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Join the Directions University  Associate Program Now and Get a 1-Year Pass to ALL DU LIVE Virtual Workshops PLUS 6 Pre-Recorded Workshops that Teach You How To Create the “5 Core Systems that  EVERY Business Needs to Succeed!”!

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Does this sound like you?

If you’ve been online for more than a day, you’ve probably already picked up tons of info products that teach you things like …

  • How to Build a List

  • How to Drive Traffic to Your Site

  • How to Set Up a Blog

  • How to Create Your Own Info Products

  • How to Turn PLR Products Into Hot Selling Info Products of Your Own

  • How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing, Selling Other People’s Products

  • How to Use Joint Ventures to Make More Money

Perhaps you’ve even tried some of the strategies that you’ve learned in these products. But most likely, you’re still sitting there with an empty bank account.

Does this sound like you?

Don’t be discouraged — it’s not your fault!

Blame it on the info product creators themselves. They’ve set you up for failure in a big way!

You see, what you’ve got from all of these products is the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. You’re sitting there right now with all of the pieces you need to assemble the puzzle completely. BUT — you’re still missing one huge ingredient …

What you’re missing is the puzzle box!

If you’ve ever tried to put a puzzle together without looking at the picture you know just how hard this can be.

Can you put the puzzle together without the puzzle box?

Maybe. But it’s going to take you a LOT longer and you’re going to get a LOT more gray hair in the process, right?

And if it’s one of those ultra-complicated puzzles with 1,000 pieces or more, you’ll probably be sitting there next year at this same time with only a small portion of the puzzle assembled.

That’s the same thing that’s happening to you right now in trying to build your business …

You’re trying to assemble an ultra-complicated jigsaw puzzle that contains 1,000+ pieces without having a picture to look at to help guide you!

That’s where the DU Associate Membership comes in …

How Does the DU Associate Program Help YOUR Business?

The Associate Program is the puzzle box that you need to build your business! And, not only is it the crystal clear picture of what your finished puzzle should look like (in other words, the picture of what your finished puzzle will look like), it also includes ALL the Puzzle Pieces as well (in other words, the training on all the topics you NEED to build a successful business)!

You see, the jigsaw puzzle called “Your Business” really has 5 main pieces in it and a few additional pieces. The 5 main pieces are each one of the “5 core systems that EVERY business needs”. They are:

  • The Mindset System – This means having a positive mental attitude. Coming from a place of abundance instead of scarcity. It also means having a VERY detailed, crystal clear picture of where you want your life and business to be 1 to 3 years from now or 3 to 5 years from now. Without the right Mindset, you can do everything else perfectly in your business and still get no results. But get the Mindset piece right and even if you mess up on everything else you can still get HUGE results!

  • The Content Marketing & Relationship Building SystemThis means using WordPress to build your site so that you can have a conversation with people instead of talking at them and then tying your website to ALL your social media presences where your prospects are already hanging out.

  • The Monetization System – Online, people aren’t searching for “stuff” to buy. They’re looking for strangers with experience who can help them solve their problems. That means that they really want is INFORMATION. To you that means using Information Products to generate leads (new customers) so that you can then get them to buy ANYTHING else you’d like — whether that’s more information, physical products, memberships, services, affiliate products, etc.

  • The Leveraging System — Leverage means getting bigger results with less effort in a shorter amount of time. In your business, “Leverage” comes from using Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances to get EVERY asset your business needs including products to sell, people to sell them to, traffic to a website, a list of buyers and subscribers.

  • The Traffic & Lead Generation System — Once you have the first 4 core systems, then everything is about driving more people to your website, getting them onto your list, and then turning them into loyal customers who not only buy over and over again but who also can’t help but tell EVERYONE they know about you. (These people are called “Raving Evangelists”.)  A part of your “Lead Generation System” is your “Entrepreneurial Authoring System”.  By writing a book that promotes your entire business, and turning it into a Best Seller, you can attract more leads, more JV Partners, and more success — effortlessly!

