their customers. Since you'll be including ads to all your other products right inside the content of your Info Products, they'll have no choice but to actually help you to sell more of all your other products -- and you won't even have to pay them a penny in commissions for their efforts!

Why not lose a few bucks on the sales of the Info Products themselves, when you'll be making SO MANY MORE SALES of everything else that you sell?

(In fact, when you see how powerful -- and PROFITABLE -- this is, you'll probably never again sell an info product without resale rights! You might even consider starting a second business selling to internet marketers, just to develop a list of qualified resellers!)

In other words, after downloading "Abundant Info Products", you're only minutes away from profiting by setting up your very own Info Product business in a matter of hours, making a TON of extra money selling more of your existing products, or really raking in the dough when you get others to sell your info products for you (and therefore get them to sell ALL your other products too -- even affiliate products -- without paying a penny in commissions!) by offering Resale Rights to your own products!


>>>>Abundant Info Products<<<<

Here is exactly what you'll learn once you

download the "Abundant Info Products" course...

  • Powerful Ideas for squeezing every dollar out of your business as an Info Products publisher, and making sure you're taking full advantage of other people's products to maximize your profits.
  • Exactly where you can find great Info Products with resale rights, master resale rights, or private label rights for sale and what to look for when starting your own online business as a reseller.
  • The kinds of "rights" products you should always avoid buying...unless of course you want your business to fail! (There are many great products to buy resale rights to, there are also a lot of bad ones...this part of "Abundant Info Products" will let you know what to watch out for.)
  • The important things you must do if you want to succeed as an Info Product publisher (you will find this advice all throughout this eBook!)
  • The one thing you absolutely MUST DO before you buy the rights to any "rights" product (if you don't do this you might fail, get in some legal trouble and lose a whole lot of time, effort and money)
  • The absolute best ways to market your Info Product, so you can make as much money as possible (good marketing of your business is what will bring in the cash!)
  • Exactly why selling Info Products is a great way to start making a lot of money on the internet (this is sure to get you pumped up and excited about starting to sell Info Products)
  • Easy and simple ways to make as much money as possible from every single Info Product license you sell (this is a sure way to greatly improve your profits without putting in a lot of extra effort)
  • Everything you need to know when putting together the "License" for your Info Products. Exactly what you need to include along with your info product in order to make it sell like crazy and make it easy make money with it (this is a HUGE selling point of any info product, and you can not ignore this if you want as many people as possible to buy your product)
  • Exactly how you can start selling info products even if you don't want to create your own products! That's right, you don't even need your own products in order to get into the insanely profitable business of selling Resale can simply sell the resale rights to someone else's products ("Abundant Info Products" gives you 4 great options to do just that!)
  • The truth about the Public Domain – and what the Internet Gurus are hiding from you.
  • The real deal about copyright laws and why they are not as sinister as they sound.
  • Blueprints for business success – guidelines on how to build multiple income streams using proven business strategies based on what successful Internet Marketers practice themselves.
  • How to deal with the legal aspects of publishing public domain works.
  • Over a dozen ready-made public domain niches that you can use to start your very own home-based online business in as little as 7 days or less!
  • Over 10 different methods that you can use to promote your Info Products without ever spending a dime!
  • How to build an opt-in list from scratch in no time flat using your Info Products!
  • Components of successful web design for the infopreneur
  • And much, much more!


Here is just a small list of what you will learn after you

download the "Abundant Info Products" course...

The absolute fastest and easiest way to pump out as many high quality, info products as possible (this technique will have you pumping out dozens of high quality info products every single year ... imagine how much you'll be making from selling dozens of info products, all of them selling all your other products!)

Exactly where to go to find inspiration, ideas and knowledge for your info products (these are some great resources you can use in order to never be stuck for things to write about)

Create a whole bunch of targeted, keyword rich websites that earn you a nice fat monthly income selling YOUR Info Products!

Use articles to promote and profit from your Info Products (and the affiliate programs you promote inside of them) almost instantly!

The easy and simple way to insure your info products look like they were written by professionals, and insure they get accepted to all the directories you want to submit them to (if you don't do this, you could be loosing out on A LOT of publicity!)

Exactly how to use your info products to profit from affiliate programs and how to write these info products to make sure they get maximum response from their readers

How to and where to find the best affiliate programs you can promote with your info products (if you are going to become an affiliate you need to know this!)

The simple and extremely easy way to use other people's products to create a free report, so you can promote your other products or any affiliate programs you belong to (this is a great way to get people to buy whatever it is you are promoting)

Exactly how to write great articles to generate a viral monthly income!

And many, many other ways you can profit from writing high quality, content rich info products! The above list is just a small example of what you will learn in "Abundant Info Products"!

