Until now, this course has ONLY been available to students enrolled in the Directions University Bachelor's Program ($7,597). Here's your chance to get started making $500 to $1,500 this week without having to be enrolled in a 1-year long course!







If you want to start making $500 to $1,500 per month so you can pay your bills or have money to invest in your business (and even up to $3,500 to $5,000 per month if you want make this your full time effort), then LISTEN UP right NOW!

Are you ready to finally start making the kind of money you've always dreamed of? To start living the life of your dreams? To comfortably pay the bills each month? To afford the expenses that come with building your own business?

"This solution also helps you to: Build Your Credibility, Get Hundreds More Backlinks to Your Website or Blog, Make More Money as an Affiliate Marketer, and Sell More of Your Own Products (and Get Paid Doing It!) . . . Starting RIGHT NOW!”

If you've been online for more than a day trying to find a way to make money to pay your bills or pull in some extra cash to stretch your family's budget, you know that there is no "magic bullet" that gives you the secret to success. No doubt you've probably spent hundreds to thousands of your own hard earned dollars buying plenty of the ebooks, home study courses, coaching programs, and all the other "stuff" out there that promises to make you a 7 figure income in record time. Some of it is just plain old garbage -- stuff that worked for one person but isn't duplicatable at all. Other stuff is really meant to help you build a "business". But as with any business -- that takes take! There is no "magic bullet" that can take you from $0 to $100,000 in 30 days in a way that is repeatable by ANYONE! I hope I'm not bursting your bubble with this news, but it's the truth. If that's what you're looking for, then close this page because I can't help you either!

"My other courses help you to build a 6 to 7 figure business in around a year or so. This course is designed around MAKING MONEY -- not building a business'. And, the emphasis is on making money QUICKLY (i.e. in under a few weeks)."

I have TONS of info products, numerous coaching programs, and other information that will most certainly help you to build a business. I have hundreds of success stories that prove that it works repeatedly! But -- it's not fast, and it takes work. Many of these success stories involve people going from making $0 to making $10,000 per month -- but that takes a year or so. Others, started out making some money -- around $5,000 to $10,000 per month or a little more. These people were able to get to around $100,000 per month -- but gain, it took them more than 12 months to do it! If you've got the funds to live on for 12 months to get to the point of making this kind of income -- and if you have an idea for a business that you're really interested in building, then you should be starting out with one of my other courses instead of the course I'm about to tell you about. (If you enroll in the Bachelor's Program, you'll even get this as a bonus!) But, if you can't make ends meet for months on end without bringing in a reliable income -- if you need money to be able to even afford to build your own business -- or if you're just not yet sure what kind of business to build -- then I have a solution that you're going to love!

"As a Business Strategy Coach, why would I create a course that shows you how to make money from home instead of showing you how to build a business? What good is putting $500 to $1,500 per month -- EVERY month -- in your pocket if it's not building your business?"

About a year ago, I created this course for students in my high end coaching programs. These students needed a way to be able to afford their tuition every month. But, any strategy that they used had to be one that didn't distract them from building their business. It could enhance what they were already doing in the coaching program, but it couldn't take their focus away from it. That's exactly what this course does! It acts as a way to bring in small amounts of money QUICKLY -- every single month. And, if you're already building a business online, it will most certainly help you in many ways: it will get back links for your website; it will establish your credibility as an expert; it will even improve your search engine rankings. Most importantly, it will help you afford all the expenses that come with growing a business -- like autoresponders, shopping carts, hosting programs, courses, etc. These are the kinds of expenses that my students were able to pay using what they learned in this course. Until now, the only way you could get your hands on this information was to enroll in one of my programs that cost anywhere from $3,600 to $15,000.

"Why make this course available NOW?"

But recently, I've been getting phone calls and emails from folks who sound more desperate than ever before. These are people just like you who just don't have thousands of dollars to plunk down on a coaching program that will make them successful no matter how badly they want it! In fact, I've been hearing horror stories from desperate people all day long for weeks now. Typically, there are a few different types of people that seem to contact me over and over again ...

First, there's the folks who have worked hard all their life only to have their jobs pulled out from under them suddenly, or who have had some sudden change in circumstances that has cost them practically their whole life savings. They're not folks out trying to become millionaires over night. Their people just like you who are just trying to make an honest living, looking to make enough money just to survive and keep a roof over their heads! Would they mind being rich? Making millions of dollars per year? No! They'd be THRILLED, of course! But right now, they just want to pay their electric bill, keep the repo man away from their car, and keep their house out of foreclosure. These folks fall into two categories ... There's those people for whom the idea of building a business of their own -- one that no employer can ever take away -- is most certainly appealing. But, they don't have months to wait for it to become successful. Their homes will be in foreclosure long before that. They need money NOW!

