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“Making Money Is The Easiest Part…  

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That’s The Magic of Motivation To Profit!”

Deans Gina Gaudio-Graves, Jack Humphrey and Ross Goldberg go through the highlights of how Motivation to Profit can help you…

Building a Successful Business Requires 3 KEY Ingredients:

  1. Product that is making you money in under 90 days and a system to hold you accountable for marketing it.
  2. A plan for how your product (and the customers it generates) fits into achieving your vision for life, the good you want to do in the world, and your entire business.
  3. LEVERAGE — Understanding the Art of Leverage in life and business is the difference between what your business did last year and what it’s capable of doing in the future.

“Every single one of the most powerful, effective, and happiest people on Earth understand one thing well.  And that’s leverage!”

Between Gina and myself, we’ve amassed decades of experience in building profitable companies while living lives that are fulfilling and productive.

And we’ve discovered over the years that most people set themselves up in the completely opposite order for business success.  They plan their businesses, then spend whatever time is left over for life and service.

The Fatal Flaw:  There’s never any time left over for life or charity when you plan the business first.

Your business MUST work around what you want out of life and the legacy you want to leave behind.  Only then will balance come into the equation. And only then will the success you’ve been chasing all this time finally fall into place.

Motivation to Profit will set you on the path of success with the goals of quick results while building a real business that provides financial abundance while you live the life of your dreams!

Sounds like too much to ask for?  We believe it is the very least that a life well-lived has to offer!

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Motivation to Profit Membership Includes:

  • All 45 lessons in streaming video, mp4 Format
  • All of the “Action Steps” from each of the lessons in downloadable PDF format so that you can complete each one, step-by-step.
  • Access to All of the Weekly Webinars LIVE on Wednesdays at 4pm eastern.
  • Access to the mp3 Downloads for All the Calls So You Can Review the Material Any Time You Want

The Ultimate Done For You Project Management & Productivity Software

Imagine having a Project Management System that includes tasks for ALL that you need to do to build your business:

  • Setting up your social media profiles & pages
  • Posting Content that leads back to your money pages every day
  • Setting up your website
  • Creating higher priced products to fill in your product line
  • Doing joint ventures to sell your products
  • Doing product launches

Imagine having your Project Management System include training for whoever is responsible for doing things, on a task by task basis!

  • Setting up a page on Facebook
  • Setting up a page on Google+
  • Setting up WordPress
  • Adding Google Analytics to your site
  • Setting up a webinar

The DUvisio Cart System!

Imagine having a platform that can pay your JV Partners and Affiliates INSTANTLY — whether you are using PayPal OR a Merchant Account. Nothing like this on the internet and our very own proprietary instant split pay system!




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Natalie Ledwell, MindMovies.com


Chief Robert Talltree, HowToLiveOnPurpose.com

“This is very exciting!!!”

“Hi everyone. This course is something that I’ve been looking for for a long time. I’ve researched the internet for absolutely hours over the past 4 to 5 months, to land up here. Thanks to Lance Hood and of course Gina – thanks so much for this wonderfull opportunity. I can finally see my internet business online. It’s a tough one for me at present, It’s taken 5 days to put in the time to get the first lesson done, but I know that it will happen.” –Terry MacMenigall

“I can’t wait for the next lesson – do we really have to wait?”

“I eagerly plowed through lesson one and have completed my goal setting (which was already in the works). I KNOW I will succeed (I do succeed at anything I put effort into), I AM willing to do whatever is required (I’ve never been accused of being lazy) and I can not only see my success – I can taste it!!” –kkinder1


Carrie Tucker, HeartFailureSolutions.com


“I had to share this with you all,”

“When I was checking my google analytics, I did a test on google for one of my keywords used on my blog and guess what :

I’m on page ONE of google!”

Regards, Philippe


“I learned more from this lesson module than I did reading all those so called “guru” ebooks!”

“Wow!  I wish I found this website months ago… it would have saved me from wasting so much time reading all those ebooks trying to learn internet marketing! I look forward to learning from all the upcoming modules and following the action steps after each one. I finally feel like “I can do this!”

Thank you so much Gina!

“This is just amazing Gina…”

“At last I have everything I need…. after studying for nearly three years and not knowing how to put an affiliate link anywhere to be able to promote products, at last I feel confident I can make some money soon…. and your story Gina is so wonderful! I am going to be transformed in the same way that you were and then to help others greatly too, thank you.” -Ann

“I am so taken by what I see, that I am planning on enrolling my 13 yr old daughter.”

“Your story has won my respect and I must say I am not a big respecter of persons. It has to be earned. You have done so!!! Thanks for the opportunity to learn more to accomplish more on my next big ‘net venture and a big kudos for a place to let my daughter learn what should be taught in our schools. BUT ISN’T!”

I give you a very humble Thank You! –Larry

“I have completely changed my thought patterns – for me this is huge.”

“I am no longer negative – my family are quite amazed that I now seem to hold things together for everyone when they have a problem – life really is too short.

I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better – I feel better physically too!

My attitude now is that I am perfectly capable of learning how to do it, and if other people are doing it then so can I, and I will! How can you not trust Gina…!” –AdamsMumSue