The REAL Money Comes From Everything OTHER Than The Info Products ... In Other Words, Multiple Streams of Income Are Possible Simply By Having a Single Info Product of Your Own

Inside this course you'll not only learn how to make money on sales of your own Info Products. Rather, the REAL MONEY comes with everything ELSE you'll be able to make money on because you have your own Info Product.

Inside the "Abundant Info Products" course, you'll learn how to make money from many of these other profit streams, too, such as ...

If you sell your own Info Products -- ones that you either get from Private Label Rights, you write yourself, or you hire a ghostwriter to write -- you can earn a fortune by selling Private Label Rights or Resale Rights to those Info Products! Not only do you make money on the sales of the PLR licenses, but when other people sell your info products to other people, this will make you more sales of everything else you sell through the content of your info product! Talk about "back end sales"! This is HUGE! (Heck, your PLR customers can even break your Info Products up into content that they can use on their websites, spreading links and references to all your other products even further!

Create your own ebook! Yup, you can simply write that ebook yourself after you've done all of the research (don't worry, I show you how, step-by-step!), hire a ghostwriter to do it for you, or modify a Private Label Rights Info Product! You can then sell this ebook, sell Resell Rights to it, put affiliate links into it and give it away for free, create powerful viral reports, etc. Every one of those ebooks will carry your sales message for all your other products!

If you have your own product or service, you can write articles that promote your Info Products and blast your name out all over the internet. (This can create a huge tidal wave of traffic and generate an overwhelming amount of paying customers.)

Find and package ready-made content into Info Products using Public Domain works, for instant sales.

Woo your customers by over-delivering on your promise to give them quality information in your field. The above list is just a small example of what you will learn in "Abundant Info Products"! You probably have your own ideas of what you would do if you could pump out dozens of high quality Info Products, each selling all of your other products, provided you knew how.

Listen to What Other Readers Had To Say ...

Our readers are using this course to really explode their income. In fact, it's helped many of them to finally succeed in their businesses, in spite of getting no results with other business models.

Some of our readers have even gone on to create five-figure monthly incomes for themselves by using info products to sell all their other products..

Listen to what these students are saying:

Dear Gina: Sorry to be so late in giving you my response. I much regret having put some other information material to use first. I would have made progress much faster had I used Abundant Info Products: How to Make Big Bucks on Info Products ... Fast! first! This is an incredibly rich information source – very valuable for me now to make improvements in my business. With heartfelt gratitude for the inspiration, ideas and information you have been providing, and cordial best wishes, also to Bill. Hugo Tschudin PS. Make Big Bucks deserves to be relaunched from time to time.

Hi Gina, I purchased and just finished reading your ebook "Abundant Info Products...How to Make Big Bucks on Info Products" and I must say that I learned more from this ebook than any of the other ones I've read. Thank you for making this ebook easy to read in simple English. It is excellent! I have tried to establish a successful online business for a long time and after spending lots of money, failed miserably mainly because I have not received enough training. I guess some companies assume that most people know how to do certain tasks online, but for a newbie like me, it has to be spelled out. ... Please let me know what you offer on this. Thanks much, Diana Strittmatter

  But regardless of what you would do if you could turn out a high quality, in demand Info Product, you will learn exactly how to do that and much, MUCH more when you get your hands on ...

>>>>>Abundant Info Products<<<<<

So, how much is this great course worth?

Remember: With the power of Info Products, you can start as many online businesses as possible and have these businesses up and running, earning you a great monthly income FAST!.

You can also start selling more of all your other products because info products will allow others to perceive you as the expert that you are. They will naturally look to you as an influencer for recommendations for all their other purchases, helping you to make a LOT more sales of anything ... from bathing suits, to wedding favors, to dog grooming products.

AND ... you'll be able to make even more money when sell resale rights to your info products. (Don't forget -- this makes you money not just from the sale of the resale rights license, but from all those extra sales you'll bring in of your other products too. The more copies of your info product you can get into the hands of your audience, the more of EVERYTHING else you'll sell!)

So whether you want to set up your very own info products business in a matter of hours, or whether you are looking for a way to sell more of your existing products (or maybe you want to get others to sell your products for you without paying a penny in commissions by selling Resale Rights to your own products), you are just a few minutes away from discovering the easy and proven methods for doing just that!

You Also Get All The Tools You'll Need to Build Your Info Product Empire!