In addition to these 5 Core Systems that EVERY business needs in order to be successful, you’re going to need just a few more pieces before you can even attempt to put your jigsaw puzzle called “Your Business” together. These are:

  • Copywriting System – Understanding how people buy and why people buy is critical! And once you understand what makes people buy and why, having a system that you can use to create your message that ultimately sells your product or gets people to take some action is pretty easy! COPYWRITING means much more than written words on a page. It includes videos (after all, the script is simply an example of COPY), oral messages like those in a webinar, and anything else that conveys a message that gets people to take an action.

  • The “Triple Power Play” System – This system incorporates Video Marketing with Webinars and Podcasting to create a truly viral MACHINE that can not just send your hit counters soaring but can also kick-start a relationship that will product life long customers!

Within these 7 “systems” are ALL of the components that together create a VERY successful business!

Unfortunately, most information products at best give you one of these pieces. Some don’t even give you an entire piece but just one little tiny corner of it. No wonder why you’re not having any success in your business, right?

What if you could find a way to not only get ALL 7 pieces of Your Business’s Jigsaw Puzzle PLUS the Puzzle Box PLUS Help Putting Your Puzzle Together?

How much FASTER would you reach the levels of success you want in your business?

How much EASIER would it be to put your business together and get it making your dreams come true?

Introducing the ALL NEW DU Associate Membership Program!

What is the DU Associate Program?

This Annual Membership program is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Here’s how it works…

Every month, you’ll receive either a recorded Workshop PLUS LIVE Q&A Call or a LIVE Workshop PLUS Recordings PLUS an extra Q&A Call.

Each and every month, the Workshop you receive will be one of the 7 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Discussed above.

At the end of 7 months, the topics will be repeated — but in an updated format so that you are CONSTANTLY getting the FRESHEST, most Up-To-Date Strategies and Systems for getting the biggest possible results in your business!

Here’s what the contents of the next few months look like…

“Entrepreneurial Authoring VIRTUAL Workshop”

(LIVE Workshop – June 26th & 27th, 2014 plus Follow Up Session July 11th, 2014)

MODULE 1 – How Does Your Book Fit Into Your Business? (Gina & Jack) * Understanding the Levels of Awareness and How They Apply to Your Book * The Vortex Model of Doing Business & Your Book * Getting Your Book to Generate LEADS that Buy Again and Again * Integration Marketing & Your Book * The 2 Kinds of Problems Your Prospects Have & How They Apply to Your Book
MODULE 2 – Planning & Writing Your Book (Gina, Jack & Justin Sachs) * Why a Good Outline is KEY to Backend Conversions * The “Lance Decker” Action Planning System * Planning from the End Backwards * Sections of Your Book * Writing Your Book in Less Than a Day
MODULE 3 – You CAN Judge a Book by It’s Cover (Gina, Jack & Justin Sachs) * Back Cover Contents * Designing Your Front Cover * Who Writes the Foreward? Why Does it Matter? * Why Does Color Matter? * Branding Considerations – Tying the Pieces Together
MODULE 4 – Publishing Models (Gina, Jack & Justin Sachs) * Self Publishing Using Create Space * Amazon & It’s Role in Selling Your Book * Traditional Publishers & Why You Don’t Want Them * The NEW Publishing Model & How It Increases Your Book’s Success * Print? Digital? Audio? Does It Matter?
MODULE 5 – The “Best Seller Campaign” (Jason Oman) *  How Does Best Seller Status Affect Your Business?  *  Case Study #1 – Jack Humphrey (“Bending the Web”)  *  Case Study #2 – Daven Michaels (“Outsource Smart: Be Your Own Boss”)  *  Elements of a Best Seller Campaign *  Amazon Best Seller vs. New York Times Best Seller
MODULE 6 – Marketing Your Book (Gina, Jack & Justin Sachs) * How Book Stores Select Books for Their Shelves * The Role of the Publisher in Marketing Your Book * Marketing Tactics for Authors (Social Media, Speaking Engagements, Your Website) * Marketing Tools for Authors * Viral Marketing & Your Book
MODULE 7 – Outsourcing & Your Book (Daven Michaels) * What Parts of your Book & Book Marketing Can Be Outsourced? * How Can outsourcing Turn Your Book Into a Best Seller? * How to Hire, Train, and Manage a Virtual Assistant * Successfully outsource all the Critical Tasks for Marketing Your Book * Beyond Your Book — Outsourcing ALL of Your Marketing
MODULE 8 – Interview, Webinars & Your Book (Tana Torrano) * Why are Webinars SO Important to the Success of Your Book? * Webinars & Your “Best Seller” Campaign * Getting People to Host Your Webinars * Getting Interviews that Sell Your Book * Press Releases & Your Book
MODULE 9 – Joint Ventures = Success for Your Book! (Gina, Jack., Justin Sachs)  *  Strategies for ensuring that you have JV’s for your book *  How JV’s improve the “sucking power” of your vortex  *  Finding the Ideal JV Partners for your Book Marketing
MODULE 10 – Becoming a Best Selling Author Hug Seats (Gina, Jack, Justin, Daven) * Two Attendees will each have 30 Minutes to get this Expert Panel’s help in building the Strategic Plan for writing their book, marketing their book, turning their Book into a Best Seller, and using their book to get leverage and momentum for their entire business! * You’ll walk away from this Module with concrete examples of how to apply the entire Workshop to YOUR business!
FOLLOW UP SESSION – July 11th (Noon to 3pm eastern)
MODULE 11 – LEVERAGE and Your Book (Scott Manning) *  What is Leverage?  *  Why is Leverage Important When It Comes to Your Book?  *  How Do You Get Leverage Through Your Book?  *  How Do You Get Leverage For Your Book?
MODULE 12 – B.R.A.N.D.I.N.G. U. N.O.W. (Elsom Eldridge) * BRANDING U NOW is the critical step every author must take in order to differentiate him or herself from the competition. It is also the acronym for the twelve strategies (and the related sub-strategies) essential for creating a powerful, memorable, and irresistible brand. * Positioning Yourself as the “Obvious Expert” in Your Niche * Get people talking about you to build your credibility and reach
MODULE 13 – LinkedIn for Authors (Ira Rosen & Cory Michael Sanchez)  *  Your LinkedIn Profile  *  Your LinkedIn  Connections  *  Intro to LinkedIn Groups  *  Using Groups to generate leads for your book

