Using Copywriting Templates to write sales letters is the ONLY way to write copy that you know will convert! And, they’re:

“The One Resource You Need

To ‘Rev Up’ Your Online Product Sales!”


David Garfinkel’s Copywriting Templates

“The Quickest, Easiest Way To Produce Copy

That Sells”

David Garfinkel's Copywriting Templates

Created especially for home-based business owners, this program makes it easy for you to start flourishing online right now! You’ll save time, feel confident in your ability to make money online, and sell more than you ever have before!

From: Gina Gaudio-Graves and David Garfinkel

Dear Soon-To-Be-Expert-Copywriter,

If you are looking for a simple, proven way to get more business online quickly, you’ve come to the right place. We know for a fact, from personal experience — that if you’re getting traffic to your site but money isn’t coming in, there’s just one thing that can make a difference… The solution you need is Copywriting! Both of our companies have produced millions of dollars in business, sometimes in large amounts, sometimes in smaller amounts, all using the written word. Copywriting has generated profits: for our affiliates, for our partners, for our clients, and for ourselves!

“Here’s Why You Haven’t Cashed In From Copywriting…”

If you haven’t shared in the bounty, we know why! Three barriers have kept most home business owners from entering the “inner circle” of powerful copywriting secrets – the very secrets that turn written words into boatloads of cash! Here are those 3 barriers:

Barrier #1: Courses are too complicated and difficult to learn. (Often dozens of different topics and hundreds of difficult action steps.)
Barrier #2: It takes too long to grasp just the basics. (Even beginner seminars take a minimum of 2 full days – sometimes 3 days, or more – plus travel time to and from the seminar location.  With travel costs as high as they are, this just makes it even harder to make a seminar work for your business!)
Barrier #3: Courses are way too expensive for all but the wealthiest business owners ($5,000.00 to $10,000.00 wasn’t uncommon tuition for a top-level seminar)

“We Decided To Change All That For You!”

“Copywriting Templates” were designed with you in mind. It’s a program for the home based business owner who cannot take the “old school” path to learning profitable copywriting. You can use the Templates anytime you need to write Copy — whether you’re writing a sales letter, an email, an autoresponder sequence or a blog post! And speaking of cost, it’s very affordable. Many people pay more each month for their car payment, and just about everyone who pays for their own health insurance pays a lot more every month…than you pay for the fully guaranteed ” Copywriting Templates”! “Templates To Guide You, Step By Step, As You

Create Powerful Copy Much Faster Than Ever Before!”

David shortened your learning curve dramatically by creating these time-saving Templates that are so easy to use. The Templates glide you through the entire copywriting process. You get 4 complete BINDERS of his David’s Templates as part of this package. Important: Other people have paid over $2,500.00 for David’s ” Copywriting Templates”. But you get all 4 binders — plus DVD’s — as part of this package for just 4 installments of $177!  If you’re in the US, David even cover’s shipping! (It’s just $59 to ship them outside the US.) Here are just some of the Templates you get:

  • Email Templates (with examples) to bring in leads and sales
  • 7 Subhead Templates

(This Is What A Subhead Looks Like. Good Subheads Increase Your Conversion!)

… for writing powerful subheads on lead-capture and sales pages

  • Bullet Point Templates ( unique fill-in-the-blank Bullet Point Templates in all) to create irresistible bullet points that generate cash for you!
  • Templates to get more leads right away from Social Media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Hard-hitting P.S. Templates to rekindle interest in your prospects and increase conversion. (IMPORTANT: When most people see a sales letter – including an online Web page – they skip right to the end to see who it’s from. A strong P.S. has proven time and time again to dramatically increase readership – and sales!)
  • Attention-getting Headline Templates – very flexible, easy to use, yet based on proven headlines that have made millions of dollars apiece

… and many, many more!

“But, Will ‘Copywriting Templates’ Really Make You More Money?”

That’s a great question. After all, you’ve probably seen a few templates that have helped somewhat, but how many templates have actually put money in your pocket? Well, David’s “Copywriting Templates” are different. People get results! Listen to what the world’s best-selling author of marketing books says about David. He’s Jay Conrad Levinson, author of “Guerrilla Marketing.”

“David Garfinkel is a treasury of inside secrets about direct response marketing. The information he presents flows directly from his mind to your bank account.” — Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, “Guerrilla Marketing”

You know, David has hundreds of testimonials from entrepreneurs who have already used “Copywriting Templates”. Gina Gaudio-Graves is just one of them!  Here’s what Gina says:

“Every Sales Letter I’ve written in the last 4 years has been started using David’s Copywriting Templates.  You could say that David is responsible for every penny I’ve made during that time because without his Templates, there’s no way that my copy would have converted into sales! “David is a master at Copywriting, Influence and Persuasion, and Business Strategy.  When David talks, you’d better have a pen and paper handy or you’ll be leaving money on the table!”— Gina Gaudio-Graves, Dean & Founder,

You know, what every business needs right now is more leads, more customers, and of course ultimately MORE SALES. And now you realize that legal and ethical shortcuts to powerful copywriting are the fastest way to get there. Maybe you remember the “old school” ways were expensive and take a long time. The same is true of personal mentoring.

Many entrepreneurs have paid David thousands of dollars for coaching.  One business owner paid David $35,000 for personal copywriting and business coaching. It was worth it, since it led to a $1.1 million dollar launch! But with the current economy, not many businesses can afford to pay the big bucks to get David personally involved in their marketing!

Now, with David allowing us to re-release his “Copywriting Templates” to those who attend the Directions University’s “Copywriting Systems Workshop”, you won’t have to pay anywhere near what others pay David as a coach!

In fact, you’ll get all 4 binders of the “Copywriting Templates” for just 4 installments of only $177!  Shipping is even included to the US and Canada.  (Outside the US, shipping is just an additional $59.)

When you consider all the templates that guide you through writing successful copy instantly and easily, “Copywriting Templates” is easily worth $2,500 or more!  And yet, you get the entire 4 Binder set of “Copywriting Templates” is yours for just $708 in all!

Why such a great deal?

Well, as a Directions University student, David wanted to help you truly get results in your business.  As a favor to me personally, he agreed to this super-low tuition. You truly won’t find a better deal ANYWHERE online! 

In fact, “Copywriting Templates” aren’t even available for sale ANYWHERE online! Not at ANY price! Just click the button below to reserve your copy right now before David changes his mind! “Copywriting Templates” will be delivered to your doorstep in just 10 to 15 business days.  (Orders are usually shipped sooner from David’s Rochester, NY fulfillment facility.)


To Your Abundant Copywriting Success, Gina Gaudio-Graves and

David Garfinkel