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“The Doctors Said I Only Had 12 Months to Live…

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Gina Gaudio-Graves ("The JV Queen")

Gina Gaudio-Graves

It was February 29, 1996. A day I will never forget. It started out a clear, crisp, winter morning. But well before midday, my life would suddenly (and drastically) change forever. As I sat waiting for the car to make it’s left-hand turn, a third vehicle came flying over a hill, crashing into me from behind at over 50 mph, hurdling my car 28 feet forward into the stopped car in front of me, leaving my car sandwiched between the two. I felt like the filling in an Oreo cookie.
The tragic accident occurred less than 1/8 mile from my office. Only a few hundred feet more and I would have been safe … My promising career as a lawyer protected … my new marriage secure!
But that was not to be. Instead, I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. The impact of the accident not only broke my glasses in two, it literally crushed my back, requiring major back surgery lasting for more than 12 hours.
After the intensive surgery…
I was left unconscious for nearly 72 hours. When I opened my eyes, I saw the concerned and sorrowful faces of my parents, my husband, and my other relatives around me. They all looked worried.
A nurse walked in to check my pulse and give me a shot so I could sleep properly.
A few days later (I don’t remember how much time had passed), I woke up feeling a bit happier, thinking to myself that perhaps this might be the day that I could go back to my law office.
As if not moving my legs wasn’t bad enough, then I felt something else too. It seemed as though I was laying in a puddle. My back was soaking wet, my sheets and nightgown were saturated, and it seemed to be getting wetter. I thought perhaps I had just been sweating in my sleep.
I was dead wrong.
I buzzed for the nurse immediately. She didn’t come.
Instead, the surgeon entered the room with sympathy in his eyes. He said…

“Gina, I Apologize. The Surgery Has Caused An Incurable

Infection in Your Spine. You can’t walk. You can’t work.

You can’t do anything major in your life.”

At that moment, I was in tears. I did not know what to do. My law career, my partnership, and my life were all taken away from me. It was all because of the stupid car crash.

“What would I do?”
“Why did this happen when I was on top of my career?”
Then the bad news got even worse.
The next day, one of the law firm’s partners visited me in the hospital. Even though he too looked at me with sorrowful eyes, he told me that they had to let me go as a partner.
Though, I wanted to argue with him … I was the ONE who put so much effort into making this law firm became extremely successful … I couldn’t. I was just silent … like a felon in the court room.
The truth is… “I was disabled“.
This reality sunk in like a knife.
There was no one I could blame but the car crash I experienced in my life.
Since then, I’ve had to accept the reality of being disabled.
I spent most of my time at home, in a hospital bed. I had to deal with pain in my neck, shoulder, back, legs, and feet. I went through many different therapies, but not one of them helped. When night fell, I was sleepless. The cold weather in Indiana keep stabbing my excruciating pain.
When I again sought advice from a surgeon…
He told me that the infection in my spine was much more serious than originally thought. He had already diagnosed me as having “Vertebral Osteomyelitis“. But now, his tests found an organism called “Streptococcus Oralis & Coagulese Biotypes I and II“.
This RARE infection is the worst possible infection you could have, especially in your spine. If you had this infection in your finger, the doctor would amputate it. If it was in your foot, it would be cut off. But with your spine, how can they amputate?
The medical term he used to describe this was “Super Bug“. I had never heard the term until I saw my therapist and he saw my back was draining with fluids.
I was RUSHED to the hospital for the SECOND TIME with no clue what would happen next. I felt like I was in limbo. I prayed to GOD and hoped for the best. After the surgery, the surgeon told me…

“Gina, Unfortunately, The Infection has Already Penetrated

Into The Nerves of Your Spin. There is NO WAY We Can Stop

The Infection From Spreading to the Rest of Your Body”


All they could do was temporarily prevent the infection from getting worse. They even advised me that I should not work at all or the infection could spread even faster.

I cried for many nights.

