"Here's Your Chance Achieve a 5-Figure Monthly Income that Uses Your Passion and Fulfills Your Purpose!  You WILL Reach Your Goals and Dreams When You Follow the Plan that We Help Build! "

Gina Gaudio-Graves
"The JV Queen"

Are you ready to finally achieve success beyond your wildest dreams and  
Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever

 "Winners take Imperfect Action While Losers are Perfecting their Plans."

We'll show you everything we know and (are paid handsomely for) about Discovering Your Passion, Learning Who You Really Are and What Makes You Tick, and How You Can Use that Knowledge to Start a Business of Your Own, Get Better Results in Your Existing Business, Get More Traffic to Your Site, Get More of Your Existing Traffic to Buy What You Sell, Build Bigger Lists, and in short -- Achieve More than You Ever Thought Possible in your life and your business!

DU  will be working "hand in hand" with people to change their futures the way ours have been changed and the same way that our clients' lives have been changed.

DU will literally...

  • Help You Learn What You REALLY Want and Show You How to Define the most important things for YOU!

  • Help You to Identify and Achieve Your Goals by Creating a Purposeful, Productive Plan for ACTION!

  • Help You Set up Your Complete Marketing Plan and Sales Funnel to Maximize Your Profitability

  • Show You How to Set up your WordPress Blog on Your Own Hosting Account and Your Own Domain Names so You Can Get Tons of FREE Traffic to Your Site Every Day

  • Help You Identify the "Trigger Events" that Let You Know Exactly Who in Your List is Ready to Spend Top Dollar with You

  • Absolutely PERFECT the Step-by-Step Treasure Map to Using Your PASSION to Build a SUCCESSFUL Business of Your Own!

  • Help You Build a 30-day "Fast Cash" Action Plan

  • Show You How to PROMOTE Your Offer to THOUSANDS of Hungry Prospects Who Want the Solutions That You Provide and are Willing to Pay Handsomely For Them!

  • And many, MANY more exact Strategies that we personally use to build Six Figure Weeks and Seven Figure Months for myself and my clients (people such as Shawn Casey, Willie Crawford, Henry Gold, David Garfinkel, Tom Bell, John Reel, and dozens of others).

Are you ready to feel more fulfilled than every before?  Are you to experience bigger results than ever before in your life and business?  Are you ready to achieve ALL of your dreams?  

Stop dreaming and start DOING !

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To Your Abundant Online Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves
Dean & Founder, Directions University