“Strategic Social Media Systems Workshop”

(Recorded Workshop – July 2014)

MODULE 1 – Introduction to Social Media * Why is social media important? * Why is using just 1 Social media site not enough? * What effect does social media have on both traffic AND conversions?
MODULE 2 – Facebook Strategies< – Creating and Using Profiles & Pages to Reach a Targeted Audience * What is the difference between a Profile and a Page? * What information do you want to include in your Profile? In your Page? * Once your profile and page are setup, how do you get people to find them? * What is the secret to adding over 11,989+ Fans in just 3 1/2 weeks?
MODULE 3 – Facebook Strategies – Creating and Using Facebook Events to Reach a Targeted Audience * Understanding Google’s philosophy on keywords, choosing the RIGHT keywords for reach YOUR ideal customer, placing keywords in appropriate places to get the greatest leverage * Engaging Your Audience so that they WANT To Attend and Participate in your Events
MODULE 4 – Using Pinterest to Increase Reach and Improve Engagement on Google * interest is a super hot site these days! In fact, many businesses report better conversions using Pinterest than Facebook. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between them! You can actually tie Pinterest and Facebook together to massively improve both reach, engagement AND conversions! * How to setup your Pinterest account * How to create Pin Boards * How to add images that link to your money pages to your pin boards * How to tie your Pinterest account to your Facebook Profile and your Facebook Fan Page * How to engage an audience on Pinteres
MODULE 5 – Setting Up and Using Google+ * Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook! While it’s less than 2 years old, there are now almost as many people using Google+ as Facebook. Better still is that the G+ users have much more disposable income – making them a MUCH better audience to target than just about any other social media site! * How to setup a G+ profile * How to setup a G+ page * How to setup Private and Public G+ communities * How to setup a G+ Event * How to Use G+ to MASSIVELY impact your search engine rankings in a VERY positive way! * Improving Your G+ PageRank and Why it Matters
MODULE 6 – Setting Up and Using YouTube to Dominate the Search Engines and Get Your Message in Front of More People * Setting Up Your YouTube Account * Creating and Organizing Your YouTube Channel * Using the YouTube video editor * Strategies for Getting More People to See Your Video * Strategies for Getting More Viewers to Click Thru to Your Website
MODULE 7 – Using Google+ Hangouts to >Live Stream on YouTube & Google+ Events to Engage Your Audience Even More! * Uploading videos to YouTube used to almost guarantee that you’d find your video on Page 1 of Google. But in the last 6 months or so, this is no longer the case. However, there is one sure fired way to ensure that you’ll get top rankings on the 1st page of Google…… Get your videos onto YouTube by doing a Google+ Hangout that is LIVE Streamed to YouTube right away!This one strategy is worth your tuition by itself! When you see how easy it is to rank in the first few positions for just about EVERY keyword you use, you’ll wonder why you weren’t using this months ago!
MODULE 8 – Using LinkedIn to Connect With More People and Get MASSIVE Exposure for your message! * LinkedIn’s audience by far has more money than any of the other social media sites! And tapping into this professional, wealthy audience is easy when you know how to find your ideal customers, engage them, and get them to interact with you. * Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile * Tapping Into the Power of LinkedIn Groups * Adding Connections of TARGETED People * Using LinkedIn to Generate LEADS for Your Business
MODULE 9 – Story Selling with Devorah Spillman * How to create your Brand Story and use it with Social Media to tell the story of the good you do in the world in a way that gets your Ideal Customers to want to be a part of it by buying your products and services
MODULE 10 – Using Google Analytics to Track Your Results, Tweak What You’re Doing, and Improve Things Even More * Creating a manageable system for using social media and tracking your results is the KEY to not just driving traffic but getting RESULTS in the form of subscribers and sales! * How to read what Analytics is telling you about who your audience is, where your traffic is coming from, what they’re doing on your site * How to improve the results your getting from your traffic.
BONUS Q&A CALL: Get answers to ALL your questions! * Get Critiques on everything you’ve applied on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more!