I did NOT know how a successful lawyer, who was EXTREMELY passionate about what she did, could end up with this kind of life.
Instead of putting blame on something … (For two years!)
I decided to start my online business just like everybody else in those old days. I told myself, I could not change my life, but at least the diversion will help me temporarily forget about the pain.
I turned on my computer every day. I quickly became a day trader to replace my lost income, where I only had to work for 5 – 6 hours from home.
Things started out well, until I was slapped with all the medical bills. My medications alone were over $3,000 per month. In fact, the doctor told me repeatedly that if I didn’t take the medicine, I would certainly die. What choice did I have?
Living under these circumstances, making a living was no longer fun. I had to spend more than 15 hours a day to earn that kind of income. Sometimes, I spent as much as 22 hours a day working.
The $3,000 per month still excluded my personal nurse assistant, my living expenses, and some other needs I had in my life. As embarrassing as it was, I was no longer a stranger to begging friends and family for money either.
Whenever I had a check up with my doctor, he told me that my condition had worsened. He has even advised me:

“Gina, If You Keep Working Over 5 Hours a Day,

The Disease Will Spread Faster.

This Will Endanger Your Life”

Think about this:

  • I could not live for more than one month, if I didn’t take the medicine, which cost me $3,000 per month. (The Doctor convinced me of that!)
  • The disease would get worse if I worked more than 5 hours a day. (If I did not work more than 5 hours a day, there is no way I could make $3,000 per month.)

This dilemma itself made me have to choose. Both were dead end choices. It was either die now or later. There was no middle ground.

After discussing the options with my husband (Bill), I decided to work 20 hours per day. I knew when I practiced law, when both choices were essentially death:
  • (A) Hanging
  • (B) Life imprisonment

I would rather choose option B, where I could at least live my life or may have a chance to recover.

So I chose option “B” in real life too. At first, I was doing absolutely great. Eight years passed since the accident occurred in my life. I had no problem paying the bills. I worked proactively on my business, went to seminars, got 500+ close associates in my joint venture network, and had many personal friends.

In fact… If you had seen me in person at the various seminars I attended, I was always in wheelchair during that time. I was even on stage giving a presentation about legal issues in marketing online at two HUGE events in 2004.

Until one day…

It was January 17, 2005.

I was rushed to the emergency room. My spine was deteriorating rapidly and was being eaten away by the infection. Not only that, but the infection was spreading to other areas of my body.

One morning I awoke with horrible chest pains. I remember wondering to myself, “Hey! What gives? I have an infection in my spine, so why does my chest hurt?”

I did NOT know what was going on. From the emergency room, I was rushed to (yet another) surgical suite for a procedure that would put a scope through my mouth, down my throat, and into my heart to see what was going on.

I remember entering the room, getting the initial shot, and falling asleep. But in what seemed like only a few minutes, I awoke to see surgeon standing over me, while still laying on the table with a tube down my throat!

The most horrible, excruciating pain I could ever imagine grabbed me like a vice! I was screaming. I was kicking. Tears streamed down my face heavily. I thought that I would die right then and there!

For some reason, the sedation did not work properly and while this scope was examining my heart and lungs, I lay there wide awake!

After the procedure was finished, I was immediately admitted to the hospital. I was so heavily sedated over the next few days I can only vaguely remember seeing the faces of my parents and my husband beside me, crying.

A few days later… (Friday, Jan 21, 2005), when I was fully conscious, three specialists approached me with the most sorrowful faces ever. I thought I saw tears in one doctor’s eyes. The lead specialist said:

“Gina, The Infection has Spread to Your Lungs, Your Heart,

and Your Blood. You only have 12 to 18 Months to Live.

We are Really Sorry.”


“Sorry? Sorry for what?” – I grumbled.

“Will that give me my life back?” – I wanted to shout at the surgeons!

“What did I do wrong? Why do I deserve this kind of ending?” – Tears started to fall heavily down my face.

I didn’t know how to calm myself down. It was like something out of the movies, when the doctor says those kinds of words to the patient.

“How dare they give me this death sentence, when I am ONLY 40 years old?”

“How dare GOD be this terribly unfair?”

I did NOT do anything wrong. I did NOT hate people. I simply did what I was supposed to do in life. In fact, Since I was a child, I had always helped as many people as possible. Where is the justice in this?”

I was screaming, screaming, and screaming. I didn’t know where to turn for answers. I did NOT know what else to say or do. I simply had an empty, painful feeling in the pit of my stomach.

