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What is a “Lifestyle Business?”

It is a business that follows the planning of your ideal life including where you live, the things you want to do and experience on a daily/yearly basis including travel, and the quality of “work” life you want to have during business hours.

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Take a HUGE step toward your future success and get out of the overwhelm immediately when you Enroll in Directions University’s Bachelor’s Program!

The brand NEW 2015 Bachelor’s Program is designed to help you learn how to live the life of your dreams, by building a business that leverages the power of the internet through our exclusive Vortex Business Model.

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Directions University Master Classes are the result of multi-day intensive sessions with our Faculty and Deans.

In each Master Class, you will learn everything you must know from experts who are New York Times Bestsellers, highly accomplished and recognized business strategists, and master marketers who are proven in their respective fields of expertise.

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