Then there's those who struggle to even find the right niche to build a business in. They either have too many interests to narrow things down to just one topic, or they don't have anything they seem to be passionate about (other than making enough money to survive, that is!), so they keep looking at offer after offer trying to find the one that will tell them "this is the thing you have to do!" Again, though, they're running out of time. They need money NOW!

Next, there's the people who are already out there trying to build a business. They already know what niche they want to target. They already know what kind of business they plan on building. For some it's in affiliate marketing. For others, it's a coaching business. For others still, it's an info product business in a specific niche they happen to be interested in. These are the folks who are out there trying to learn how to do all that is necessary to build their business. As they do, it seems that every time they turn around, there's something else that requires them to invest money -- hosting, domain names, autoresponders, shopping carts, products that they can sell, etc. If they don't know how to create websites of their own, then there is the added cost of hiring a website designer, a graphics person, and maybe even a transcriptionist to help create their new ebook. Their businesses aren't making money yet because they have to spend money first. They're in a catch 22! They need money NOW!

"Do any of these sound just like you? If so, LISTEN UP! Here's how you can get money right NOW even with no list, no website, and no business!"

If so, you're one of the people that I'm making this course available for, so listen up as I show you the ONLY solution around that let's you get money right NOW -- without having a website of your own, without having a niche, without having a list, without even having a business at all!

And best of all -- you don't need a single tool to use this solution to get money right NOW! The only thing you'll need is a PayPal account (and you probably already have one of those that you've been buying all those overpriced courses with, right?).

I call this the "Get Paid to Create Content" program. "Content" refers to the "stuff" people get to online. It includes articles, audios, videos, and even slide shows.

There are sites out there -- dozens of them, in fact -- that pay people just like you to create all that content that they then use to entice the search engines to visit their sites and rank them high in the listings.

People who already have websites need TONS of "content" to get their sites to rank well in Google, yahoo, and all the other search engines out there. Most of the top ranking sites for highly competitive keywords have millions of pages of content on them! These website owners certainly don't have the time to create all that content themselves, but without it, they don't have any traffic! And, without traffic, they don't make any money!

Awhile ago, an entrepreneurial person realized this and created what I call the first "Get Paid To Create Content Sites". There are dozens of these sites online right now, and new ones are springing up all the time.

There are 2 ways to use these sites.

  • If you already have a blog or website, you can use them to get others to write articles for you, create audios or videos for you, or put together slide show presentations for you. You must keep the creator's name and website at the bottom of whatever content you use on your website or blog (this goes in the content creator's "Resource Box"), and you must pay the creator for their effort. But, because you are paying, in part, with the "ad" (having the creator's name and website listed at the bottom), the rates are a LOT cheaper than hiring a ghostwriter.

  • If you are trying to make money from home, you can use the sites to get paid. You simply look through the listings to find publishers who are looking for articles, audios, videos, or slideshows on an area that you have an interest in. You create the piece per the specification, submit it to the publisher ... complete with your short bio at the bottom as well as a link to your website ... and the publisher pays you within 24 hours!

Since the publisher has to keep your "Resource Box" with your bio (and a link to your website if you have one) on the content permanently, this means that this solution also helps to build your credibility as an expert in your field, drive traffic to your site, and get backlinks to your site!

The thing is -- even though you're building resources that can help you create a successful business, you're still putting a few bucks in your pocket in the process! Heck, it's kind of like someone is PAYING YOU to build your business! Now that's pretty darned cool if you ask me!

How much can you make from the "Get Paid to Create Content" process?

Different sites pay different amounts. One site pays as little as $2 for a 300 to 500 word article. But another pays as much as $200 for a well written article of about the same length. But that's just the up front payment!

Your content makes you money on a residual basis too!

Every time you create content that you submit to a publisher through one of these sites, the site itself also takes your content and posts it on their site. They place ads on the content that pay them. And they then pay YOU a percentage of the advertising revenues!

Some sites give you as much as an 80% cut of the advertising revenue -- every single month! That means you can be making money on your content long after you've finished the work!

It also means that the more content you create, the more your income grows! Let's say you only create 2 pieces of content each week. In thefirst week, you'll get ad revenues on only 2 pieces of content. But, in the second week, you're getting a cut of the advertising revenues on 4 pieces of content -- even though you only had to create 2 that week. By the end of a few months, the advertising revenue can really add up! That's what's called leverage!

Between the two types of payments, It's not uncommon to make $500 to $1,500 in a single month with a very minimal amount of effort! In fact, as your income starts to grow from consistently putting content out week after week, you can make as much as $3,000 to $5,000 or more in less than a month!