It was at that time my husband, Bill, gave me a hug. He told me that we would make the most of our time together, however long or short it would be.
He left home the next day to spend a week looking for the perfect RV that he could retrofit with a hospital bed, oxygen, IV poles, and all of the medical paraphernalia that had become a necessity.. This allowed me to hit the road with Bill to see the country before it was time to die.
Six months later…
I was in a critical condition.
I could sense at that time, I probably had a few months left to live. Any movement was painful and slow. My back was full of pain. I could barely even get out of bed each day. Sleeping had become nearly impossible, no matter how badly I longed for a few moments of peace. My heart was broken. I worried so much about what would happen when I left this world.
How would Bill feel?
How would my mother feel?
How would my father feel?
This whole nightmare made me CRY every single night.
Until one day… Bill gave me the most beautiful present of my life. It was my 41st birthday present, June 5. He said every beautiful woman needed a great massage. I smiled and gave him a long and big hug and told him he could help me get ready for my spa treatment. :-)
On June 5, 2005, Bill took me to the spa where I met a young therapist named Raufa. As I laid on Raufa’s table, waiting for her gentle hands, not really talking much but hoping that this would lessen my pain, Raufa, a beautiful woman, quietly said:

“Gina, When I Look at You, I Can See that

You Don’t Have to Die as Soon as You Think!

As a lawyer and joint venture expert, this smelled fishy to me.

In fact, when Raufa shared this secret with me, I immediately responded to her, What’s the catch?
Raufa (who turned out to be my hero) told me, “There’s no catch! The advice is free“. She explained to me that what had happened to me was merely an illusion … one which I could change based on the way that I thought.
At first I did not believe what she said.Why should I believe this woman I had never met?
I am a very positive person. Everything I had ever set as a goal, I had easily attained. Otherwise, I would never have been able to earn the title of “The JV Queen” during my entire career online.
Raufa pointed out something very critical. A detail that I had missed during those 10 agonizing years. Something that I had never realized in my 41 years on earth.
She said, “I understand you are very passionate. What I mean by an “illusion” is this. To survive, all you must do is to “Remove ALL Negativity”. It’s as simple as that.
Raufa said that I had no problems in my business because I always listened to my own gut feeling. On the other hand, with my health issues, I have to pay very close attention to all the negativity that comes into my life as it will make me even sicker.
As soon as I returned home, I discussed Raufa’s words carefully with Bill. He supported me fully and suggested that I give her advice a try, especially since I only had few months to live. At that point, the way I saw it I really only had “TWO” choices:
  • I could try Raufa’s “three step” secret formula. I might (or might not) be able to live beyond my 41 years.


  • I didn’t try Raufa’s formula, and I might not have a chance at all to live beyond my 41 years. (The Surgeons, and Specialists had assured me of that!)

In reality, that left only one choice … I knew that this was my ONLY chance to survive this death penalty.

The “THREE-STEP” process goes like this:

Step #1: Identify The Negativity This is a VERY critical part.

I needed to figure out who and what were the sources (people or things) that presented me with any negativity at all. Regardless of who or what was the source of negativity — even if it was my spouse, a newspaper a book that I was reading, a family member. Regardless of the source, I needed to identify each and every source of negativity in detail.
Surprisingly, one of the things I identified that was an extremely negative part of my daily routine was reading bad news about 9/11, hurricanes and IRAQ. Those are negative things in our lives, and they can effect our health and even cause death.
In addition, I also went through my recent contacts to see who I talked with on a daily basis that would ALSO effect my health as well.
Step #2: Remove The Negativity

Once I identified the negativities that effected my health and wellness, I had to remove all of them. I switched off the Yahoo! News, the TV, and even the Radio. I called all friends and relatives (who I thought were negative) and told them I was going to try a special therapy. I might not be able to contact them for a while, if ever again.

At first it was really hard. It was like you trying to stop smoking, after it had been your habit for 40 years. The most challenging part was, I couldn’t talk with anyone who was very negative, including my a member of my immediate family.

Step #3: Implement Positive Mindset

After “removing” all the negativity, I had to think as if the car crash NEVER happened to me at all. I had to think that my life was still in 1996, where the car was never there to hit mine. I was still in the law office to close the deal.
I was young and charming.
I walked on my TWO feet.
I never had the surgery.
I was 100% healthy.
At first, it sounded really crazy. As a lawyer, we had to do things based on fact, not illusion. However, as I continued doing so, I found a miracle in my life.
One morning, I think it was approximately two months after I met Raufa, my husband was sitting next to the bed smiling. He said:

“Gina, I Was Wondering, How Did You

Move Your Legs Last Night?”


“What do you mean?” – I scratched my head.