To help you succeed in your new Info Product business, your course also comes with just about every single tool that you will need in your business. If you need to learn it to succeed, it's either in the book or there's a course included. If you need to use it, it's included. What will you have access to? Take a look at this list of over 30+ items that come with your Abundant Info Products book:

How to Create a Website in 5 Days

Video tutorial and ebook that provides you with a step by step guide to creating your Info Product website in only 5 days. Info Product Creation Toolkit

Contains download links to all of the tools you'll need to start your Info Product business. Need to convert your ebook into PDF format? No problem! There are download links to free tools included. Simon Hodgkinson's Product Profits

Another one of Simon Hodgkinson's fabulous ebooks that help you profit online. You'll find a ton of tips and trick for maximizing your profitability in record time! Amazing Templates

Your new website will have a great professional look when you use one of the templates included in this package. No more hiring a designer to get the job done! Blog 'n Ping Tutorial

Your new Info Product business will certainly benefit from having a blog to promote it. With the Blog 'N Ping Tutorial, you'll learn how to get the search engine spiders to visit your website in no time to add your new Info Product to their database. Easy HTML

In case you get stumped building that new Info Product website, Easy HTML will have all the answers you can ever need. Find out how to format your page using tables, how to change your font, how to include graphics and more! DownloadPageCreator

Of course you'll need to create download pages for your customers to download your Info Products. Now you can keep those pages secure and professional looking using the DownloadPageCreator.

Forum Secrets

Learn how to gain even more publicity for your Info Products by posting to forums. Then, use Russell Brunson's Forum Fortunes (also included with this package) to do exactly that with a minimal amount of effort. Easy Resell Plus

Working with resale rights products is a snap when you use Easy Resell Plus to customize your websites and payment/download links.

Forum List You'll find plenty of forums that you can monitor and post to using the Forum List. You'll learn how to maximize your exposure using forum posts in the Abundant Info Products ebook.

  • Public Domain Quick Reference Guide
  • How To Perform a Certified Copyright Search
  • Russell Brunson's Forum Fortunes
  • Easy PDF Toolkit
  • AdSense Templates
  • Amazing Templates
  • Webmaster Tools Plus!
  • Easy FTP
  • Easy Tags Wizard
  • Website Sales Letters Supreme
  • Copywriting Gems
  • Headlines Exposed
  • 3 Minute Headline Creator
  • Affiliate Diamond
  • Huge Keyword Lists
  • Hitting The Search Engines
  • Blogging for Fun and Profit
  • Blog In a Box
  • Blogging for the Affiliate Marketer
  • Screen Shoot It
  • Ezine Publishing
  • Big Black Book of Forums

  With over 30 products included with this book, you shouldn't need to purchase anything else in order to get your Info Product business off the ground!


To Make It Drop-Dead Easy Setup Your Info Product Business, I'm Even Throwing In 1 Month of Hosting! And, I've even secured a great bonus from the Hosting Company that handles my dedicated servers -- just for you as one of my students!


When you purchase "Abundant Info Products: How to Make Big Bucks on Info Products ... FAST!", you'll receive 1 month of free hosting provided by OK Technology. This exclusive bonus is yours ONLY if you order immediately! As a OK Technology Hosting subscriber, you can expect top notch support and over 99.5% uptime for all of your websites. And you'll be using the same hosting company that handles my dedicated servers for Directions University, all my courses, and internet marketing tools! (This bonus saves you $20 your first month of hosting so it not only covers your investment in this course, but it's like paying YOU to download it!)

This really is an amazing investment in your business growth and personal success!

You can either keep wasting your time, effort, money, and extremely hard work trying to sell what you have on the internet (and that might not even make you any money at all) or you can invest the measly sum of twenty-seven bucks right now and learn exactly how to set up your very own profitable internet business FAST !

Not to mention that you receive one month of free hosting valued at $24.95, plus over $1,000 worth of tools and education materials that you'll need to succeed in your business!

All of those bonuses alone more than cover your investment in this course!

Whether you want to sell more of your other products, or you want to profit from setting up your very own Info Product online business, or you want to sell Resale Rights to your Info Products so that you can have an army of other people spreading your sales message all over the internet ...

You are just a few minutes away from discovering the easy and proven method for raking in BIG Bucks like a pro!


"Abundant Info Products" for only $27

Make payments with PayPal - it is fast, free and secure!

You will be downloading and reading "Abundant Info Products" in just a few minutes from now and be on your way to maximizing your success and increasing your income!

To Your Abundant Online Success!




Gina Gaudio-Graves "The JV Queen" Dean/Founder,

PS: With the step-by-step advice in "Abundant Info Products" you can easily have your very own business, set up, running and getting sales in just a few hours! Heck, you can even set up many online businesses (virtually as many as you want) in a day or two and have a whole bunch of online businesses getting a whole bunch of sales!

PPS: "Abundant Info Products" also outlines all the different techniques, methods and advice you'll need to succeed if you want to start earning huge sums of money by selling Resell Rights to others!

PPPS: "Abundant Info Products" also outlines how and where to find Public Domain works for little to no money, so that you can profit immediately without ever writing a word, so grab your copy of "Abundant Info Products" right now!

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