Future months will be announced at least 30 days in advance.  The current schedule includes:

  • August 2014 – LIVE Content Marketing & Relationship Building Workshop (ALL NEW!)

  • September  2014 – Recorded Blog Systems Workshop I, II and III

  • October 2014 – LIVE Webinar & Video Marketing Workshop

  • November 2014 – Recorded Motivation to Profit Workshop (Monetization System)

  • December 2014 – LIVE Motivation to Profit Workshop II (Monetization System)

When you join right now, you’ll also get a TON of bonuses that are worth well more than your first month’s tuition!  These include:

“BONUS #1:  Barbeque Marketing – Strategic Planning for Maximum Success”

  1. 3 Audios — a total of 6 hours of Strategic Business Building Information that’s laid out in a step-by-step fashion.  Just follow along and duplicate each step for your own business and you’ll have a sure-fire Strategic Plan that will ensure the success of your business!

  2. “Finding Your Greatest Potential” Report – this goal setting report will help you assess your passions and determine what it is that you really want in both life and business.  Without knowing what it is that you really want, you can’t move forward in building a plan that will get you there.  (Freshly updated just a few weeks ago!)

  3. Entrepreneurial Four Leaf Clover – what kind of business will you build?  Who will you target?  In other words — what niche will you be in?  It’s important that you build your business around your passions.  Otherwise you won’t have the expertise to be successful and others won’t perceive you as an influencer or an expert.  Use this chart to help you determine what your potentially profitable passions really are.

  4. Profit Funnel Flowchart — follow along with the Profit Funnel Flowchart so that you can build this same system into your own business

  5. Traffic Sources Worksheet — use this Excel Spreadsheet to figure out exactly how many visitors you need to reach your sales goal and put together a plan that will help you get there every time

  6. Target Market Worksheet & Finding Gold Worksheet – use the Finding Gold Worksheet & the Target Market Worksheet to research your own target market and put together the plan for how you will reach them and what you will sell to them to make money in your business

  7. Flowchart Everything Flowchart — You can’t build a Strategic Action plan without flowcharting the business, the website, and everything else.  So we’re including this “Flowchart Everything” worksheet to make it crystal clear on how you design your own Strategic Action Plan.