“LOOK. Your leg was moving. Your face was not as pale as it was two months ago.”

Since I didn’t have any feeling (and still don’t, even today) in my legs or feet, I had to wear my glasses to believe what Bill said.

When I saw my legs were moving (even though I couldn’t feel them), I was in tears. It worked. It really worked. The “Three-Step” Formula SAVED my life.

I didn’t know how it worked, but I could wake up on my own. I didn’t need to take medicine. I didn’t need to ask the doctors for advice. In addition, I could even work 20 hours a day like I used to and I wouldn’t even be tired!

In fact…

One year after the miracle, approximately June 23’06, I surprised the entire audience at Carl Galletti’s seminar by speaking LIVE without my wheelchair. (I threw it away, anyway!)

People who knew me back then in 2004 were ALL asking me how I did it. They knew about my accident. They knew that I couldn’t walk and that I was terribly ill.

What they did not know was “The death sentence I was given by the surgeon”.

Today, this terrible time of my life is already behind me. I, Gina Gaudio-Graves, am a completely new person.

I live my life as if tomorrow is my last day on earth.

I know with the passion and the bitter experiences in my life, I will definitely achieve the goals I have been wanting my whole life.

Today, my greatest goal is to Leave my legacy to people and tell the world that if I could even surpass a life and death situation from my near-fatal accident, anyone (No Exceptions!) can achieve miracles of their own, too!

For this reason alone…

I invite you to listen to the rest of the story, where I show you in detail how you can use the same techniques with NO drugs, NO therapy, and NO surgery to get the health you want in life.
In addition, I also show you how you are able to “ATTRACT” any person you want in your life, whether it is for your relationship, career, or even your business.
WAIT! I forgot to mention this…

I thought the “miracle” in my life was very unique. However, when I investigated further, I found out that every successful entrepreneur has had many painful experiences in their life, before reaching the success they were looking for.

All of this is based on the “miracle” in my life. This is why, I would like you to own “The Miracle Motivational Package“.

Not for myself, but for yourself.

I have already owned the miracle in my life, where I went through the bitterness before I achieved my goals and my vision in my life. I know that regardless of whether you know the “Miracle” or not, I am in the process of leaving my legacy to as many people as possible in the world.

This is why I would like to introduce to you…


“The Miracle Motivational Package”


Jambhala Rinpo

“Gina, when I read the Miracle Package, I couldn’t stop from tearing up. I didn’t know that all these years I have been wasting my life for nothing. The miracle has NOT only made me cry, but it made me take charge of my life.

“Thank You So Much!” — Jambhala Rimpo



What am I going to receive?

As you can see above, I have recorded the exact secret I used o go from the car accident that disabled me to how I overcame the painfulness in my life. In addition, you will also learn how I took my business to the next level.

Here is a quick breakdown of everything you’ll receive:

checkmark Miracle Motivational PackageVol. I – In this audio lesson, you will learn in detail the “THREE” step process I used to receive the miracle in my life. Regardless of whether it’s about your health, relationship, or even your business… it will ABSOLUTELY work!
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This “HARD-CORE” information I am giving away will help you to overcome any obstacles you have in your life. I do not hold any information back. I do not hide any secret strategies. I simply give it all away.

The first product I ever bought online was the Internet Marketers Mindset, by Jeff Kurtz and you are one of the interviewees. That product changed the course of my online experience. It was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting you, and ever since, I have been on the right path to success. Your story and message was exactly what I needed when I was looking for a product that day. I wanted to make money online and had been reading everything about it online. I had just gotten started and was just all over the place.What I felt I needed was some guidance, a more narrow path to follow. I didn’t know what I was looking for that day but when I saw the article he had written in an article directory for the product and visited the sales page, I knew that whatever I was looking for was in that product. And low and behold it was! I think it was all of you in the interviews that I needed to hear from, (especially you) and I am so grateful to have found and gotten that product.So, you do not know how much of a service you have really been to me and for how long, but just know that you have been really, really beneficial to my getting the right mindset, and on the right paths.

Thank you so much Gina! Tiffany


As a spiritual person, I can only describe your method as “WOW”. Not only it is eye opening, it allows me to breath through the problems that I have in my life.Life has not been easy so far for me, but your guidance makes me be more sober, disciplined, and persistent in the goals I have. You deserve the medal, Gina! (Seriously) Kathleen Donaghy Northeast Florida, United States

With the Miracle Motivational Package Vol. I, you will learn the exact steps I used to go from the sickness to the total recovery. This is the reason why I would like to share with you…
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This way, as soon as you finish learning the fundamentals of changing your mindset to focus on your health, relationships, as well as your career, you can apply the secret strategies I share in almost any aspects of your life.