There are lots of little tricks that can make the difference between making $10 in a month using this strategy and making $1,000, $2,000 or even $5,000 in a month, and you'll need to know about all of them to make sure that you make as much money as possible and still get the benefits that will help you build a business of your own if you want.

That's why I created this step-by-step course that shows you exactly how to ...

  • Setup your account at the "Get Paid to Create Content" sites so that you can be ready to go quickly

  • Find plenty of publishers who want materials created in the area of your expertise. There are TONS of these sites, all of them having hundreds to thousands of publishers looking for content every single day -- you just have to know where to find them and I'll show you how!

  • Create articles, audios, videos, and slideshows that publishers pay big bucks for without having to spend hours and hours sweating over your desk. You'll learn where to find plenty of research resources and how to create content that drives hordes of TARGETED visitors, making you an even more highly sought after content provider, helping you to get paid even more for your content, and in the process, getting even more people to recognize you as an expert!

  • Bring in hordes of ravenous, TARGETED buyers (not just visitors) to your content every single day with just a few simple tasks! The more traffic your content brings for the publisher, the more money you'll make from the advertising on your content pages and the more likely the publisher will be to ask you to create content again and again! You'll also be building your credibility with a much bigger audience, helping to spread your name and your talents faster.

  • And many, MANY more exact Strategies that you can use to start bringing in $500 to $1,500 per month (or even as much as $3,000 to $5,000 per month!) starting IMMEDIATELY while building your reputation and establishing you as an expert and the "Go-To" Person in your niche overnight!

The course was originally taught LIVE in a 3-part webinar. We recorded every second of it! So you'll get ...

  1. 2 separate sets of mp3 recordings from 2 separate LIVE sessions of the "Get Paid to Create Content" course. The most recent session was recorded in both audio and video format. The earlier class was recorded in audio mp3 format only. Each call was about 2 hours long. That means you'll get a total of about 12 hours of audio recordings and about 6 hours of video recordings! Each mp3 recording shows you exactly how to put this strategy to work for YOU starting right now!

  2. You'll get a PDF containing the original powerpoint slideshow from Day 1 of the course. You can print this out and follow along so that you'll know exactly how to put all the pieces together quickly!

  3. You'll get 4 separate flowcharts and an "Action Step Checklist" that will make it drop dead simple to get everything you learn put into action!

  4. You'll get a "Planning Your Outcome" Worksheet so that you can know precisely in advance what you have to do to achieve the results you want using this solution!

  5. A $400 to $500 discount on having your WordPress "Gina Blog" installed by my personal blog installers! My Blog Installers typically charge $500 to $700 for a basic WordPress blog installed on your hosting. For my students, they discount their service substantially so you can get your WordPress "GINA BLOG" installed for only $50 to $100. That means your blog comes with the plugins that I personally use to increase my search engine rankings and traffic, a theme that gets the highest possible conversions and sales, and your choice of colors, too! This will get you started on the right foot if you decide you want to do more than just "make money at home" and instead decide to start a real business! (Besides, even if you're just trying to make money at home, you can use your new blog to build a list of our own and then make money by selling them products as an affiliate!)

I'm even going to go one extra step here to make sure that you get off to a great start using this solution ...

Your "Fast Action" BONUS!

I REALLY want you to succeed here and start bringing in the cash you need to survive! So I'm going to throw in the most special bonus that I can think of ...


What I mean is that I'm going to personally help you one-on-one in a group setting when you join us on one of our GOLD Challenge calls that take place each week on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm eastern. You'll find all the instructions in the member's area when you download this course.

When you join us for the GOLD Challenge Call, you'll be able to get EVERY question you have answered quickly! And, if you've actually started taking action on what you learn by then, I'll even be able to give you a personal review and critique to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make the most money in the shortest time!

It doesn't get any easier than this!

Since this course has previously ONLY been available to students enrolled in my coaching programs or one-on-one mentoring -- students who have paid tuition of between $5,600 and $15,000 -- you'd expect that you'd pay $1,000 or more to learn all this!

But I'm really letting this information out there for a reason -- to help you and others like you who are really struggling to find a way to bring some money in NOW! It wouldn't do you a bit of good if I priced this course so high that you couldn't afford it, right?

You get all 12 hours of recordings PLUS all the flowcharts PLUS the planning worksheets PLUS the action step checklist for just $247!

You can easily make this back by creating just ONE piece of Content through one of the sites that I tell you about in the first recording!

Don't let yourself be sitting there, in the same position you are right now, when New Year's rolls around! If you expect different results, then it's time to change what you're doing!

Are you ready to achieve your dreams?

Then Stop Dreaming and START DOING!

Download the "Get Paid to Create Content" Course NOW . . .

It's Yours For Only $247!

Make payments with PayPal - it is fast, free and secure!

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