BONUS #2 – 12 Month Trial of the “Motivation to Profit Membership”

This Membership includes a 100-Day Action Plan that contains more than 30+ Lessons in mp4 video and mp3 audio format, plus “Action Step Checklists” for each Lesson, and a complete PDF list of Resources for each Lesson.  The 30+ Lessons not only include training from ALL of the DU Faculty Members, they’ll also help you:

  • Put together your Goals & Strategic Plan,
  • Create Your Success Mindset,
  • Choose Your Target Market,
  • Build  Your Traffic Vortex & Profit Funnel,
  • Create or Locate Products to Sell,
  • Set Up Your Web Presence Using of a WordPress Blog,
  • Setup Your Social Media Profiles & Pages so You Can Drive Traffic that Converts,
  • Build Relationships with Your Prospects Strategically,
  • and much more!

As a Motivation to Profit Member you’ll also get access to LIVE Weekly Calls (as well as mp3 recordings from each one!) to help you implement all that you learn!

Every week, one Student volunteers to be on the “Hug Seat” and has the entire call focus on them and THEIR business!  We look at who they are, what they’re business is about, and where they want to be in 1 to 3 years.  The balance of the call is spent on building the Strategic Plan for how to go from where they’re at to where they want to be!

Whether you’re on the “Hug Seat” or listening in as a peer is on the “Hug Seat”, you’ll walk away from each week’s webinar with ideas that you can implement in your business to improve profits, reach, impact, and influence easily!

NOTE:  This one bonus alone is worth $324 since tuition in Motivation to Profit is $27 per month!

Details at

BONUS #3 – Complimentary 1 on 1 Strategy Session

Here’s Your Invitation to Join the “Directions University Associate Program”…

As you’ll notice, we haven’t taken the time to make everything all pretty and attractive.  There are no pretty graphics for the audios, no covers for the reports, worksheets, checklists, etc.  But that doesn’t mean that the information that you’ll get inside this package isn’t top notch!

We simply felt that it was more important to get this information to you quickly than it was to take months to put together the right graphics, a gorgeous sales letter, etc.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer this to you at an Introductory Special Tuition right now!  That means that fright now, you can join the ALL NEW DirectionsU Associate Community for just… $97/per month!

And, while we’re being crazy about this your tuition will be locked in at just $97 each month FOREVER!

Each of the Recorded Workshops included with your monthly membership previously sold for $247 EACH!  So why would we let you them for less than 60% of their regular retail?

Well, here’s the deal …

First off, my partner, Jack Humphrey, and I really want to help YOU succeed!  So we wanted to make this as affordable as possible.  That’s why you can enroll right now at the special Introductory Tuition of just $97 per month (even though the regular tuition is $197 per month).  But, this special Introductory Tuition will not be there forever so enroll now and lock in your $1,200 per year discount!

Give Your Business the “Kick” That It Needs to Start Getting RESULTS ASAP!


We’re looking forward to meeting you personally on the upcoming Monthly Q&A Calls and the Weekly GOLD Challenge Calls (the GOLD calls take place in a webinar each week on Wednesdays at 4pm eastern so mark your calendar!)!

To Your Abundant Online Success,
Gina Gaudio-Graves
Dean & Founder, Directions University

*Here’s the legal gobbly-gook that I am required to tell you pertaining to the guarantee and the terms of purchase…

Terms of Purchase and Refund Policy

By enrolling in Directions University’s Bachelor’s Program, you agree to pay the sum of $12,000 for your tuition to The Abundance Group, LLC.  If you choose to finance your tuition, you are committing to pay the sum of $12,000 plus a small financing fee.  You hereby agree to make all payments through PayPal in a timely manner.  If you choose the four payment option, you understand that this is NOT a monthly fee but rather, a commitment to pay the entire tuition of $12,000 plus a small financing fee payable in four installments that are 30 days apart. 

All sums paid are non-refundable!  There is no guarantee that you will receive any specific results since your results are dependent upon your implementation of the strategies and techniques taught.  If you elect to withdraw from the program, you will not be entitled to receive a refund of any tuition payment(s).  If you should withdraw from the program for any reason, you are prohibited from enrolling in ANY program within Directions University (including its sister schools) in the future without written permission from the Dean & Founder which will be granted ONLY for good cause.

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