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Once you know how to implement your positive mindset, your next step is to use your passion to leave your legacy to the world.

You see… The reason I am in business is NOT just about the money, but it is MORE about leaving my legacy to people in this world. Think about this. I want to be remembered, not by one person, but by as many people as possible.

This is ALL about leaving my legacy. This is ALL about contributing to society. This is ALL about letting the next generation know what we have done in our lifetimes.

In doing that, you also need to learn how to make money as well through your passion. Think about this. If you love to play violin, and you would love to have as many people as possible to play violin, you need to learn how to fulfill your basic needs through your passion. (Of course, through playing violin!)

Once you know how to fulfill your basic needs, then use your PASSION to leave the your legacy to the world. This is EXACTLY how you do it!

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Shelby CarrThis is ABSOLUTELY brilliant. When I listen to the audio, I started crying. I didn’t know I could change my life. I can be whatever I want to be. Thank you Gina! “


Shelby Carr


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Rachel Rofe FAIRLESS HILLS, Pennsylvania


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Kathe Lucas



“Gina, Why Are You Offering This For So Cheap?”

Seriously, I really wanted to give away this whole package for FREE. I had a long talk with one of my mentors a few days ago. He said that based on his experience, if I give this product completely away for free, it will end up sitting on your hard drive.

This happens most of the time.

I am a very generous person. I love to give away stuff to others for free. However, each time I give away products, they remain unread. This really hurts my feelings. For this reason alone, I decided to give it to you cheap. (Almost free, anyway!)

Here are a few selfish reasons:

1. I want to leave my legacy by passing on my wisdom to you.

As I mentioned earlier, I want to leave my legacy to as many people as possible. It means that by helping you to OVERCOME the obstacles in your life, you will be free to reach your full potential.

In turn, it will help me to fulfill my dream and purpose in life. This is what I am looking for. This is what I am looking to see in your life.

Remember: I want to help as many people as possible to become millionaires during their lives.

2. I want you to reach your full potential.
You see, most of the people have an average lifespan of 70 years old. When the surgeon gave me the death sentence at the age of 40 years old, I did NOT believe him, nor will I in the future.

The thing about life is funny. Unlike most other people, I treat everyday as if tomorrow is my last day on earth. Every successful person does the same thing.

They do NOT waste their time. They do NOT spend one minute with trauma. They do NOT deal with negativity in life.

They simply reach out for their full potential within their businesses. This is EXACTLY what I want you to do in your lifetime. Do NOT settle for less. Do NOT waste your time thinking that you cannot be better than anybody else in your life.

3. I am pretty sure you will be delighted. . .

Ok, here’s my real “Tight-lipped” reason for doing this.

Let’s try to be honest here.

If I said to you that I really care about you so much (even if it is true!), would you really believe it?

Well, most of you say “NO” for sure. -:)

However, if I tell you the truth that I want you to come back for more, will you do it?

Well, it depends on how this package will help you, right?


You see, I’m dead serious about giving you the highest value in every thing I give away.

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I’ve addressed this enough:

A. I’m Over-delivering Like Crazy. B. I am giving you all these raw techniques that other motivational speakers won’t dare to share with you. C. I want you to come back for more new raw techniques on building your legacy in your life, allowing you to reach more people in the long run.

This is how you do it in business. This is exactly what I want you to feel when you learn the strategies that I have provide to you in this powerful package.

“You saved the relationship with my father. Gina, I am really embarrassed to tell you this. Since I used your system, I learned how to love others, not based on anger. (This is what you taught me!)

Because of that itself, I quietly sent letters to my father once a week. I told him how much I love him. I told him how stupid it was for me to fight with him. Do you know what?

Few days later, I received a call from my father. He told me that I am a very good daughter. He asked me to care about my health. He promised not to argue with mom, and to love the family.

I don’t know what else to tell you. (You made me have tears of joy!) THANK YOU!


