1. Premium Custom Book Packaging

A. Your Book Cover is custom created for you with unlimited rounds of revisions to ensure you absolutely love your cover B. Your manuscript is edited by our team of professional editors and proofreaders C.  Your Interior Layout is designed for you to create a premium formatted layout that makes it easy for your readers to follow along throughout your book D. Your Electronic Edition is specially formatted to ensure accessibility across all electronic book retailers. packaging

2. Publishing and Printing

A. Your Book is set up with printers in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia all of whom conform to the industry’s highest printing standards and who make every effort to use environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. B.  Our professional publishing team handles all printer logistics on your behalf C.  Our experienced team sets up Global Distribution of both your ebook, Print, and Digital Audio books D.  Our knowledgeable team works with out liasons to setup complete Foreign Rights Distribution for your Print, Audio, and ebooks E.  We also take care of all In-Store Supply-Chain Management for you


3. Distribution

A. Your Print Book is distributed throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Germany through the world’s leading distributors and retailers B. Your E-Book is distributed throughout the world via Kindle, Apple’s iBookstore, and many other industry leading e-book retailers worldwide C. Your Audiobook is digitally distributed throughout the world via Audible, iTunes, and Amazon. D. Your book is made immediately available within over 50 brick and mortar retailers worldwide. distribution

4. Representation

A. Your book is represented by leading foreign rights agents worldwide. B. Your book has the opportunity to be selected for representation by leading film and television agents worldwide. foreign

5. Promotion

A. Your book is promoted to corporate sales opportunities, book reviewers, awards, book clubs, libraries, catalogs, independent bookstores, foreign rights agents, and more B. You will be invited to Directions University Press’ VIP Red Carpet Media Receptions where you can connect with top producers, editors, photographers, bloggers and more to promote your book C. You will be given exclusive marketing opportunities provided only to Directions University Press including Feature in the Motivational Press Speakers Catalog and Feature in the Motivational Press Media Catalog D.  At least 3 (or more) Press Releases sent to media contacts about you and your book E.  Directions University Press will professionally design and create your Landing Page or Squeeze-Page On Your Behalf to match your book cover F.  Directions University Press will Request Endorsements from DUPress and Motivational Press Authors G.  Direct Introductions to radio hosts we partner with to interview you on their shows H.  Best-Seller Campaign Launch Coaching I.  Access to exclusive special offers from our top partners. publishing-package-4

Directions University Press would be honored to have you as it’s next published author!  We truly want to help you Change the World!  It’s part of our mission!

You can get started right now with DU Press as your Publisher for just a one time investment of only $5,000.

NOTE:  If you choose to finance your Investment, your book can NOT be started in the publishing process until you have completed all 3 installments!  So, if you’d like to get your book out to the world sooner, choose either the 1-Installment option and SAVE $250 or the PayPal Bill Me Later option which allows you to finance your investment over 6-months with absolutely NO interest!

Publish With Directions University Press!

Your Investment:  One Installment of just $4,000

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Three Installments of just $1,497 (A small amount of interest is added to allow you the convenience of financing your investment over 90-Days.

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Six Installments of just $797 (A small amount of interest is added to allow you the convenience of financing your investment over 180-Days.

Make payments with PayPal - it is fast, free and secure!