Sandy Liu, Trading Expert Northern China

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The Fundamentals of Leaving Legacy in Your Life
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Here Are Some Benefits You Will Receive…

  • Why do you need to leave a legacy?
    • Why you don’t want to spend millions to leave your legacy? — Find out how to do it cheap and the right way.
    • How to use the power of Internet 2.0 to leave your legacy to the world — Use this technique to spread the world FAST of your life and legacy
    • The ONE system you should use to build your legacy WARNING: Most people simply create a product to leave a legacy. This is ABSOLUTELY a disaster. Find out the type of system you need to leave your legacy.
    • How to identify your profitable passion & take your legacy to the next level HINT: This is the EXACT system we used to find a high demand product about your inner passion. Best of all, you can do it too!
  • And Much, More.

Exclusive Bonuses #2:
“Goal Setting Miracle Package” By: Gina Gaudio-Graves
(Value: $197)
Goal Setting Miracle PackageIn the goal-setting package, you will receive three (90 Minutes) audio files, workbook, and checklist, you will learn the exact system of how to set your goal straight. People who have utilized this package, have literally started making money with their passion within 30 days or less!
Here Are Some Benefits You Will Receive…
  • The “BASICS” of goal setting – Setting your long term, mid range, and short term goals and the power of The Law of Attraction.
  • Abundant Positivity as a Lifestyle — Achieving miraculous things by both keeping a positive mental attitude and removing all negativity from your life
    • Using Your Intuition to Achieve Your Goals – Why and HOW to use your higher power to envision the goal you are looking for. I don’t care how big your goal is.
  • And Much, More.
Exclusive Bonuses #3:
“Before The Secret” By: Gina Gaudio-Graves
(Value: $37)



Before the Secret

With these 24 Life-Changing Lessons, you will
receive precise exercises to walk you through the implementation of these powerful law of attraction.

All you have to do is follow the steps, apply to your goal (or business), you will be on your dream to reach your full potential.

Let’s Summarize What You Get…

Download The Miracle Motivational Package at the bottom of this page.

(Change Your Life And Leave Your Legacy)

You’ll also get the following Additional bonuses…


The Fundamentals of Leaving Legacy in Your Life

(Use the power of Internet to leave a legacy)

Goal Setting Miracle Package

(Increase your efficiency and get everything you want!)

Before The Secret

(Implementation of the law of attraction)


Total Value: $ 431.00
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$297.00 $97.00 $37.00

Now, if you are one of those guys who is sitting in front of your computer who keeps wondering whether you should spend 37 bucks getting on this powerful package, let me help you do the math.
These days a measly 37 dollars is nothing. Even if you go out with a date for one day, you could easily spend $50 without even realizing it. You may remember way back when a luncheon special cost a $3, but those days are over gramps.

Let’s Take a Look At How Little $37 is…

Let’s compare what $37 means to you when you take your date to your house for the cheap lunch. Even last time, a marketer treated me to dinner out, it cost him $200 (For a three hour dinner).

Let’s imagine that you’ve cleaned your room, living room. You borrowed your friends HDTV to impress your date. You researched hard for the cheapest take out Chinese food in your town.

What will it really cost you to spend four nice hours on a hot date?

Let’s Compare The Miracle Package to Your Cheap Date Adventure at Your House

GasWith the gas prices spiking all the time. $5 in gas is not enough. You need at least 1/3 of the tank full to make sure your date can get back home. This way, you don’t have to spend the night with her. $12.00
Chinese Food Take out Beef with Broccoli, Bread, Soup, and her favorites chicken wings. Don’t forget to make the salads yourself. (You see how cheap you are?) $17.00
A bottle of champagne Buy the cheapest champagne in your local liquor store. As long as the champagne can “POP”, you should be fine. (Wait! Don’t forget to get two champagne glasses at the $1 store) $7.00
Ice Cream Every girl has the space for dessert (100% Guaranteed). It is vitally important to buy Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry ice cream. HINT: It has to be low fat too. Like 100 calories per pack. $5.00
A Rose What is other ways to say, “I love you” than giving her a rose? Go ahead and buy the fresh flower from the local wholesale store. They can sell it cheap to you. (Wait! Make sure you ask the florist to use pink ribbon and plastic wrap) Great Job! $2.00

Total Cost for the cheap date: $ 43.00


Take a look at it this way, even a cheap date costs much more than this miracle package. Why not, use this opportunity to gain the knowledge I have been hiding to help you in every aspect of your life, including health, relationship, or even business.
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